The Best Trendy Gifts for Teen Girls from Beauty Boxes to Crystals

So, you have the unique blessing of having a teen girl in your life and you’re looking for just the right birthday gift or Christmas gift for her. As a period of life marked by plenty of growth and exploration, peppered with a little bit of drama and chaos for some added spice, it is also a period of time where finding that perfect smile-inducing gift seems downright impossible.

We’ve got an easy, hands-off solution for you, and we think it offers a great opportunity to connect with your special teen, while still showing her that it might be best if you leave the shopping to the pros...and without going the gift card or rose gold, zodiac-themed gift route. The Cratejoy marketplace offers plenty of monthly gift boxes that are either specifically designed for teenage girls or are right up their alley.

Curated by those who are on-trend and catering to a wide range of interests, from stylish leggings to gadgets to arts and crafts, she’ll love the element of surprise that comes with a monthly box just for her! To make it easy peezy, continue reading our gift guide below for some of the best gift boxes for teenage girls that are impossible to shop for.

What are the best gifts for teenage girls?


Quirky Crate

From $36.00 per box
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Whether for a daughter, niece or a best friend, Quirky-Crate is all about embracing individuality and celebrating everyone's unique quirks. Backed by plenty of happy subscribers, each themed monthly box is curated to deliver 7-10 unconventional lifestyle items, including a limited-edition enamel pin from a featured artist-of-the-month, along with unusually cool bags and accessories, witty stickers, jewelry, treats and more!


Goddess Provisions Box

From $27.75 per box
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Crystals? Check. Natural beauty products like moisturizer and more? Check. Aromatherapy, wholesome snacks for her mini fridge, and spiritual tools? Triple check! Goddess Provisions is packed with goddess-nurturing goodies she can use to cleanse her space, find her center, and grow her spiritual practice. Think of it as a monthly reminder to teen girls to be mindful, stay balanced, and embrace inner beauty.


Cosmic Crystal Jewelry Box

From $20.00 per box
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Buying gifts for teen girls is so tricky, but here’s a common truth: they ALL love crystals. Think about it! Every type of teen will find something to admire about these stunning stones. Maybe they appreciate their beauty. Maybe they believe in their innate energy. Maybe they're fascinated by the science of different stones. Whether the teenage girl in your life is into geology, spirituality, or simply collecting something pretty, they’ll love a subscription to The Cosmic Crystal Box, a monthly box of hand-selected natural crystals, stones, or minerals that also includes interesting info about each included specimen.


BOTI Box (Beauty on the Inside)

From $31.63 per box
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The teenage years are often wrought with self doubt and insecurity. While you know she’s perfect and wonderful the way she is, she’s likely to benefit from a little encouragement. That’s where iBbeautiful comes in. This subscription inspires her to be confident and feel her best with 4-6 items for tween and teenage girls to realize how beautiful they are without comparison to others.



From $25.00 per box
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If she’s a vsco girl gaga for all things girly, she’ll adore the CHIC & UNIQUE subscription. This cool-girl care package equips her with themed accessories (everything from socks and stationary to sunglasses and stickers) to help express her stylish self at school, on tiktok, and anytime she wants to shine. (No trip to urban outfitters needed!)


O.M.G. (XXL) Scrunchie

From $18.00 per box
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A girl and her scrunchies...she can never have too many, and here’s why. Sure, accessorizing appropriately is of utmost importance. (She’s going to want a match for every season and outfit, of course.) But here’s the real story: scrunchies get traded with girlfriends, they’re given to boyfriends to wear on wrists, and they’re gifted to loose-haired teammates in need before the big game. Scrunchies aren’t just hair ties for fashionable girls. They’re style makers, relationship status statements, and social currency for teenagers, so keep her well-stocked with an O.M.G. Scrunchie subscription. She’ll get three too-cool, top-quality new styles to enjoy (and share) every single month.


GeekGear WIZARDRY Special Edition Subscription

From £44.99 per box
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If you've got a teen in your life who takes her love of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts to the next level, have her join the scores of fans that get a box of uncommon goods and wizarding magic every month. With 4 subscription tiers to choose from, GeekGear packs in 6-10 licensed products, including everything from an exclusively designed t-shirt, exciting collectibles and wands, to wall art, postcards, butter beer and more.


Monthly Slay Glam Box

From $19.58 per box
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Makeup often ranks high on every teen girl's wish list, and the Slay Glam Box is here to deliver the goods. Skip a trip to Sephora with a beauty box that's delivered right to the front door, bringing 5-7 items, including color palettes, skin care, make-up tools, lip care, and all things beautiful. Put on that primer, practice new contouring techniques, and master the perfect selfie pout with each month's kit.



From $7.00 per box
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For less than $10, Loot Pin is a fun and affordable option that makes a sweet Valentine's Day or holiday gift, or a fun just-because gift for the BFF. A fan favorite for many young women, choose to receive the Original tier for 1 fashionably minimalistic enamel pin for everyday wear, the Premium tier for 1 finely detailed, gold-plated pin, or the Original + Premium for both pins each month! Quirky and original, your teen will enjoy designs that range in style from cute to mystical.


Fearless Nail Art

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The Fearless Nail Art subscription by The Nailed It Box is another budget-friendly option that brings teen girls all the essentials they need to make creative nail art to match any OOTD. Arriving right to the front door, each month's box packs in plenty of nail polish and goodies, including colorful glitter, trendy decals, stamping plates and holo powders, providing the perfect way to keep that mani/pedi up-to-date.


The Burlap Bag Candle Club

From $18.33 per box
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Teen girls can be known for their sass, but they also shine bright! The Burlap Bag celebrates both these qualities in style, sending softly-scented classic candles with a bit of a snarky twist. Depending on the chosen option, each box sends limited-edition, hand-poured candles or wax melts, that feature a new monthly fragrance and bear a witty name, including anything from Gimme Coffee to Unicorn Puke.


Terra Create Craft Subscription

From $34.00 per box
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A cool option for any teen who's into hands-on creativity and loves to DIY, the Terra Create subscription delivers a monthly opportunity to make trendy, age-appropriate crafts. Bringing enough high-quality natural materials, pro tools, full-color instructions and photographic step-by-steps for 1 new project, like crafting wind chimes, trying tie-dye, or creating a light box, each box makes learning new techniques simple and fun.


One Girl Inspired

From $33.87 per box
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On a mission to excite and motivate girls aged 13-18, One Girl Inspired is a monthly gift box that sends a thoughtful mix of products that includes journals and personal development books that help teens build self confidence and work hard to accomplish their dreams and goals. Along with plenty of encouragement, each box packs in fun gift items, like school supplies, nail polish, jewelry, beauty projects and tech gadgets.


DIY Décor Subscription Box

From $32.05 per box
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Help a young woman explore her creativity with a subscription to Poppy's Hobbies. This subscription’s everything-included craft kits don’t just tap into her artsy side and teach her new skills, they also provide a perfect way to celebrate the seasons...and they present a beautiful way to find bonding time with Mom or sisters. Sounds like a fun teen girl gift to us! (Even better, she’ll have something pretty to share on the ‘gram at the end of the project.)