2 Inspiring Gift Ideas for the Girlboss in Your Life

Is there a girlboss in your life? She's the one with the big dreams and even bigger work ethic to make them happen. She's the one beaming with confidence over her bright new idea. She's a badass in the office or in her own business, but also has a heart of gold and never forgets a BFF's birthday.

To celebrate girlbosses, we're introducing you to two of them: Lorena, of the Passion & Growth subscription box, and Julia, of the Managerine subscription box.

Whether you're looking for a little self-esteem boost or need some help navigating the managerial waters, these boxes deliver everything you need, plus something you can't find on Amazon -- personal growth. Get to know Lorena and Julia in our gift guide and see why their subscription boxes would be an amazing girlboss gift.

Passion & Growth


Over the past two years, Lorena transformed from a woman who struggled with confidence and body-image into an empowered boss lady who loves herself unconditionally. "I was consumed with negative thoughts about how I looked. I had no clue what loving myself meant," Lorena shares. "But I go to therapy, practice positive self-talk, and have changed my thought process. Now when I look in the mirror, I'm amazed by my body."

Fortunately, Lorena decided to share what she's learned with other women through her subscription box, Passion & Growth. "When I started on my personal growth journey, I felt lost and alone. I created Passion & Growth so that other women don’t feel those same things." Lorena hopes that her boxes inspire all women and female entrepreneurs to "lift each other up and give more than we take."


Subscribers to Passion & Growth receive a monthly delivery of 4-6 items carefully selected to "help you become the best version of yourself." What can you expect to unbox? You'll find books written by lady bosses, art prints with positive affirmations, rose gold jewelry pieces, self-care beauty items and more. "By providing the best tools and resources in personal development, we're empowering women to love themselves unapologetically," explained Lorena. Subscribers also get access to an online community, where they can connect with other girl bosses.

Lorena's monthly subscription service would make a great gift for a fellow boss babe on her own self-love journey. "Now is your time to shine, girl!" cheers Lorena. "Show 2020 who's the boss... girl boss, that is."



As the oldest of six kids, Julia -- the founder of subscription box Managerine -- is a self-professed boss babe. She's brought her organized, driven personality to all of her professional roles, whether it be cleaning library bathrooms or managing operations for a wellness brand. Julia also loves to learn. "I'm passionate about staff development, leadership theory, and ensuring that workplaces are functional, professional, and happy," Julia says. "I'm constantly reading, taking classes, and finding new ways to grow my managerial skill set."

Managing hasn't always been a piece of cake for Julia. At just 17, Julia became a manager for the first time. "Who thought that making me a manager was a good idea?!" she laughs. "I had no idea what I was doing." Julia struggled as a manager and made mistakes, but she also learned along the way and wants to help other women going through the same thing. Her managerial experience inspired Managerine: a subscription box for budding female entrepreneurs, managers, and business owners. "I wish I'd had a badass community of girlbosses to support me. I hope Managerine fills the need for women in the future."


Whether you're a boss lady blogger or you need to find the perfect Christmas gift for your fave girlboss, Managerine is sure to be a hit. Each monthly delivery includes a book focused on leadership, personal development or business. Packed along with the book are 3-5 products like candles, coffee mugs, stationery, and tea -- all from women-owned businesses. "We try to create an experience," says Julia, "and select products that complement the book choice."

The holiday season is still months away, but a subscription to Managerine is at the top of our list for girlboss gift ideas. And, maybe after hearing Julia's story, you've added it to your wishlist too? Julia hopes to inspire the next generation of female leaders. "Whether you're still climbing the ladder or have already smashed the glass ceiling, Managerine is here to help you keep on hustling!"