If Your Emotional Escape Room Could Talk, It'd Ask for These Boxes

Nope, we’re not talking about pressure-filled escape rooms with a looming countdown — in fact, just the opposite! We’re talking about emotional escape rooms, a place where you can say goodbye to daily stress and deadlines, and just be you. Yep, emotional escape rooms (or designated nooks and corners) are a home trend that’s cropping up all over, creating safe spaces for people of all age groups to feel all the feels and focus on what brings them joy.

Like the idea? Well, whether you want to add healing crystals to a home massage room, spin some new tunes in a music-themed room, throw on some comfy sweats and read a good book or power through pandemic fatigue with coping skills worksheets, monthly subscription boxes can be an integral part of your plan. Curated collections arrive on your doorstep each month filled with goodies that speak your self-care language. Here are some of our favorite boxes that will help you make the most of this unique wellness trend.

For the Crystal Room


Goddess Provisions Box

From $27.75 per box
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We’ve all heard the old adage, ‘new year, new me.’ Let’s kick that to the curb once and for all and embrace ‘new year, more me.’ What does that look like? Listening to your inner voice, connecting with your spiritual side, and recognizing the goddess that you are this very moment. Goddess Provisions is here to stock your escape with everything from healing crystals to calming essential oils.


Crystal Variety Box

From $39.00 per box
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Did you know that crystals can provide the boost you need for so many areas of life? Whether you need a little help managing emotions or you want to keep your cool during conflict resolution, crystals can support you along the way. The pros behind the Crystal Variety Box want to share their crystal enthusiasm with you by sending handpicked crystals in an array of forms and varieties every month.


Cosmic Crystal Jewelry Box

From $20.00 per box
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Whether you have an escape room dedicated to learning all about crystals, or you’re adding a little energetic sparkle into your self-care space, the Cosmic Crystal Box is here to uplift, inspire and teach. Unbox a thoughtful selection of large and small natural stones that have been hand-selected for quality and purpose, along with a ‘best practices’ info card to make the most out of each specimen.

For the Home Sanctuary & Spa



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While rage rooms might be all the rage for some, you’re sticking with serenity and relaxation for your emotional escape room. Treat yourself to a monthly care package from Hopebox, the perfect subscription to keep things fresh and focused on yours truly. Unpack a mix of me-time essentials, including everything from books on personal growth to cuddly characters, sweets, and skincare.


TheraBox | Self Care Box

From $35.00 per box
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Social emotional learning is all about recognizing, feeling and growing from our emotions — all of our emotions, good and bad. But understanding that all feelings are for feeling is a life-long lesson. Call on the dedicated therapists who curate TheraBox to offer a little hand holding through the process by way of mindful coping strategies, self-care must haves and aromatherapy.


Deluxe Artisan Handcrafted Self Care Spa Candle and Bath Box

From $38.33 per box
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When it comes to self-care, teamwork makes the dream work! Get a little help with creating the ultimate bath-time ritual with Fire and Nice. A fragrant unboxing experience will set the tone of what’s to come — some quiet time filled with lush body care products. Draw a warm bath and ease any tension with an assortment of artisan crafted spa goodies, like handmade soaps, scrubs and lotions.

For the Reading Room


Introverts Retreat Box

From $22.99 per box
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Can’t commit to a specific emotional escape room format? Create a space without boundaries that exists solely for you to just be. Read, Relax & Recharge is a monthly box from Introverts Retreat that can help you tap into your energy du jour. Light a candle, nibble on a treat and sip a steaming cup of tea while journaling, getting lost in a romance, or enjoying a thriller picked just for you.


Once Upon a Book Club Box (Adult Edition)

From $61.25 per box
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You’ve put on your interior design hat and created a reading nook with the most perfect color palette, and all you need is a good book to join you. The Once Upon a Book Club Box will do you one better by bringing a unique reading experience filled with gifts and intrigue. Devour their latest page turner and unwrap coordinating goodies along the way!


The Book Drop: Adult Readers

From $22.92 per box
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Line the shelves of your special reading room with a monthly subscription that will bring you lesser-known must-reads. Ideal for those who live nowhere near an independent bookstore, but crave all those indie vibes, this book-of-the-month club delivers just that — one nicely wrapped book that’s been handpicked by an avid reader who knows a good story when they read one!

For the Creative & Crafty Room


Paletteful Pack Monthly Premier

From $35.50 per box
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So, your emotional escape room would be a calm space to create your latest masterpiece? Paletteful Packs can make sure you keep your supplies stocked with a monthly box that features pro favorites. Not only will you save money, but you’ll treat yourself to a fun surprise filled with paints, pens, pastels and more, and get the chance to explore new techniques and mediums, too.


VINYL MOON Membership

From $31.00 per box
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With Vinyl Moon, every moment you have to escape will be music to your ears. A unique opportunity for music lovers and vinyl record enthusiasts, each month’s freshly-pressed and funky-colored vinyl will treat you to a playlist filled with new tunes from up-and-coming artists from across the globe. And, as an added bonus, you’ll be wowed by insert and cover art from incredible visual artists!


VINYL POST Record Club

From $4.99 per box
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Any fun music room will be made that much more fun by joining the Vinyl Post Record Club. This budget-friendly club sends a special monthly postcard that doubles as an actual record. That’s right. This subscription will help you grow a collection of musical postcards! Simply admire the artwork, read a note from the featured musician, and give your new single a spin.


The Cactique Boutique Box

From $27.25 per box
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Trying to create a different type of urban jungle or your own private oasis? Add in some beautiful succulent arrangements from The Cactique Boutique Box to make your space shine. Not only will you create prickly living decor pieces for your special space, but you’ll enjoy fun cactus-themed extras, like stickers, office supplies, candles and more.