Book of the Month Subscriptions That Will Keep You Turning the Pages

Readers adore their Cratejoy book subscription boxes, and for a lot of good reasons. This subscription service, which works like a book-of-the-month club, delivers a new book or several books every month, often with a few goodies included in the box. Subscribers can count on enjoying at least one new book every month, allowing them to find great reads, discover new favorite authors, and enjoy a trusted recommendation from a fellow bookworm. If their goal is to read more, a book subscription is a wonderful way to help support that.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, at-home book of the month (sometimes known as BOTM) clubs flourished as book lovers found themselves unable to explore their favorite sections in bookstores and libraries or chat in person with others about topics like early releases. Having a new book delivered safely and conveniently to their home provided a great literary escape. Whether they loved opening the best YA book subscription boxes, immersing themselves in the latest adult fiction, reading new releases from cover to cover, or getting lost in classic mystery novels, they looked forward to opening and enjoying the contents of their book subscription boxes each month.

Now that it looks like safe travel may be an option soon, you might be thinking about your spring and summer plans — and about finding great reads to go with you. Cratejoy is happy to connect you with book-of-the-month clubs that will keep you reading hardcover books and paperbacks from cover to cover, no matter where you are. Read on for tips on finding the best book subscription box for you, your family, or your book club, whether you’re in your living room or on the beach.

The Best Book of the Month Subscription Boxes: Literature & Fictional Fun

No two readers are alike, which is why Cratejoy’s book subscription boxes are so unique. Each monthly book subscription is thoughtfully curated to meet different readers’ tastes, but they all have one thing in common: They deliver delightful literary surprises to their subscribers every month.

Many of the most popular adult book subscription options are fiction and literature subscription boxes. Subscribers can choose from an incredible variety of monthly boxes, many of which include additional goodies or treats like coffee, chocolates, or candles, hand-selected to enhance the story-reading experience. Do you love vintage books or used books? Are you a fan of chick lit, historical letters, or travel-themed tales? Want to find diverse authors to read and support? With monthly boxes for fiction and literature, there’s a book-of-the-month subscription for everyone.

The Best Book of the Month Subscription Boxes: Just Your Favorite Genres

Cratejoy features amazing collections of book subscription boxes tailored for different genres, ensuring that bookworms get the types of titles they prefer in every month subscription. Some boxes even combine genres, giving readers a fun surprise combination with each new box.

Fans of romance novels are sure to fall in love with the swoon-worthy choices in romance book subscription boxes, many of which are even signed and autographed. With a romance book-of-the-month club, subscribers can enjoy tales of happily-ever-after while savoring the additional hand-picked goodies included in their subscription service.

Young adult books remain a popular choice for tween, teen, and adult subscribers, who love getting lost in the stories. Cratejoy’s monthly YA subscription boxes delight young adult aficionados of all ages with their curated combination of new books, self-care and beauty items, themed snacks, and unique accessories.

If you live for the thrills and chills in a good mystery book or horror tale, take a peek — if you dare — at mystery and horror subscription boxes. They deliver selected thrillers and mysteries directly to you, so you have a new spine-tingling tale to look forward to every month. Many feature hardcover books, short stories, new releases, codes for ebooks, or additional themed items to enjoy while you read.

Readers who love diving into fantasy tales or immersing themselves in great sci-fi stories will enjoy the out-of-this-world options in science fiction and fantasy book subscription boxes. Discover new authors and works you may have missed by writers you love. These book-of-the-month clubs feature a combination of new releases, classics, hardcover novels, ebooks, and accessories, adding up to a great value.

The Best Book of the Month Subscription Boxes: Travel-Worthy Titles

Since spring and summer travel may be in your future, you’ll want to make sure you have a great book or two to peruse. After all, bookworms and casual readers alike love reading on the beach. And no road trip is complete without a good book to read (when you’re not driving, of course).

No matter where you and your suitcase are headed, there’s a book that will make your journey even better. Cratejoy’s list of the best book subscription boxes for a perfect summer escape is a great way to find your next vacation read. Traveling with friends or a romantic partner? A book subscription box makes a perfect gift, especially when you and the recipient will be reading your book when you’re on the road together.

The Best Book of the Month Subscription Boxes: How to Start Your Own Book Club

Even if you’re not traveling this spring or summer, you can share great books with your friends and family by starting a book-of-the-month club. Whether you give your loved ones gift subscriptions (after all, books are a great gift idea) or each participant orders their monthly box, starting your own book club is an easy way to read more while connecting with people you care about.

Book subscription boxes make fantastic choices for book clubs because they’re convenient and curated for you. No one has to make a trip to a bookstore or library, since the book box arrives in their mail. Plus, you can avoid arguments about what to read next, since your subscription box makes that decision for you. No one feels slighted, and everyone gets the same great title to enjoy and talk about. It’s a win-win!

If you’re unsure about finding the right monthly book subscription for your brand-new book club, consider one of the options in Cratejoy’s best book subscription boxes for every reader. These top-rated subscription services are loved by subscribers like you, so the chances of your book club participants enjoying their book selections are pretty high.

Perhaps you’d rather focus your book club on a specific topic or theme. The great news is that there are all sorts of book subscription boxes that can keep book club members engaged and interested, whether you want to start a romance-only club or a book club for men. Book-of-the-month clubs that explore antiracist books and Black authors are a popular option, and Cratejoy is honored to feature several book boxes focusing on diverse stories and antiracist readings.

The Best Book of the Month Subscription Boxes: Reading Is Child’s Play

Starting a book club can also be a fun family-friendly activity. A book-of-the-month club specifically for families or kids is a wonderful way to spend more time reading to your children. Likewise, subscribing your older kids to a monthly book box can encourage them to read more.

The best monthly book clubs for kids feature children’s books selected for specific age groups, whether your little bookworms are toddlers, teens, or somewhere in the middle. These beloved and award-winning kidlit subscription boxes feature topics like STEM, diverse authors, and engaging activities. They’re sure to support young readers as they develop or strengthen their literacy skills and help them build their very own home library.

Another popular family book club option is to treat your toddler or baby to their very own book box. Every month, the two of you can unbox board books, picture books, and age-appropriate goodies to explore and learn about together. You’ll love seeing their faces light up when they hold the first book from their subscription service. With one or more of the best baby book clubs perfect for storytime, your little one’s love of reading will be off to a strong start.

The Best Book of the Month Subscription Boxes: Great Gift Ideas

A book subscription box can be an enjoyable and well-deserved treat for yourself, ensuring that you always have a new title to look forward to. And if you want to connect or reconnect with people you haven’t seen in a while, the right monthly book subscription can be a thoughtful and welcome gift idea. The two of you can read the story and enjoy the goodies, whether together or far apart. It can give you something new and interesting to talk about while providing an opportunity for some time away from the screens on your TV, cell phone, and computer.

When you give a book, whether to a child, a friend, or yourself, you provide them with a fun escape and bit of respite — and much more. In addition to enjoying the book and goodies in the subscription box, you give the gift recipient the chance to discuss the story, engage with others, and create a shared experience. Books open new worlds for readers, and they also open new ways to connect and communicate with the people in their lives. For a reader of any age, that’s an incredible gift to receive.