Everything You Need to Get Cozy This Fall

As the calendar changes to September and inches closer to October, you know what that means: pumpkin spice everything. Oh, and fall is on its way! Before long, a slight chill will consume the air, leaves will start turning shades of gold, and a boot/sweater combo will dominate your wardrobe.

The autumn season brings a delightful amount of coziness that makes a relaxing evening oh-so-enjoyable. If you love the idea of trading your lazy summer afternoons for nights snuggled up in front of a fire, this guide is for you. From fashion and self-care to unplugging and creating a relaxing vibe at home, here’s everything you need to get cozy this fall.

Fall for These Autumn Fashion Staples


The versatility of autumn temperatures makes fall one of the best seasons for fashion and layering clothing pieces. Chunky knit sweaters, colorful tights and warm socks, bright scarves and boots (especially booties!) are our favorite cozy fall essentials.

Sweater Weather: Are you keeping a pulse on the weather to make sure it’s cold enough for a sweater? The best thing about comfy sweaters is that you can wear them with just about anything. Pair a cable knit plaid sweater with leggings, colorful tights, jeans, dress pants, etc. and you’ve got a whole wardrobe capsule with just a few basic pieces. Bring on the comfort!

To Infinity Scarf and Beyond: Scarves are the perfect fall accessories because you can add them to an outfit and dramatically change your overall look – in the best possible way! Infinity scarves can also double as a cold weather accessory must-have during frigid temps.

Shake Your Bootie: One of the things you look forward to most once fall approaches is finally rocking boots again. Give your ankle-hugging shoes extra attention with a pair of knitted socks that you bunch around the top of your shoe. Say it with a Sock sends high-quality socks from some of the best brands in the game, with each pair promising bright, bold colors, quirky patterns and unique designs.

Warm Up With These Cozy Food and Drinks


As the weather cools and the evenings get darker, a cozy drink like a hot chocolate or tea, wine and indulging your creative side with baking recipes is sometimes all you need to warm up and relax after a busy day.

Fit To a Tea: Enjoy the art of autumn teatime with a subscription service that showcases nothing but the best. Packing in plenty of unique flavors, like Russian Caravan and Blood Orange, happy tea lovers are thrilled with the tasty sampling packed into each monthly box from Simple Loose Leaf Tea. Available in regular or decaf, each box contains 40g of top-quality loose-leaf tea including a black and green tea, an herbal tea and a seasonal treat.

Put a Cork In It: Toast to fall with a monthly wine subscription that delivers a tasty selection of wine varieties to your door each cycle. The International Wine of the Month Club is a customizable subscription that delivers two bottles from boutique vineyards every month. Choose from two reds, two whites or one of each. Each box also includes a newsletter with tasting notes, food pairing guides and information about the featured vineyards.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth: This fall, baking newbs can feel like a pro with a baking subscription like Red Velvet NYC. Each monthly box delivers all the necessary pre-measured ingredients to bake two different gourmet DIY desserts from scratch. Learn new tips and tricks from top bakers as you create delicious and beautifully decorated desserts perfect for fall!

Fall Unplugged: The Best Ways to Unwind


The fall season can be a wonderful time to take stock of relationships and the life you’re living. Is it time to slow down and savor quiet time? Can you embrace being a homebody and take better care of yourself and your family? These bonding activities can help!

Embrace the Quiet and Creative: Give yourself and your family some relaxation time away from screens and try creative coloring. With proven therapeutic value, there’s no better escape from day-to-day life than a cozy night in of coloring. With the Monthly Coloring Club, choose between six digital printables or thick, 100lb card stock with two different design options.

Fun Fall Family Night Traditions: Any time you can create a cozy atmosphere and fun bonding experience with family, it’s a win. To produce your best creative works, your family needs the right goods and gear for the job. Paletteful Packs sends top-level art supplies meant to ignite that inspirational spark and act as a boredom buster for busy and active kids.

Once Upon a Book: Although January is still a few months away, the fall is a great time to check in with how your year has been going and reflect on your goals. Find the motivation to reach personal goals by joining the Enlightened Warrior Book Club. Featuring one book to inspire personal growth, plus a mix of handmade goods and book-themed bonuses, each box helps create a calm, focused atmosphere that’s perfect for getting stuff done!

Cozy Up Your Home This Fall


Love a good cozy fall home? Before you bring out the big guns and go all out for Christmas decorating, fall is a good transition from the bright cheerful settings of summer to warm, cozy vibes. Plush throw pillows, candles, autumn decorations and home essentials can create an inviting ambiance while you binge on Netflix and enjoy the comforts of home.

Bring Out the Fuzzy Warm Blankets and Throw Pillows: Transform your humble abode into a warm and inviting home with fuzzy blankets and throw pillows you can add to your couch. They add a trendy touch to your furniture that can change the vibe from cheerful to cozy with little effort. Want to make your own blanket or pillow? Happy Hook Crocheting is a monthly subscription that sends all the materials you need to create your own projects.

Make Your Home Smell Like Fall: Stock up on your favorite fragrances for fall! The warm and spicy smell of pumpkin can really make your space feel cozy. Sporting a new scent and a witty name, The Burlap Bag delivers a limited edition candle to your doorstep each month. It’s an easy way to add a little sweetly scented shine to your home decor each month.

Create an Official Fall #Mood: No matter what season it is, music is timeless, making VINYL MOON a great upgrade to your existing song selection. Noted as one of the best gifts for music fans, each month’s box delivers the latest volume of Vinyl Moon, featuring 10 new scene-worthy artists and pressed on high-quality color vinyl with custom-designed jackets and inserts.

High-Quality Fall Home Goods: If you need the perfect fall decor, Habitation Box delivers. A monthly subscription that merges rustic, French-cottage with simple Scandinavian style, each box features handpicked items curated by in-the-know interior designers, sending everything from cozy blankets and decorative items in trending patterns to cheese boards, picture frames and glassware.

“Fall” In Love With Self-Care


More than anything, autumn is the time of the year to fall in love with taking care of yourself before you get to the winter months. Because the season is all about transition, chilly fall evenings are the perfect time to indulge in self-care with your favorite things.

Getting Hygge With It: The Danish concept of “hygge” encompasses a feeling of cozy contentment and well-being through enjoying the simple things in life. And Hygge Box is just what a cool fall evening needs. Filled with items that encourage slowing down, expressing gratitude and connecting with the ones you love, each monthly box offers a gentle reminder to relax and unwind. You’ll get between 4-7 cozy items, including snuggly socks, refreshing face masks and hand-poured candles to soothing drinks and treats.

Perfect Pick-Me-Up: Bring more happiness into everyday life and focus on yourself with Therabox, one of the most popular and highly rated self-care boxes. Curated by a team of trained therapists, each box brings 5-7 intentionally chosen treats, including relaxing bath and body goods, aromatherapy, teas and hot chocolate, self-help books and gratitude journals. It’s bound to inspire joy and be the perfect pick-me-up you need this fall.

Hope for the Best: Treat yourself to a monthly box of hope and encouragement. Hopebox is a monthly self-care subscription that delivers time for reflection, perfect for slow fall moments. Delivering 6-15 handmade treasures crafted by talented artisans, from smile-worthy greetings to thoughtful personal care items, each of the three subscription levels send a monthly dose of joy.