Great Gift Ideas Perfect for Workaholics and Coworkers

If your loved one or coworker routinely logs late-night office hours, catches up on hard work every weekend, and uses their phone to make every place their own personal workspace, you may just have a workaholic on your hands! While some might consider a workaholic lifestyle one that skews compulsive, it’s important to realize that for some, work is play. Diving into a busy workday and keeping tabs on top-priority projects brings joy and a sense of purpose to nonstop workaholic types.

Is your workaholic friend or family member starting a business? Managing a team? Changing the world... or at least changing their own world? It takes long hours, a vision, and dedication to what they’re doing! If your loved one prides themself on professional passion, it might be impossible to change their worker bee ways. Instead, embrace and celebrate who they are with high-quality, practical gifts that enhance their working world, inspire their tireless spirit...and yes, make their office space more inviting, too.

What might make a perfect gift for a workaholic? Skip funny t-shirts (they probably want to look professional) and don’t go for a generic gift set they can get on their own at a big box store or Amazon (they deserve more for all their hard work!). If you’re looking for the very best gifts for your workaholic loved ones, we’ve done the work for you! Read on for our top ten gift guide of subscription box gift ideas to help results-driven, goal-oriented workaholics live their best lives.

The 10 Best Gifts for Workaholics and Coworkers

1. Monthly Succulent Box


Why They’ll Love It: Nothing perks up a workspace better than a touch of greenery! And this subscription delivers a high-quality, curated collection of succulent plants, pots, media, and gardening goods. There’s nothing else needed, so your workaholic is all set to return to tasks at hand. Added bonus...plants increase air quality, which may enhance work performance.

What You Pay: Starting at $29/month

What Subscribers Say: “Receiving this kit made my day! Everything was packaged with care and put together with love. The succulent was healthy, the pot was a perfect size and nice quality with a drain hole, and it included all of the necessary materials plus more fun goodies! I even had leftover soil and rocks that can be used for other plants or refreshing this pot down the road. For all that you get, pricing is reasonable. The plant I received is not one I’ve seen at big chain hardware stores or nurseries in my area.” -Emily

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2. Mixed Single Cup Club Membership


Why They’ll Love It: There really is no better way to fuel hard work than a morning cup of coffee. But this subscription delivers an extra eye-opener — it makes every morning coffee mug an opportunity to try something new! The Keurig-ready K-Cups in the collection are hand-selected, small-batch artisanal offerings to upgrade their daily cup of joe.

What You Pay: Starting at $9.92/month

What Subscribers Say: “I got this as a gift for my husband, there was at least one flavor in the box that he would not have gotten himself if he were buying coffee..... and he LOVES the flavor now! This box is perfect for trying new flavors and I for one love the fact that they put on the inside of the box where each selection of k cups comes from so if you really like/love the flavor you know where to get more. They shipped on time and kept me informed as to when to expect the box. I will definitely be getting more of these boxes for my husband in the future :)” -Miranda

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3. CoachCrate Quarterly


Why They’ll Love It: You can’t have professional growth without personal growth, and CoachCrate is like a life coach in a box delivered right to your door. Each delivery includes thoughtfully curated products selected around a new monthly self-improvement theme. It’s self-care that genuinely appeals to workaholics!

What You Pay: Starting at $42.75/month

What Subscribers Say: “I absolutely love my monthly box from CoachCrate! It always has a great book with a guide that makes it more relatable to my life and goals. The extra goodies are so fun and different than most things I see in stores. I’m just sad that it always gets delivered when I’m not home and I have to finish my day in anticipation of getting home and checking out my new goodies!” -Michelle

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Why They’ll Love It: It brings style and elegance to crazy work days with chic (yes, chic) office essentials like stationary, pens, and more. This goodie-packed subscription is the best way to spoil your bud even when she won’t stop working.

What You Pay: Starting at $16.33/month

What Subscribers Say: “I discovered Cloth & Paper in January of this year and weekly purchases immediately became the norm for me because their products are that gorgeous! This is my first subscription box and I am floored at how absolutely gorgeous this sub box has been curated! Cloth & Paper has reintroduced me to planning and how much I love it. Their products are of the highest quality and unbelievably chic! They have given me and the masses something really positive to focus on during this uncertain time...The ability to organize our lives and the lives of our loved ones. They are an extraordinary company filled with a hardworking, kind and creative team! They will have a forever customer in me! I 🖤 You C&P!” -Luis

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5. The Clean Beauty & Skincare Box - by Laurel & Reed


Why They’ll Love It: While it might be hard to woo a workaholic away from the day-to-day, even they can’t argue that self care is of utmost importance. To do your best you have to bring your best! Laurel & Reed’s luxury, high-quality skincare boxes are perfect for anyone who is serious about clean, cruelty-free, and organic beauty. It might be just the thing to help your friend regain their inner glow.

What You Pay: Starting at $43.95/month

What Subscribers Say: “I have tried a variety of beauty subscriptions and this is by far one of the BEST out there. Packaging is gorgeous and you can tell the products are chosen with care and are high end! Absolutely recommend and totally worth the price!” -Susan

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6. American Cocktail Club


Why They’ll Love It: If your workaholic is way too busy to hit the town for a night out (unless it’s an opportunity to make business connections, of course), they’ll want to make time for an at-home bartending master class courtesy of American Cocktail Club. This monthly delivery includes everything needed to make cocktails right in their own kitchen. What better way to kick back and relax after a busy month?

What You Pay: Starting at $40.99/month

What Subscribers Say: “This was a gift for my inlaws for Christmas and they thoroughly enjoyed every box! They would send photos of them enjoying their cocktails, learned there is more to life than gin and tonics and beer, and learned about new ingredients and a little mixology. Would order this for them again.” -Donna

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7. Paradise Delivered Premium Box


Why They’ll Love It: If you can’t take them to paradise, bring paradise to them! This vacation-inspired goodie box treats deserving hard workers to self-care...with a splash of self-help and motivational inspiration, too.

What You Pay: Starting at $37.50/month

What Subscribers Say: “Our office manager sent Paradise Delivered boxes to 4 of us in the office as a thank you for some extra weekend work. We opened them at the same time and were so surprised with all the goodies in the box. What a perfect gift to have received! I'm currently reading through the book and have enjoyed each of the products I've tried.” -Zena

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8. Monthly DIY String Art Kit


Why They’ll Love It: Workaholics always need to be “doing” — even when the workday is done. Netflix and napping is a no-no for this crew! Appeal to their artsy creator inside with a subscription that has them crafting DIY string art masterpieces on their time off. Not only will it help your friend zen out after work, they’ll have a cute new decoration to display in their office space when the project is complete.

What You Pay: Starting at $23/month

What Subscribers Say: “I really enjoyed my first box. It took a little time to get comfortable but it really made me focus and relax while I was doing the project and it was so much fun to see it come together. I love that everything is included, and the fun embellishments in addition to the string art!” -Pamela

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9. The Happy Glamper


Why They’ll Love It: If you manage to lure your pal to a weekend adventure in the woods, make sure she enjoys the getaway with The Happy Glamper. This survival kit for those who can’t unplug includes a fun selection of goodies to help her stay fabulous even out of her comfort zone. And hey, it might inspire her to get outside and unwind every weekend!

What You Pay: Starting at $49.75/month

What Subscribers Say: “One of the best sub boxes I’ve received, seriously. If you’re a sub box junkie, then you probably have a pile of stuff from boxes that you’re going to re-gift at won’t find that in this box. I honestly have found a purpose in everything that was in there and that never happens!! It’s all mine mwhahaha!! Love it ❤️” -Sean

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