Fun & Easy Halloween Ideas for Introverts and Partygoers

Trick? Treat? Why not both? When it comes to holidays, none wears as many different hats as Halloween. You can lean into the harvest element of the season with cute pumpkins and snuggly onesies, smear yourself in body glitter and paint the town blood-red, craft a contest-winning DIY Halloween costume, or hole up and practice arcane rituals under the moon -- or all of the above!

So, choose your own adventure this year, and celebrate All Hallows Eve your way. Whether you plan to Jekyll it up or Hyde inside, here’s everything you need for a perfect Halloween.

Sweet treats


When you say “Halloween,” we think candy – and the reason is darker than you may know. Our Halloween celebration is originally derived from the pagan holiday Samhain, which signaled the end of the harvest season in October. It was also believed to be a day the dead could return and walk the earth. To fend off these otherworldly advances, the ancient Celts would leave out offerings of food and drink.

This eventually evolved, through the twists of time, into modern trick-or-treating -- the offering of candy to visitors dressed as ghosts and zombies (or Disney mermaids and Marvel characters). So whether you're an introvert or partygoer, honor the tradition!

If you’re staying in: Gift your trick-or-treaters (or yourself) a blast to the past with Classic Candy Box, which delivers full-sized, hard-to-find classic candies from the 1900s-1980s. October’s box features 30-35 pieces of candy including wax fangs and candy corn to please every inner (and outer) child.

Going out? Treat your sweet tooth by pregaming with Lollies by Leah, a lolly subscription for grown-ups featuring 16 hand-poured lollipops in gourmet flavors. As an added bonus, bring them with you to the party and make 16 new best friends. October’s lolly flavor theme? “Villains are coming.”

The perfect DIY costume

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Whether you want to wow the neighborhood trick-or-treaters or doll up for a glitzy graveyard smash, your Halloween costume is the perfect opportunity to showcase your creativity. So skip the premade Halloween store costumes and Mean Girls mice and try for a little DIY as you let that freak flag fly.

For candy-slingers and costume party fans: Put down the face paint and take your costume to the couture level with NME Box, a unique subscription curated with makeup artists in mind. It’s a great opportunity to try your hand at wild effects, like “living statue,” “humanoid,” “steampunk” and more. We won’t spoil NME’s October offerings, but here’s a hint: The theme is, “It’s alive!”

Stories to tell in the dark


Costume, candy: check and check. Now, it’s time to get into the Halloween mood. Nothing sends goosebumps up our arms like a good scary story, so queue up your favorite horror movies on Netflix, grab a hair-raising read, and get ready to shiver your way into this deliciously spooky season.

For introverts: Who needs to go out? You’ve got all you need right here. Grab your favorite snacks and a spooky playlist, then hunker down with a fantastic scary read. If you’re new to horror, My Thrill Club has you covered. This great subscription sends you two hardcover horror novels each month to get your skin crawling. (Not into horror? They also offer mystery, thriller, and ebook subscriptions.)

For partygoers and throwers: Host a scary movie night with your crew! Or, if you’re throwing a Halloween party, curate an excellent lineup of scary movies to play or project in the background to set the mood.

Classy – and creepy – cocktails


Leave the kids to their candy and mix some treats for the 21+ crowd. There’s nothing more delightful than the perfect themed beverage, and whether you’re mixing for one, four, or forty, chilling autumn cocktails are sure to please.

For introverts and small crowds: Lean into the upscale with a boutique cocktail kit and sip the night away. For full kits, including liquor as well as mixers, check out American Cocktail Company, which is queueing up a “Smokin’ on Juniper” margarita box for October.

For the consummate entertainer with the fully stocked bar: You’re no stranger to dazzling guests with gourmet cocktails. Up your game with Shaker & Spoon, curated by some of the world’s most daring and dedicated mixologists. Their everything-but-the-liquor kits include small-batch mixers, rare ingredients, and gourmet garnishes for unforgettable cocktail experiences. Their October box embraces the many moods of mezcal with three unique drinks (supplies for 12 in total), including a smoky mango lassi and a blood orange brew.

High-stakes party games


Get ready for a (pardon us) bloody good time with an at-home murder mystery. These puzzle box games let you bring the adrenaline rush of an escape game right to your living room. What better way to usher in Halloween than by catching a killer?

For introverts: Keen to crack a case? Designed for solo players or small teams, British subscription Cosykiller lets you solve unique mysteries from the comfort of your armchair each month. Investigate the (fictional) skeletons in your own closet and unearth dark family secrets! Bonus: Get support or find teammates on the Cosykiller Facebook group.

For a crowd: Deadbolt Mystery Society delivers panic rooms in a box, and their October offering, “The Last Laugh,” features a creepy twist. Grab your friends and brave the Wandering Monster Parade, with its legion of sideshow shadowfolk, as you race to solve the mystery of the local homecoming queen. And is that… clown paint on the corpse? Can be played in pairs, or up to teams of 6.

Tricks and pet treats

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Be you introvert or extrovert, year-round witch or Halloween grinch, there is no denying the pure joy that is pets in costumes. Weiner dog dressed like a hot dog? Yes. Cat dressed like a pumpkin? Love it. (Remember, though, to keep your furry friends safe when playing dress-up! Check out these tips for safe pet costumes from the Humane Society.)

For pet lovers: When you’re planning Fido’s humane and safe BB-8 costume, don’t forget the most integral ingredients – lots of love, pets, and treats to reward him for tolerating whatever-it-is-you-humans-are-doing-to-me. Doggie treat and toy subscription WagWell Box is leaning into the season with a Halloween-themed box for October, featuring a durable Frankenmonkey toy, a Dracu-lantern toy, and organic treats and bully sticks for the good bois in your life.



Ghouls and haunts aside, the scariest thing about Halloween is that it has to end – or does it? For those truly committed to the spooky-scary lifestyle, home is where the haunt is. So deck out your home or workspace with witchy bath and beauty products, creepy candles, shimmering spiderwebs and more to get (and stay in) the spirit.

For introverts, party hosts, and nesters: Keep the creepy and the cozy coming with All Hallows Club. These Aussie Halloween enthusiasts and subscription curators live and breathe Halloween year-round. Their October box supports small businesses and features handcrafted spooky soaps, a hand-painted garland, skull perfume bottle and more. Order All Hallows Club for the ultimate Halloween box and get a long-term subscription to get another spooky boost again in January and throughout the year.