How to Throw a Virtual Birthday Party from Home

Yes, social distancing is changing the ways and means available for us to socialize. But that doesn’t have to put a limit on the fun we can have! The arrival of this novel coronavirus means that we need to tap into our creativity and get inventive when dreaming up how to do the things we love to do.

Birthday parties are a perfect example. Even when you're no longer able to gather family members and friends together, you're still left with plenty of goodies: good conversation, cake and ice cream, and showing up for the birthday boy or girl to help them celebrate the return of their special day. Believe it or not, it's fairly easy to make sure your loved ones have a happy birthday, even from a distance!

Since planning birthday parties has always involved a little hard work and money, virtual parties aren't all that different. No matter the age of your guest of honor, it’s really all about coming up with a plan and watching it come to life! Here are some of the best virtual birthday party ideas that can help you create special memories. So, momentarily hit pause on the pandemic, and get ready to let the good times roll!


You’re Invited!

First things first, you’ve got to get the party started by inviting your nearest and dearest. Keep the kiddos busy by having them create handcrafted birthday invites, then record short video messages for them to send to all their friends and classmates.

Adults can get the ball rolling by setting up a fun Facebook event to share the party details, pick out their favorite personalized evite from Paperless Post, or design a fancy invite in Canva and email it to all their special invitees.


Good Friends, Good Food

Everyone knows that in addition to the special birthday person, good friends and good food are the basic components to a perfect birthday party, virtual or otherwise. And the ideas are endless! Throw a semi-traditional at-home pizza party for the littles, where all the kids make their own mini pizzas with all their favorite toppings. Surprise the grandparents with a special birthday tea party with homemade scones and top-quality loose leaf tea from Sugarbird Sweets, or throw an adult brunch, dinner or 'potluck' party where everyone uses Google Meet to join one another and eat their meals from home while enjoying the company of some of their favorite faces!


Bake a Birthday Cake

Another great idea that revolves around food is to send a DIY birthday dessert directly to their front door!

Whether it’s meant as a special gift or the starting point to a bake-along birthday party, baking boxes like Mix Box and Whisk Takers deliver the instructions and ingredients needed to bake from-scratch cupcakes and treats that are simple and straightforward for kids and adults of all skill levels. Everyone can get on a group video call, embrace the floury mess, play a round of virtual bingo while the cakes are in the oven, then share a warm treat fresh from their own respective kitchens!

If they’re not the DIY type, help them celebrate with a box of sweet and salty birthday treats with Munchie Case or a nostalgic mix of goodies from the Classic Candy Club.


Get Your Game On

Games are a fun way to come together and celebrate any birthday, young or old. Plenty of classics, like Pictionary and charades, are well-suited for groups to play from a distance.

There are also plenty of options that challenge the mind and allow groups to work collaboratively to solve puzzles and clues, including at-home escape room adventures like Escape the Crate, or mysteries like Finders Seekers Mysteries. Sent as a birthday gift that the whole family can enjoy together, or a box to play with your friends from a distance, immersive games like Sleuth Kings can rival the fun of other interactive birthday experiences.

And the fun doesn’t have to stop there. During long stretches spent at home, games make great birthday gifts that can help to lighten the mood and bring hours of fun. UnboxBoardom brings a new tabletop game every month, and for all those RPG lovers, Dungeon Crate is packed with minis, dice and new adventures, ensuring that the gameplay is always evolving.


"Crafts and Snacks" Party

With a little bit of parental planning, you can throw an amazing "crafts and snacks" party using We Craft Box, an incredible kid’s craft box that sends all the materials and supplies needed for 3 or more different crafts.

Start with a sneak peak of the next box’s theme so the guests know what’s in store. You can ask each invitee to RSVP, then send the latest box directly to a handful of close friends. After deciding which craft is best for party time, you can come up with a few optional, themed snack ideas to share with the parents. Then with a little help from the adults, get on Zoom and get crafting together!

And any remaining crafts in the box? They're perfect as party favors, leaving parents with something that they can pull out in a pinch when boredom strikes!

Luckily, kids aren’t the only ones that can get in on a crafty party. The older crowd can opt for a "crafts and cocktails" party with Paletteful Packs, an artistic supply box that will help them unleash their creative spirits, while sipping their favorite spirit.

Or, they can opt to get a little hand-holding through the process with The Adults & Crafts Crate, a box that aims to teach new craft techniques by sending a box filled with the essentials to craft a one-of-a-kind DIY home decor project from start to finish -- favorite beverage firmly in hand!


Movie Marathon

It's time to reward your tweens and teens for all that quality family time by creating a birthday night that's all about them enjoying with their friends. Pop a big bucket of popcorn, then let them commandeer the best tech in the house, get on Zoom and have a Netflix party with a double-feature of new releases or old favorites.

Have an anime fan in your house? Throw a proper watch party by sending the birthday person and a few of their closest friends a box from Bokksu. To start their marathon off right, they can dive in for a fun unboxing that allows them the chance to explore some cultural taste sensations directly from Japan!


Cheers to Another Year!

Whether you’re saying "Cheers to 50 Years" or having a little fun to mark the big 21, cocktails are a must-have for any adult virtual birthday party! While you might not want to mark this special occasion by dancing on the kitchen table, sharing some friendly celebratory drinks with a social distancing twist can be a whole lot of fun.

Send out the invites, set up a Zoom room, and throw the ultimate BYOB party with a little help from Shaker & Spoon, a craft cocktail box that will deliver all the necessities to make 3 different cocktails. Share your own tips and recipes, while you drink to yet another fine trip around the sun.

Did your plans for your BFF’s surprise 21st birthday pub crawl come to a screeching halt? Use those funds to surprise the whole gang with a box from American Cocktail Club, then get on video chat for a fun unboxing and DIY cocktail mixing party. Or surprise them with a gift, like the Intoxicated Intellectual, that sends a boredom-busting classic read and a perfectly-paired craft cocktail.

Whatever kind of party you throw, you've got this!