How to Find the Perfect Self-Care Subscription Box for You

Over the last few years, self-care has risen dramatically in popularity. According to a recent Cratejoy survey, 86.5% of people are making self-care a priority in 2021, especially when it comes to their mental health, hobbies, wellness, and interests. It’s no surprise, then, that self-care subscription boxes continue to be among the biggest subscription box trends in 2021.

Defining “self-care” can be a little challenging, though. It looks a little different for everyone, and sometimes you have to try different methods before you find something that works best for you. But it’s all worth it once you’ve found a self-care subscription box that makes you feel like you’ve invested in yourself.

So What Exactly Is Self-Care?


For some people, self-care is a way of practicing self-love. It can mean treating yourself to little surprises, saving up for something big that you’ve always wanted, or taking the time to enjoy hobbies and projects that you love, even if you have a busy schedule. For other people, self-care can be an act of self-preservation –– ensuring that you are surviving and thriving by investing in the mental health services and products that you need. Self-care can also be a personal growth journey that leads you to become your best self, building up your confidence, productivity, or happiness.

Before the pandemic, people found solace in self-care for a number of reasons. Neglecting yourself and your needs can have a surprising toll emotionally and physically, especially in our fast-paced culture. But when you take time to relax and rejuvenate, you can experience several benefits of self-care, including physical and emotional health and the ability to support those around you.

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, however, people found that they needed to take care of themselves more than ever –– and they began finding new and different ways to practice self-care during the pandemic. They discovered ways to support their mental health, boost their immune system, explore their interests, and stay fit even while stuck at home.

The Six Types of Self-Care


There are basically six types of self-care. Each one of them addresses a certain part of your life, and investing a little bit in all of them can help you find balance. Think of them as the six parts of the self-care wheel.

  1. Emotional Self-Care. When you take the time to honor your emotions and make space for them, find new sources of inspiration, or practice mindfulness, you are engaging in emotional self-care.
  2. Physical Self-Care. While this type of self-care can include exercising and working out, it’s more about focusing on your health, striving to meet a fitness goal, eating healthier, drinking more water, or shifting your skincare routine.
  3. Practical or Professional Self-Care. Think of this form of self-care not as chores or a to-do list, but as maintenance for your life. You can practice this by organizing your space, doing a meal plan, cooking, or creating a budget.
  4. Mental or Psychological Self-Care. Reading a book, playing with a puzzle, or crafting are all popular forms of mental self-care that stimulate your mind while bringing you joy. It’s all about having a hands-on activity or intellectual engagement.
  5. Spiritual Self-Care. This form of self-care can mean nurturing your faith, practicing meditation, doing yoga, or enjoying nature and the outdoors –– whatever makes you feel connected to something larger than yourself.
  6. Social or Personal Self-Care. Going on a date? Spending time with your friends or family? This all counts as social self-care. For some people, though, socializing can be more stressful than therapeutic, which is why time alone can count as personal self-care, too.

Practicing Self-Care With the Perfect Subscription Box

Nurturing your self-care practice with a self-care subscription box is a fantastic way to give yourself a once-a-month treat and plan to spend time focusing on yourself, whether it’s for Self-Care Sunday or any day of the week. Self-care subscription boxes take the hassle out of finding a self-care routine, since they’re conveniently delivered to you every month. They also offer a variety of products and activities, so you can order one with confidence knowing that no two months will be exactly alike. In addition, you can try out different kinds of monthly boxes to see what items and activities make you feel the most renewed and refreshed.

Whether you know you love yoga, want to do more meditation, have always wanted to try crystals, or think bath bombs are the best affordable pick-me-up, the perfect Cratejoy self-care subscription box is out there for you.

Self-Care Subscription Boxes: Finding What Works for You

Because Cratejoy offers a wide variety of fantastic self-care subscription boxes and self-care products, you have a lot of great options to choose from. You might even feel a little overwhelmed about how to find the perfect subscription box for you. If you’re not quite sure where to start, check out our overview of self-care boxes that can help you feel your best in winter –– or any season.

Are you one of the many people who’s tried to work self-care into their life but wasn’t able to find the time for it? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. That’s why we compiled a list of three simple steps for incorporating self-care into your daily routine. It also has some of our best subscription boxes and what people love about them.

The Perfect Self-Care Subscription Boxes for Bath & Beauty: Soak Up & Smile


Are you one of the many people who missed spa treatments during the pandemic lockdown? Do you love trying new soaps, lotions, and bath bombs? Then give yourself a luxurious spa treatment at home with a bath subscription box. With a wide variety of price points, these monthly boxes feature full-size and deluxe to mini bath products, and they’re all sure to help you soak up some much-needed self-care.

Want to practice some mental self-care before you practice physical self-care? Then get your DIY on and make your own face masks, soaks, bath salts, and scrubs from items in your kitchen. We have some easy-to-follow tutorials to help you make these at-home spa treatments so you can have some much-needed me time anytime.

If beauty boxes and skincare surprises are what keep you feeling fab, Cratejoy can’t wait to deliver. Take a look at our list of the best skincare and beauty subscription boxes for all skin types. These beloved boxes, like TheraBox and Laurel & Reed, feature different trendy and popular beauty products and goodies, such as vegan and cruelty-free items. We also have lists devoted specifically to the best sheet mask subscription boxes and the best Korean beauty and skincare products. Try out just one, or treat yourself to a few. Your face will thank you.

The Perfect Self-Care Subscription Boxes for Book Lovers: Now Paging Relaxation


You know that awesome feeling when someone recommends an amazing new book to you? Now you can have that same delightful feeling every month with a book subscription box. Cratejoy features book subscription boxes, such as Introverts Retreat, that spotlight several different genres; plus, many of them include fun extras, like bookmarks, chocolates, coffee, tea, or other treats to help you unwind.

Love lighthearted fiction and literature? You’re in for a delightful surprise every month when you sign up for a fiction and literature subscription box. Do young adult (YA) books make you go gaga? Take your pick from the best YA book subscription boxes. Fans of genres like romance, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, or mystery will want to take a page from our lengthy list of book subscription boxes that offer a great reading escape.

However, sometimes self-care isn’t just about yourself. Consider signing up yourself and your besties for a book-of-the-month club, and start your very own fun-tastic book club. Our suggestions of the best book subscription services for every reader should give you plenty of wonderful ideas.

The Perfect Self-Care Subscription Boxes for the Home: Feather Your Nest


To paraphrase the classic Lesley Gore song: It’s your home, and you’ll redecorate it if you want to. Whether you’re at home indefinitely or wanting to come home to a more soothing space, a home decor subscription box can help to give your settings a little more hygge. Every month, you’ll receive beautiful and high-quality items, bringing some lovely new accents to your living space and supporting your efforts to de-stress from the safety of your home. Choose from unique artwork, kitchen goods, seasonal decor, mid-century modern accessories, essential oils for aromatherapy, and much more.

Giving your home some new scents can make sense when it comes to self-care. Candle subscription boxes have become even more popular during the pandemic. Featuring wax melts and sprays as well as candles, these candle-of-the-month boxes deliver scent-sational new fragrances to bring you comfort and relaxation along with aromatherapy. How about sending a friend a gift subscription box that will lighten their life? A candle gift subscription box is sure to add a heavenly scent and warmth to their home.

The Perfect Self-Care Subscription Boxes for New Age Practices: It’s Crystal Clear


Practicing self-care often involves trying new practices to help you feel rejuvenated and replenished. Exploring techniques you’ve always wanted to try can be fun, exciting, and engaging. That’s why new age subscription boxes are more popular than ever –– they’re a neat and exciting way to try self-care items from home. If you’ve ever wanted to explore a crystal subscription box, now is the time to do so.

Longing to take your meditation practice to a new level? Check out Cratejoy’s list of the best meditation subscription boxes. Many of them involve crystals and New Age accessories, giving you a unique set of spiritual tools on your self-care journey.

The Perfect Self-Care Subscription Boxes for Mindfulness & Mental Health: Show Yourself Love


While they are not a substitute for therapy or journaling, the best self-care subscription boxes can add some fun and brightness to difficult days, especially if a friend or loved one sends the box as a gift. Cratejoy’s list of the best mental health subscription boxes is filled with monthly boxes that can support well-being and mental self-care in a variety of innovative and engaging ways.

One practice that many people have turned to for self-care is the practice of mindfulness. The best mindfulness subscription boxes provide subscribers with products to support their yoga or meditation practice, a happiness activity, workbooks, delicious and soothing teas, items that encourage relaxation, therapeutic activities, and more. Like self-care, mindfulness can look different to everyone, so our mindfulness boxes provide several different ways to support and nurture this important practice.

The Perfect Self-Care Subscription Boxes for Physical Wellness: Body Care for Everybody


Remember, physical self-care can include fitness, but it doesn’t have to -- it’s more about taking care of your body. This can include supporting your mind as well as your body and making sure that you’re feeling restored inside and out.

Fortunately, many subscription boxes focus on mind and body wellness. You’ll find wellness products, samples, and activities that can help boost your wellness while letting you treat yourself to some much-needed self-care in this list of the best wellness subscription boxes.

The Perfect Self-Care Subscription Boxes for Personal & Professional Growth: Be a Self-Care Boss


Looking for ways to practice self-care that feel more energizing than relaxing? Practice some executive-level practical and professional self-care with entrepreneur, leadership, and productivity subscription boxes. Once a month, you’ll receive a box brimming with books, accessories, and activities to help you reset your routine and power up your productivity. Cratejoy’s personal growth subscription boxes for go-getters are sure to deliver inspiration and motivation, whether you’re looking to level up at your current job, find a new career, or land the role of your dreams.

One popular way that people have been exploring practical self-care during the pandemic is through virtual book clubs focusing on self-help and self-improvement. If starting or joining one of these empowering virtual book clubs sounds like the self-care experience you’ve been looking for, read our tips for virtual book clubs.

The Perfect Self-Care Subscription Boxes for Creativity & Hobbies: DIY All Day

adults and crafts_1.jpg

Have you always wanted to try an arts and crafts hobby, but been worried that your creations won’t look as great as the ones you’ve seen on Instagram? Arts and crafts subscription boxes were made for you. A new hobby allows you to practice mental or psychological self-care from the comfort of home, and it can help revitalize your self-care routine, too.

For decades, art therapy has helped people, whether they were recovering from traumatic situations or just trying to destress a bit. Our list of fun and easy art therapy activities make for a delightful to-do list for practicing self-care while indulging your creativity. Plus, you’ll have a piece of artwork you can be proud of. Win-win.

Your Self-Care Subscription Box

Like the self-care journey itself, the journey of finding the perfect self-care subscription box for you should be helpful, enjoyable, and rejuvenating. Whether you want to feel reinvigorated or super relaxed, a monthly subscription box can send you the tools and strategies to feel better -- along with some sweet surprises. Take a step toward lowering your stress and increasing your joy by ordering the best self-care subscription box for you today.