8 Fitness Subscription Boxes for Athletes, Yogis, and Outdoor Enthusiasts

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Shopping for a goals-oriented fitness subscription box? Want to crush your fitness goals, climb mountains, or finally master that One-Handed Tree Pose?

This selection of health, fitness, and outdoors subscription boxes is like your favorite granola: a mix of powerful goodies to fuel you through the day. Who knew gifting could be so easy? No pain: plenty of gains!


1. Runner Crate

Price: Starts at $18.97/monthly

What you’ll get: Expect 4-5 full-size snacks curated for runners in the Mini Runner Crate and this plus an additional 1-2 high quality running accessories in the original Runner Crate. Stay motivated each month with healthy snacks, running belts, mugs, journals, etc. and a new running challenge each month.

Shipping: Your box will ship in the 2nd week of every month. Order by the 25th of the previous month to get the current box.

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2. The PenaltyBox

The PenaltyBox

Price: $39.99/monthly

What you’ll get: Premium hockey and ice hockey gear from pucks, tape, swag, and nutrition tips can be delivered to you. Whether they’re in a beer league or a serious hockey player, they can enjoy all the wonders of The PenaltyBox every month.

 Shipping: Ships worldwide on the 23rd of every month

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3. Enjoy Leggings

Price: $16.95/monthly

What you’ll get: Recieve a new pair of fun and ultra comfortable leggings each month. These work great for yoga (no see-through fabric), hiking, or just as your new favorite athleisure wear.

 Shipping: Shipments go out around the 18th of every month. If you placed your order after the 15th of the month, you will not receive your first order until the following month.

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4. Nomadik

Nomadik Subscription Box

Price: $32.95/monthly

What you’ll get: The ultimate box for any camping or hiking gear enthusiasts. Think the best of REI in a box. Expect 3-5 unique and high-end items to enhance your time outside each month.

 Shipping: Boxes ship on the 25th of each month.

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5. Barbella Box

Barbella Box

Price: Starts at $49.99/monthly

What you’ll get: Discover a healthy mix of 4-6 well-known and new-to-the-market brands in the CrossFit market each month. Premium CrossFit and Weightlifting gear, accessories, and more all exclusivley for women!

 Shipping: Your box will be delivered between the 22nd – 30th of every month. Please order by the 16th to get the current box.

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6. Hiker Crate

Hiker Crate

Price: $35/monthly

What you’ll get: The perfect subscription box for any hiking enthusiast. Expect 2-3 premium gear items and 3-6 healthy snacks to support you on long hikes. Discover and support outdoor focused companies while you explore the outdoors!

 Shipping: Boxes ship around the 17th-19th each month.

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7. Postfly Box

Price: $19.99/monthly

What you’ll get: Calling all fishermen! Get hooked on Postfly, the original monthly subscription box for fly fishermen. Postfly delivers premium flies, tying kits, gear, and a smartbass fishing bumper sticker to your door each month, so you can celebrate your fishing lifestyle on and off the water.

 Shipping: Ships worldwide from the United States.

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8. Rosehive Superfoods Box

Rosehive Superfoods Box

Price: $34.95/monthly

What you’ll get: Discover new nutrient-rich foods and snacks each month with this delicious vegan foods box. Each month you’ll receive : 1 snack, 1 drink, 1 herb, 1 superfood powder, 1 cooking Ingredient, 1 surprise item, and a recipe to cook with superfoods at home. Every month has a theme and is curated by a wellness practitioner!

 Shipping: Orders placed before the 14th of every month are for that month’s box. Any orders after the 14th will be for next month’s box

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