Getting Started With Your Crystal Collection

The opportunity to lean into an alternative therapy that uses semi precious stones, gemstones, and crystals to bring balance and healing into your life is appealing, for good reason. Crystal healing isn’t just for mystics anymore (although, modern mystics can find what they need here). Crystals carry their own healing powers for the mind, body, and soul. Much like acupuncture or yoga, they promote the flow of good energy and rid you of negative energy. What’s not to love?

When you’ve cleared all of the negative energy, all the physical and emotional room left can be used to increase your well-being. Although there isn’t any scientific support for crystal healing, the self-care experiences associated with them—mindfulness, reflection, and positivity—are worth a try. The fact that crystals are beautiful and colorful is just a small bonus.

Like many alternative options to traditional Western medicine, it can be hard to find information online to get started. Many folks don’t know where to begin to find information about healing crystals. Until you know the lingo, even trying to search or shop online can be difficult. We've got you covered.

A Quick Guide To Common Healing Crystals

From the best meditation subscription boxes to the best chakra subscription boxes, Cratejoy has everything you need to get started building your crystal collection. Before your first crystal subscription box arrives, be sure to familiarize yourself with the most common healing crystals available.



Amethyst is the purple geode known for all-around purity and good energy. It will help boost creativity and peace through meditation. Users will find their spirituality and intuition revitalized with this crystal.

Rose Quartz

Because of the rose quartz crystal’s pink hue, it’s easy to remember it’s all about love. Best known for its impact on love, rose quartz will heal the user with calm, positivity, and even strengthen their relationships—including with yourself. Working this into your self-care routine will encourage love, respect, and trust in yourself.


The cleanser of emotional toxins and negativity, this crystal will bring wonder, joy, and abundance into your life. Encouraging your prosperity, learning, and confidence, the mental stimulation you feel when interacting with this crystal will enhance your motivation.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is great for mental focus and concentration, memory, and balance. Drawing out impurities and regulating energy, this crystal will enhance the user spiritually and physically. It’s also considered the master healer because of its ability to amplify a person’s energy and thoughts, as well as energy from other crystals.

Black Obsidian

Technically, black obsidian is volcanic glass. That’s right, this gorgeous and smooth stone is formed by cooled volcanic lava. It boasts itself as a shield against negativity while drawing out stress and tension and encouraging insightfulness, spirituality, and grounding.


Selenite is a very soft gypsum mineral that promotes mental clarity and emotional stability—both things that most of us need more of. The peace and quiet felt around this crystal is the result of its protection from psychic attacks while it connects you to a higher power. Selenite also amplifies other crystals, like clear quartz.


This crystal cleanses and stabilizes the user. It will help you find clarity in complex problems, become more grounded, and guide you through decision-making. Fluorite is the king of mental focus—especially with studies—and will promote concentration.

How to Utilize Crystals in Your Wellness Routine

Proper use will encourage healing during your wellness routine. There are many options to use crystals, but first you’ll need to cleanse the space. Make sure to care for your crystal physically and mentally. As important as it is to keep it clean physically, for crystals to work effectively you’ll need to mentally remove the negative energy or skepticism you may have about their capabilities.

Once your monthly crystal subscription from Cratejoy has arrived, you’ll want to run them under cold—not hot—water to cleanse them of any negative energy they may have picked up in transit. When, you’ll want to cleanse the area that you’ll be storing your crystals. Burning the sacred Palo Santo, which means “holy wood” in Spanish, will help purify your space. Once your area and crystals have cleansed, you’re ready to dive in to their healing abilities.


Reiki, Meditation, and Aromatherapy

Reiki, or energy healing, is another alternative form of therapy that utilizes crystals in its practice. Reiki practice channels energy through contact to restore your physical and emotional well-being. This helps heal your aura and is great for any of the energy cleansing crystals listed above.

Keeping crystals nearby during meditation is also a great way to shift your energy and mental clarity. Once you’re in a proper meditative state, holding the crystals while focusing on your goals or repeating your requests to the universe will help clear the way.

Reiki and meditation are great places to start with crystal healing. When you’re ready to take it to the next level, strengthen both your reiki and meditation practices with Cratejoy’s aromatherapy subscription boxes. These subscriptions will ensure that you’ve got the right scents complimenting your work.

Cratejoy Reiki Tip

If you’re just getting started with Reiki, Cratejoy’s Reiki specific subscription boxes are a great way to learn more and get started.

Don’t Forget the Crystal Jewelry

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but crystal jewelry is her healer. Carrying crystals with you is a great way to ensure that your healing practices stay fresh and protect you anywhere you go. Crystal jewelry is an easy way to combine the healing properties of crystals with the power many of them provide. For example, if you’re looking for the confidence to take a big risk at work black obsidian jewelry will protect your mental clarity and give you the gumption you need. So go ahead, put on your best jewelry and ask for the big raise. You’ve earned it.

The designs of crystal jewelry, like the subscription jewelry boxes that Cratejoy offers, are designed to work with your chakras to keep the crystal closeby. We particularly love the idea of utilizing rose quartz crystals in Valentine’s Day gifts, or even in a wedding ring.

Crystal Storage Tips

Because crystals are sensitive to the energy they interact with, it can seem intimidating to know where to keep them. But don’t worry, because you’ll cleanse their energy regularly you can store them in the crystal gift box they were received in, on your windowsill in the moonlight, or even in a trinket box. Any keepsake box will give your natural crystals a great home.


Cratejoy Crystal Storage Tips

When you order a monthly subscription crystal box set from Cratejoy, the shipment will include any information you need to know about storing and cleansing the specific crystals you’ve received. Save those product details that arrive at your door.

Whether you’re looking for a shift in overall good energy or are after specific healing powers, Cratejoy’s crystal subscriptions will make sure you have everything you need to get started in your crystal practices.