The 5 Senses Gift Experiences That Tickle Each Fancy

Tapping into our senses is the perfect way to slow down and enjoy the precious moments that life delivers to our door. With these sense gift ideas, you can go the extra mile with a gift or series of gift baskets that will take them on a sensory tour. Instead of surprising them to their favorite restaurant, plan a date night with an authentic Italian feast while listening to a new record. Or go with a touch gift paired with a sight gift like steamy lingerie and soothing body lotion or home decor and herbal apothecary.

If you're looking for the perfect gift to say "I love you," start with our curated gift guide that includes the intimate, personal and unforgettable.



Habitation Box

From $80.00 per box
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Put together by a professional interior designer, Habitation Box can stimulate the sense of sight by helping your loved ones spruce up their home styling with fresh and trendy decor pieces. Bringing a collection of unique, high-end home goods that offer a clean, seasonal aesthetic, unpack everything from patterned pillow covers and textured throw blankets to natural kitchen accessories, wall art, ceramics, and more!


Monthly Designer Lingerie Box

From $49.95 per box
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Whether in person or long-distance, some new lingerie can instantly engage the sense of sight and help set the mood for a steamy night in. Level up your next date night idea by gifting her The Lingerie Box, a monthly boutique lingerie subscription that showcases some of the top designers from around the world. Simply supply all the necessary size and style preferences to get a sultry lingerie set or flirtatious nightie.


Craft in Style, Monthly Craft Supply Kit Subscription

From $30.75 per box
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With plenty of happy subscribers already enjoying the hands-on fun packed into the Craft in Style Box, send a gift that helps them craft their own visually appealing pieces to proudly show off in the home or office. A monthly subscription dedicated to making it easy to create a trendy display-worthy craft, from wall decor to centerpieces, unpack all the project materials, step-by-steps and online tutorials needed for the month's project.



Scent Club Box

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We know just how powerful scents can be, and when searching for the perfect smell gift, we couldn't help but notice the rave reviews about Wicked Good Perfume! Described as "heaven-scent," subscribers have been in love at first smell and obsessed over the joyful and inviting blend of botanical fragrances and essential oils. Pick up the perfume roller featuring a new limited-edition scent each month as a small gift, or go all-in on perfumes and home products.


Monthly Medium Box

From $26.95 per box
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An easy and festive way to stimulate the sense of smell is by lighting beautifully scented candles throughout the home. With Wickbox, you can treat yourself or send a thoughtful gift that's both luxurious and practical. After creating a detailed scent profile, they'll send a large or medium-sized candle in a trendy, seasonal jar or container that’s been fragranced to match each subscriber's individual scent preferences.


Herbal Apprentice Box

From $37.83 per box
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Searching for a unique gift idea that involves getting a whiff of the wonderful world of plants and herbs? The Monthly Herbal Study Box brings themed kits that are filled with DIY medicine-making projects to begin building a home apothecary. Unbox informative study guides, easy-to-follow recipes, seeds to start a personal medicinal garden, collectible art prints, and extra goodies!



Young Adult Book Monthly

From $14.99 per box
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Now In Books is a monthly subscription that puts a new spin on audiobooks by weaving together reading and listening to music. This sound gift comes with a beautifully gift-wrapped new, first-edition YA title and a vanity bookmark. Each box includes a thoughtfully curated music playlist designed to align with the mood of each book. Access the playlist using the provided QR code to add an interesting sensory level to the reading experience.


VINYL POST Record Club

From $4.99 per box
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Dubbed the "most unique record club in the world," the Vinyl Post Record Club sends monthly postcards that double as playable records! Send your music-loving loved ones a monthly limited-edition postcard that plays a single on your turntable, and features original artwork and a handwritten message from the month's artist. Yes, you heard us right. Drop the needle directly on the postcard and give it a whirl for your listening pleasure!


Original Vinyl Records - Your Genre Picks - 6 LPs

From $20.00 per box
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Tap into the sounds of time past and take in the cacophony of another era. Vinyl Record Club delivers 6 original and vintage records from a genre of choice from jazz, musicals, hip hop to EDM that will get them up and dancing. Personalize their holiday or birthday gift with a selection of vinyl records hand-picked and wrapped in quality album covers and jackets.



Piquant Post Flavor Kits

From $10.99 per box
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Piquant Post is a monthly box that's dedicated to the tastes of the world and makes a great gift for foodies and adventurous eaters alike. Kiss bland and boring recipes goodbye with flavor kits that bring 4 small-batch freshly ground spice mixes and 4 chef-developed recipes that showcase the bold flavors of each blend. From Thai curries to Caribbean jerk, every delivery brings new globally inspired dishes making it a one-of-a-kind taste gift.


Baking fun!

From $49.42 per box
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Indulge in a tasty gift that features home-baked and decorated cupcakes, pies, cookies and more with a month-to-month subscription to Red Velvet NYC. Every month delivers a baking kit that simplifies the baking process from start to finish, making it easy to prepare and enjoy restaurant-quality desserts. Unbox all you need from pre-measured whole food ingredients and simple instructions, to cupcake wrappers and sprinkles to top it all off!



Cream Of The Crop

From $13.50 per box
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Give your man the goods he needs to do some DIY whisker maintenance and reap the tactile benefits of a well-maintained beard. Available in 11 different subscription options, covering everything from budget-friendly beard oils to the splurge-worthy barbershop in a box, the high-quality grooming goodies from the Beard Care Club will help him tame, smooth and soften his facial hair -- and smell great, too!


Monthly Bath & Body Ritual Box - Over $100 retail value in every box!

From $30.99 per box
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Soft, smooth skin awaits with a gift subscription to Modern Skyn Apothecary. Consider this to be the perfect gift to help skin transition to cold winter temps or a relaxing birthday gift, every box comes filled with at least $100 of handcrafted bath, body, and skincare products, like salt soaks, serums, soaps, and lotions. Each item is made from high-quality ingredients and soft, warm scents, then packaged in simple, sustainable glass containers.


Date Night Box Subscription

From $20.00 per box
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Bring touch to the forefront of a night in with a date night box made for connection and designed by marriage and family therapists. You’ll receive four to five activities designed to help you bond and communicate with your partner. With a neat new theme every month, each crate is sure to deliver a night filled with joy and laughter.