Goddess Provisions Review | May 2019

Goddess Provisions

If aligning to your desires and cultivating the best energy possible is on your radar, beginning a spiritual practice with Goddess Provisions is a great first step. Goddess Provisions is a popular subscription box and a go-to for all things crystals. Whether it’s cultivating more self-love, recharging on a regular basis or aligning with your natural energies, this subscription is a must-have. You’ll get a monthly box of 4-6 full-size items of crystals, aromatherapy, apothecary beauty products, superfood snacks, teas, accessories and more.

What It Costs

There’s only one subscription level and it delivers a retail value between $80-100; every single item in the box is high quality and worth it. For those who want to deepen their spiritual practice or looking to simply get in touch with their spiritual side, Goddess Provisions is one of the best boxes to try.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. during the first week of the month. New subscribers will receive their first box by the 20th.

Overall Ratings:

Shipping: 5/5 Stars
Packaging: 5/5 Stars
Quality of Products: 4/5 Stars
Retail Value: 5/5 Stars
Curation: 5/5 Stars

Packaging and Unboxing

Opening Goddess Provisions every month is a true experience! The logo is a bright and cheery purple displayed prominently inside the top of the box. They pay careful attention to how things are packaged and as soon as you open the box, you’ll see that it’s stuffed to the brim with tons of goodies. Every time I receive one of these boxes, I get excited by what might be inside because I know I’ll discover high-vibe items I’ve never heard of.

Goddess Provisions contents

What makes the experience even better is the informational card that they send along explaining the items in the box and how they’re connected to this month’s mantra. The card also displays the retail value of each item as well as coupon codes if I want to purchase more from the vendors.

The back of the card also has additional tidbits about Goddess Provisions, giveaways, referral program and this month’s featured artists. I very much appreciate the careful attention to detail and how everything is tied back to the monthly mantra or theme. So good!

Goddess Provisions necklace

1. Hiouchi Jewels Turquoise Necklace

Has turquoise EVER gone out of style? Nope! And this necklace, meant to remind you of your power and poise, is so stylish I can’t wait to wear it. Since this month’s mantra is “Ancient Egyptian Wisdom” I can have the protective touch of the egyptian gods as I wear it.

body oil

2. Spirit Element Body Oil

I’m new to body oils as I’ve always been more of a lotion type of person. But I’m coming to appreciate the richness of the oil that soaks right into dry skin. And given this one is enriched with an essential oil blend of jasmine, mandarin and copaiba, I’m an even bigger fan.

new moon tea

3. New Moon Tea Co Loose Leaf Tea

I really love being introduced to new tea blends. Especially when those blends add a one-two punch of flavor and health benefits. This one features chamomile, spearmint, licorice and hibiscus, said to be “in celebration of your divinity.”

sugar scrub

4. Coal Miner’s Daughter Sugar Scrub

I can’t get enough of body scrubs, seriously yuge fan here! What makes this one super duper unique is that it’s mixed with the cherished nymphaea blue lotus flower, coveted in Eqyptian history as a symbol of purity, rebirth and the Universe. An exfoliation ritual with all of that? Yes, please!

altar cloth

5. Access Our Eyes Scarab Altar Cloth

I’m not a 100% sure what the altar cloth is used for (please forgive me, I’m somewhat of a spiritual newbie), but the cloth uses crystal-infused selenite ink to portray the sacred scarab, an Egyptian symbol of immortality, resurrection, transformation and protection.

shire post mint coin

6. Shire Post Mint Coin

I just recently learned about shadow and sacred sides of ourselves and when I saw this coin, I was instantly inspired by the meaning. When you need specific guidance, just flip to a side of the coin. One side represents lunar power, the goddess and our shadow side, and the other is for divinity, creation and power. Such a cool piece to tuck into a pocket or add to a spiritual ritual.

blue apatite

7. Lapis Lazuli Crystal

I am always humbled by the power of manifestation as I recently read a book about crystals that work for specific healing purposes and intended to buy a Lapis Lazuli to add to my collection. What a pleasant surprise to see this one in my box. No surprise just the fine art of manifestation!

Final Verdict

The Goddess Provisions boxes are more than just a subscription to me. They truly are part of an experience. A way for someone to really create a spiritual ritual that combines quality products that you may not know about, or would have a hard time locating. I love the intention behind every box and how they’re working hard at the experience. I would highly recommend this box to anyone looking for something to assist them on their spiritual journey. Five stars!

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