10 Unique Hygge Boxes to Get Your Cozy On

Hygge is a phenomenon that's all about embracing being friendly and alive by celebrating the simple pleasures in life, like snuggling up beneath a warm and cozy blanket, enjoying the soft glow of candles, and sharing quality time with loved ones.

It's not simply a Danish word with a straightforward translation! Hygge is a Danish lifestyle of coziness that combines warmth and wellness with creating a comfortable space with soft elements of light and practicing everyday togetherness.

Take a step back from social media and incorporate some hygge lifestyle sensibilities into your own life. Here on the Cratejoy Marketplace, there are plenty of monthly subscription boxes that can help you find happiness every day by acting as the perfect reminder to hit the pause button and take some time to enjoy the little things. Here are 10 of the best subscription boxes for making your own hyggelig moments each month!


Read, Relax & Recharge by Introverts Retreat

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What We Love About It: Introverts Retreat is an affordable monthly self-care box that's curated by introverts, for introverts and is focused on creating the quality me-time that's crucial for recharging those social batteries. Each box sends you 1 novel by a woman writer, along with pampering items, including sweet snacks, gourmet hot chocolate, bath and body items and a handmade candle from the White Squirrel Bath and Candle Company.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. during the 1st week of the month


Mix Box

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What We Love About It: Call over a group of your closest friends and make the most of an afternoon baking and partaking in delicious homemade treats with Mix Box by Homemade Bakers. Each baking kit sends all that's needed to prepare a decadent dessert, like glazed coffee cake or cream-filled cupcakes, including both non-perishable and pre-measured dry ingredients and illustrated instructions. With the baking process simplified, there's more time for meaningful conversation!

Shipping: Only ships within the U.S. around the 7th of the month


Smelly Club - Soy Candle Subscription

From $24.00 per box
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What We Love About It: Ensure that your hygge evening is complete with soft flickering candlelight with The Burlap Bag, a monthly subscription service that's all about delivering softly-scented jar candles and soy wax melts complete with a side of sass. Depending on the chosen option, unpack limited-edition, hand-poured candles, melts or a mix of both, featuring new monthly fragrances with clever, witty names, like Cupid Toots or Too Cool For School!

Shipping: Only ships within the U.S. around the 25th of every month


Large 10" Premium Indoor Plant Box

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What We Love About It: Create a warm and inviting space with the natural elements sent in the House Plant Box. Grown with care in California greenhouses, each monthly box brings 1 unique houseplant, succulent or air plant, along with a detailed info card that outlines special care instructions to maintain a healthy plant. Start growing a charming collection of long-lasting houseplants that bring a calm sense of well-being to any home.

Shipping: Only ships within the U.S. immediately, with renewals shipping in the 2nd or 3rd week of every month


Bath Blessing Bath or Shower Box!!

From $35.99 per box
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What We Love About It: Bring the hygge spirit into the bathroom with each monthly delivery of the Bath Blessing Box. Available for both bath or shower lovers, warm up on a chilly day by sinking into a luxurious soak. From the first box on, open to find 5-8 full-size bath and body items, including fresh scented soaps, hydrating body butters, therapeutic bath salts, soothing bath teas, revitalizing face masks and fizzy bombs.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from U.S. between the 15th-20th of every month



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What We Love About It: Feeling Fab is a monthly box that's on a mission to promote everyday wellness through self-love and self-care. Available in either a Mini or Premium box, every monthly delivery comes filled with pampering products that are good for body and mind. Unwind from the stresses of daily life with 4-6 relaxation essentials, like holistic beauty items, face masks and wellness teas, along with 1-2 spiritual growth tools and a weekly self-care tracker.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. between the 10th-12th of the month