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Goddess Provisions Review | October 2017

Goddess Provisions is filled with 4-6 items to help nurture your inner goddess – plus, everything included is 100% vegan and cruelty-free! Each box, valued at more than $70, contains an assortment of aromatherapy, vegan beauty, superfood snacks, crystals, and tools for spiritual growth. This is the ultimate box for any gal out there looking for a dose of monthly inspiration to harness their inner goddess!

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Price: Starting at $33.00/month
Shipping: Ships worldwide from United States

Item #1: Chocolita Raw 78% Dark Chocolate Bar in Moontime Rose

I’m an absolute sucker for unique chocolate flavors, especially ones with floral or herbal notes, so naturally, my heart went pitter-patter upon reading the label of this chocolate bar! This bar certainly delivers with its delicate flavor of ground pink rose petals and other herbs that enhance the smooth, rich flavor of the dark chocolate.

Not only is this scrumptious bar of dark chocolate paleo, gluten free, vegan, and certified USDA organic, it’s also fair trade and low glycemic. This bar was also formulated to assist with the balance of hormones. Love that the packaging is also eco-friendly: it’s made of recycled material and features a compostable inner wrapper.

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Item #2: Little Moon Essentials “Sleep Comes Easy” Mineral Bath

Ever have those days where you’re simply exhausted, but can’t seem to get to sleep? Yeah um, hello – me every night. Luckily, that’s what this mineral soak aims to help alleviate!

Its calming cruelty-free formulation contains 100% natural essential oils like lavender, lemon, Roman chamomile, bergamot, and more. Sprinkle a generous handful into your next bath and sit back, inhale, and relax. Bonus tip: pair with a cup of hot tea or glass of wine for the ultimate ~relaxing~ combo.

Item #3: Rhodonite

My little drawstring pouch came with a lovely dusty pink rhodonite specimen. This particular stone helps to open your heart chakra and has the ability to heal past traumas, especially any related to romantic relationships and sex. I love that both these crystals empower females in our emotional, mental, and physical states!

Item #4: Soapy Layne 1 oz Peace Perfume

Solid perfumes are such a welcome addition to my perfume collection, as they’re less messy and easier to chuck in a purse than liquid perfumes (and always TSA-approved!) I love that all the ingredients are natural and smell phenomenal. With notes of ylang ylang, chamomile, rose, and lavender…this solid perfume has aromatherapeutic benefits that help ease you to sleep.

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Item #5: Calm-A-Mama Sleep Drops

Like I mentioned earlier, I struggle falling asleep. It’s like my body wants to drift off into dreamland, but my mind is still running laps. Lo and behold, these sleep drops are exactly what I need!

These drops can be taken orally or mixed into a steaming cup of tea. I’m always a little wary of the ingredients in “elixirs”, but I’m confident in knowing this one is made of a organic combination of traditional herbal and flower extracts like chamomile, motherwort flower, and lavender. I appreciate how easy and versatile it is to incorporate these drops into your bedtime routine!

Item #6: Zenned Out Moon Phase Cuff

Ugh, yes. This handmade silver cuff is beyond adorable with its moon phase print and adjustable band. I’m somebody who has certain metal allergies, but this bracelet is made of hypoallergenic aluminum (so I can be sure my skin won’t turn green). Looks fantastic alone, paired with a watch, or stacked with a few other dainty bracelets for an arm party.

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Item #7: Starseed Supply Co Lucid Dreamer Patch

Patches have been making a full comeback recently and I am HERE for it. This patch is beautifully embroidered with the words “Lucid Dreamer” and two hands. The muted colors result in a stunning color palette that would look so sweet affixed to any denim jacket, backpack, or anything else your heart desires! Cute and wearable? Such a win in my book!

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Goddess Provisions never fails to deliver with a package of the beautiful and magical high-quality items that I can actually incorporate into my daily life. This box makes my self-care routine something I look forward to, and I appreciate that each item helps my physical and spiritual wellbeing. Would absolutely recommend to any of my female friends!

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