Give Back with These Gift-Worthy Subscriptions

Any time of year is a great time to give back and show how much you care. But as we all know, getting caught up in the rush of our day-to-day responsibilities can deter any number of good intentions – and next thing you know, it’s the holiday season and someone’s ringing a bell outside every store.

Thankfully, there are plenty of “set it and forget it” solutions to ensure you can give back to your community – or loved ones – each and every month. And with Random Acts of Kindness Day approaching, there’s no better time to do good! Below, we’ve rounded up some small businesses designed to help people do good and give back all year round.



Care package subscription InJoyBox grew out of illness: founder Jamie’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016. Thankfully, Jamie’s mother is doing well now, but the experience changed her perspective. “It was amazing to watch the way so many people encouraged and supported her through her journey of healing,” Jamie says. Seeing how her mother’s church community, friends, and family supported her as she went through the process to get better, “I realized that unfortunately, not everyone has that kind of support.”

InJoyBox was founded to help subscribers support their loved ones when words aren’t enough. “Oftentimes when people we care about are going through a difficult time, we don't know what to do or say,” Jamie explains. “Or we are there in the beginning, but become busy with our own lives and forget that our loved one is still walking a really difficult road. InJoyBox provides an easy way for others to provide encouragement to those in their lives who are going through a difficult time.”

Because the mission of InJoyBox is based on individual support and giving, every box they ship is individually personalized for your loved one, with one monogrammed item and a specially handwritten note of encouragement from the InJoyBox team. What’s more, new subscribers “are given the option to answer survey questions, allowing us, when possible, to personalize each box even more.” And as a Christian company, the InJoyBox team prays over each and every box before shipping.

You can offer support to your loved ones, whether you live down the street or across the country, here.