12 Engaging Craft Kits for Toddlers (Ages 1-4)

Toddlers have plenty of energy, but when left to their own devices, they are prone to using that energy for destructive rather than constructive purposes. That’s a good thing though, because as caregivers, there’s plenty of opportunity to steer their boundless energy into projects that are all about making and creating!

Arts & crafts provide a great way to channel this energy into working with their hands, fine-tuning their motor skills and exploring their imaginations with colorful, hands-on activities. Craft kits for toddlers are great for rainy days, unique gift ideas, or a creative way to limit screen time.

Monthly craft kits offer even more than just fun crafts. They make craft time with your little ones stress-free, allowing you to save precious time by getting directly to the project. To point you in the right direction, we’ve put together a list of craft kits that are great for the toddlers in your life.


Monthly Tinkering Toddler Crates for Ages 3-5

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What's Included: From play-doh and finger paint, to coloring books and crayons, Tinkering Toddler Crates is here to promote plenty of hands-on fun. Created by a teacher and mom, each themed box is designed for kids aged 3-5, and brings all the materials needed, plus easy-to-follow instructions for 3 fun activities. Every box is dedicated to helping preschoolers develop a solid foundation for everyday learning.

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Green Kid Crafts STEAM Box

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What's Included: Green Kids Crafts is a best seller that aims to help kids get creative while also helping the planet. This popular craft kit is committed to inspiring little ones, while being conscious of its environmental impact and choosing high-quality sustainable products. Designed for kids ages 2-10, each box sends age-appropriate STEAM activity kits, including the materials and supplies for 6 DIY activities, lessons or projects, all carbon-neutral and earth-friendly.

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Little Dreamers Club Crafts Subscription Box - MONTHLY Subscription Box

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What's Included: Spend quality time with your toddler with every bi-monthly delivery from the Little Dreamers Club. Each box brings themed craft projects, plus all the necessary supplies and materials, along with 1 top-rated book, a badge, extra projects that can be done using everyday items around the house, activity pages, fun facts, and high-quality art supplies, like Crayola markers, paints, and paint brushes.

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Slime Box

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What's Included: Slime is the new "it" activity for kids, creating hours of hands-on fun! The Slime kit delivers all the supplies needed to make oozy, gooey slimes. Choose between three different subscription sizes, either two 4oz, four 6oz, or four 8oz jars of slime, plus themed mix-ins, and even some candy for the kiddos!

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