12 Spooky Fun Halloween Activities for Kids & Adults That Will Still Ship in Time

Though your Halloween season this year might see fewer Halloween costumes, and though you might have to wear a face mask to the pumpkin patch to get your jack-o-lantern, that doesn't mean the season is lost. In fact, there's a lot you can do to celebrate everything spooky right at home!

For starters, there's that pumpkin patch: As long as you wear a mask, and stay six feet apart, this activity can actually be a perfect Halloween tradition you keep alive and well this year. Ask around to see what kind of accommodations are available and then set the day up so you really enjoy it! And once you've brought the pumpkin home from the pumpkin patch, you can get into some really elaborate pumpkin decorating with the little bit of extra time everyone has this year.

Can you guide your kiddos through a Halloween scavenger hunt at the pumpkin patch, or peruse the Halloween party games at the store (or online) to see which ones might work well with a smaller group? What sort of DIY prize can you award for the scariest story told around a backyard campfire? Can you use pipe cleaners, play dough, or printable stickers to make a homemade prize your kiddos won't forget?

The bottom line is, there's still plenty of spooky fun to be had this year — whether or not trick-or-treating is safe for your community. After all, in a world where you can buy googly eyes from the craft store, wrap anything in toilet paper or tissue paper to make it scary, and gorge yourself on candy corn, what more could you want?

1. Messy Play Kits


Price: Starts at $34.00/month; use code MESSYPLAY2020 at checkout to get a special discount.

Order By: October 7

What's Included: This science and crafts for kids box delivers 3-5 science, sensory and art activities monthly. With new and exciting STEAM-based and educational kids' activities such as erupting volcanoes, hatching dinosaur eggs, and making slime (!), this sensory bin is will make learning fun for both your child and the whole family.

Their Halloween-themed "Gooey Ghouls Messy Play Kit" includes a number of projects to help your child develop their fine motor skills as they build a number Halloween crafts including two paper mache ghosts. Also included is slime with eyeballs—what more could a kid want, really? Most spooktacular of all: a monster-building project where kids can destroy the monster after.

Shipping: Ships in the U.S. on the 8th of every month.

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3. Magic Mom


Price: Starts at $33.95/month; use code CELEBRATE10 at checkout to get a special discount.

Order By: October 9

What's Included: This monthly box teaches your kids about their favorite holidays with a Monthly Celebration Kit. Thoughtfully curated to celebrate seasonal holidays and occasions, watch as your child unboxes T-shirts, decor, recipes, and crafts unique and relevant to that month. And what better place to start than with their extra spooky Halloween-themed kit? Introduce your child to haunted houses and spiderwebs with creepy crafts, T-shirts, and table decor perfect for Halloween decorations or Halloween parties. All products are preschooler-friendly.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the US every month

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4. The Adults & Crafts Crate


Price: Starts at $30.00/month; use code GETCRAFTY for free shipping on your first month.

Order By: October 27

What's Included: Adults & Crafts is a thoughtfully curated craft subscription box for adults and teens to create fun and trendy projects. Every month features a different craft, allowing subscribers to learn a new craft technique like wood-burning and engraving. For October, that craft technique is a mosaic tray project, perfect for fall. Other products featured that you create include wine carriers, epoxy resin coasters, and more! Whether you're spending quality time with your friend or looking for another idea for date night, consider Adults & Crafts to get your DIY on.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. on the 20th of every month

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5. Home Entertaining and Hosting Box


Price: Starts at $59.95/1 box every 3 months

Order By: Ships within 48 hours

What's Included: Even though we can't go to as many soirees as we'd like to right now, that doesn't mean we can't have a great time with Swar-Yay!, the home entertaining and hosting box. Each season, you'll receive a box packed with unique items—and yes, they're seasonally themed, so October's theme is mystery and magic—that are perfect for special occasion festivities and entertaining. Just remember to maintain physical distance and hey, why not incorporate a face mask into your Halloween costume this year?

Shipping: Quarterly boxes begin shipping every March, June, September, and December. Only ships within U.S.

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6. Cookie of the Month by Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop


Price: Starts at $25.00/month

Order By: October 26

What's Included: The truth is, when the Halloween party is over, and all of the Halloween candy is gone, most of us still want something sweet, no matter what time of year it is. This delightful cookie of the month subscription is a perfect treat for you or someone you are about. Each month, you'll receive a box with the baker's chosen special cookie of the month—Little Red Kitchen's Fall Box is their Fall Harvest Collection, featuring molasses spice, caramel apple oatmeal, and brown sugar pumpkin cookies. Pass the candy corn, sure, but also sign up for this spooky fun and delicious subscription box!

Shipping: Ships in the US and to select countries every month

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