Goddess Provisions Review | January 2016

Posted by Lindsey

Taking care of your self and practicing self-love is really important to me. It’s difficult to be present and active in your every day life unless you’re taking the necessary steps to ensure that you’re nurturing yourself holistically. Goddess Provisions sends everything that your inner goddess needs to thrive. If you’re happy and well-taken care of from the inside out, it will manifest in all areas of your life!

Goddess Provisions January 2016 Review, Item One: Being Float Salt Bath with French Green Clay

I love taking baths — it’s honestly one of my favorite things to do. It’s so nice to light a few candles and create the space and intention to relax. I’ve used Being’s Pink Himalayan Salt Baths in the past, and really enjoyed it, so I was looking forward to trying out this salt bath! It was definitely a little different — I’ve never used clay in a bath before — but I really enjoyed it. It made my body feel so clean and detoxified. A word of warning, however, the clay does take a little clean up, after you’re done with your bath, so just keep that in mind!


Goddess Provisions January 2016 Review, Item Two: Concrete Minerals Vegan Lip Tint in Karma 

I love trying out vegan makeup. I’ve never heard of this brand before, so I was excited to try out the lip tint! I actually really liked it — the color payoff is a little thin, but the tint went on smoothly and was very moisturizing. Rather than as regular lipstick or tint, I think I’ll use this in the summer, when I’m at the beach and want something lighter on my lips, that will protect it from the sun, but still leave me with a little color on my lips.


Goddess Provisions January 2016 Review, Item Three: Tangerine Quartz

I love getting new crystals! This tangerine quartz is a really great color, that I don’t have actually, and is great to use in meditation to center your thoughts and release old energy from past events, that may still be lingering. I used it in my practice and really enjoyed it.



Goddess Provisions January 2016 Review, Item Four: The Goddess Line, Parvati Perfume 

I don’t typically use very floral perfumes, so I gave this to my sister. She really loved it! The scent is nice and light enough for every day use, without being too powerful or overwhelming. It’s small enough to keep with you, on the go, as well.


Goddess Provisions January 2016 Review, Item Five: Yes Cacao, Chocolate Bar

This was so delicious! I actually ate this while trying out the Being Salt Bath, for that full spa experience. I loved it. I really like dark chocolate, and this bar was so luxurious. With ingredients to promote relaxation, calm and meditation, it’s the perfect snack to have, after a long day at work, when you need a little extra something to pick you up.


Goddess Provisions January 2016 Review: The Verdict

I’m a huge fan of this box! I love the self-care message behind this month’s theme. It’s so important. I would definitely subscribe again — all of the items included were high quality, thoughtful and lovely. Five Stars!