Best Gardening Gifts for 2023

Plants have always been around, of course, but right now, they’re having an Instagram-fueled heyday. Over the past couple of years, people have transformed their homes into indoor/outdoor gardens: growing produce on their balconies and turning previously unused backyard space into small farms.

Many plant lovers and gardeners enjoy discovering new plants and trying out fresh growing methods. Part of the beauty of growing greenery is nurturing something over time, whether from a seedling or a starter plant, and as we move toward the spring season, we have even more reason to find the perfect gift for the gardener in our lives. (Filling life with greenery is known to have a major, positive impact on mental health, too!)

Maybe you celebrate the spring equinox or Easter, or maybe you’re just excited for a season of change. Whatever the reason, choosing gardening gifts does not have to be a headache-inducing trip to Lowe’s or Home Depot. Big box stores can be overwhelming, confusing, and—frankly—unhelpful for someone who doesn’t know the difference between the many types of Pothos out there or which variety of tomatoes are best for the local soil.

The solution? Gift a gardening subscription box, which will be a unique, curated experience for gardeners, growers, plant enthusiasts, and—yes—even people just starting out who are currently the opposite of a green thumb.


My Garden Box

From $45.83 per box
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What You’ll Get: My Garden Box is perfect for any gardener or grower looking to learn about new plants. Each box includes a live plant, illustrated instructions for growing, and gardening tips. Receiving this box each month would make a great family activity or something mindful for anyone to dig into. You’ll also receive a cute planter, ensuring that you can either take your plant outside or let it find its home inside.

Shipping: My Garden Box ships mid-month. Due to state agricultural regulations and shipping restrictions, it cannot ship to Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico.

Review: “Great subscription box!! This turned out to be my favorite of several different subscriptions of various types (self-care, books, tea, games, cocktails, etc.) Every box has been surprisingly delightful. All the plants have held up and are growing terrifically. Highly recommend!” — Mary W.


Tikes Garden Box

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What You’ll Get: Do you know a budding gardener? Consider Tikes Garden Box, a gardening box for children ages six through 10, as a future birthday (or just for fun!) gift. This box makes planting and growing super accessible and interesting for kids, because there’s nothing like getting your hands in the dirt! Since it comes with illustrated instructions, an independent kiddo might enjoy Tikes Garden Box as a solo project, or it also makes for a great family activity.

Shipping: Tikes Garden Box ships mid-month. Due to state agricultural regulations and shipping restrictions, it cannot ship to Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico.

Review: “My daughter couldn't wait for it to arrive and when it did she loved the simple directions. She put it all together by herself!! She is so excited for the next box!!” — Amy B.


SEED CLUB PRO MEMBERSHIP 🌱 Urban Organic Gardener

From $20.00 per box
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What You’ll Get: Growing something from seed is one of the most rewarding experiences for green-thumbed individuals. While the process may be slow, it’s so special to see the tiny seed become a sprout and then a full-blown plant! The Seed Club Pro Membership will send everything the gardener in your life needs to plant new, seasonal varieties of herbs, fruits, vegetables, and flowers. This box also allows for customization, so you can make sure the seeds (and seed accessories) will be perfect for your grower’s at-home set-up.

Shipping: The Seed Club Pro Membership only ships within the United States. Boxes will ship on the 5th of every month.

Review: “It's always fun to open the mailbox to a surprise! There are seeds in the envelope that I would never have thought to try, as well as great staples. It helps that it comes with a little grow pod and descriptions of the plants as well. The people at this company are also kind and genuine.” — Marisa M.


House Plant Box

From $15.00 per box
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What You’ll Get: Do you know someone who is a self-proclaimed “crazy plant lady”? The House Plant Box is one of the best gardening gifts for anyone whose home is filled with greenery, or the friend who has always said they want to try growing something for the first time. Those gifting the box are able to choose the type of plant that’s sent, so if you need something pet-friendly, the option is available. Your gardener friend or loved one will be thrilled to add to (or start) their indoor plant collection.

Shipping: House Plant Box ships only within the United States. Boxes begin shipping on the second week of each month.

Review: “The plant subscription is worth the price. Everything arrives in a timely manner, healthy, and well packaged. So far, as seen in the picture, the plants have all been common household plants. Nothing too picky or labor intensive. Nice beginner set.” — Lennea H.


The Cactique Boutique Box

From $27.25 per box
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What You’ll Get: Succulents are a great addition to any garden: they’re cute, obviously, and caring for them is a breeze. The Cactique Boutique Box, which comes with pre-potted cacti and succulent arrangements, would be a beautiful addition to any home garden. Try this box if you want to give your growers something sweet without any extra work. This box also comes with a little gift for the recipient, like soap or a candle, so it also provides a much-needed dose of self-care.

Shipping: The Cactique Boutique Box only ships within the United States.

Review: “What a lovely box! The level of thought and detail put into this curation is absolutely stunning. You can tell, right as you open it, it has been packed with love and consideration. All of the items, including the literature, were all layered strategically and presented with easy to follow instructions.” — Jonathan K.