Inside the Box with Underclub

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Entrepreneur: Katie Fritts

Subscription Box Name: Underclub, a popular underwear subscription for women

Location: Austin, TX


6:00 AM: Today is Thursday. I wake up early to take out the puppy, go to the gym, and get some personal time in before the day starts -- early mornings are usually the only quiet time before everyone is up and emailing.

8:00 AM: I head to a doctor’s appointment I’ve put off for months because we’ve been super busy with hiring and Q4 planning. While I have more flexibility than my former corporate job, it’s flexible in different ways (I leave for Tulum, Mexico tomorrow morning). I start answering emails from the doctor’s office, and the work day has officially begun. Right now I’m most excited about seeing months of hard work come together for our holiday launches (stay tuned!).

9:00 AM: I stop back at home to pack up my lunch, the puppy, and underwear samples to head into the office. Today I’m bringing in the new underwear styles we just got in so that our stylists can see and feel the pairs they’ll be matching to customers in the next couple months.

10:00 AM: The team table is covered in underwear and we’re all commenting on fit, stretch and what style categories the pairs will go in. We are currently a lean team of eight, and five were hired in the last six months. Tom, our VP of Operations, and I quickly catch up on priorities for the day to go over the general agendas for meetings that are about to kick off. My first call is an interview with a marketing candidate who will focus on brand and community -- I currently own this role and I’m super picky that this candidate embody our values, voice and sassy humor on our cross-channel social media handle, @underclubco.

11:00 AM: I have a break to go through emails -- I’m mostly checking in with people to make sure we are on track for the launch of our friend referral program, upcoming events, and tech feature releases.

Noon: I meet with our new customer service hire for her second day of training. I realize we need to update a lot of our training manuals because we’ve released a lot of technology features in the last couple months. Updating the manuals for this reason is 1% an annoyance and 99% a blessing compared to when we had to do many of these now-automated processes manually.



1:00 PM: Tom and I have our weekly call with our engineering team on new tech features that will help our stylist team better match customers. Working on our matching algorithm and styling portal is one of my favorite parts of the job because I get to see immediate results that improve our customer experience. I bookend this call with a bathroom break for the puppy and a quick inhalation of my lunch.

2:00 PM: My second interview of the day is with a candidate that our Lead Stylist wants to hire. I meet and interview every person who joins the team because we’re an early-stage startup and every hire needs to be a versatile team player that’s ready to roll up their sleeves.

3:00 PM: Tom and I have a networking call on how we can get more involved in more women’s initiatives and events (especially ones in the local Austin area!). Nothing concrete comes from this call, but we get a lot of ideas and new intros to movers and shakers in the community.

4:00 PM: We then jump to our call with a friend who runs a performance marketing company to talk through Q4 planning -- we’re looking for a sanity check and inspirational encouragement as we’re about to run some very big (and expensive) marketing tests. I remind myself that this is exciting… but still kind of scary.

5:00 PM: Marathon of meetings is done! Tom and I recap the day and our to-do lists for the next few days. Tomorrow’s trip to Tulum is for my friend’s Pilates retreat, where Underclub is shamelessly included in the gift bags. I tell the team I’m not going to be online over the weekend, but I doubt myself because it’s hard to step away from the business.



6:00 PM: I head to a women’s networking event (puppy in tow and she’s the belle of the ball). I connect with a woman who designed for a large lingerie company, which is perfect as we are exploring co-manufacturing options with our brands, and also get the contact info of another woman’s “dog whisperer” in hopes that my puppy stops going to the bathroom in my house. (Big wins! 😃) I meet a woman who tells me she just subscribed to Underclub, and I give her one of the new samples as an extra surprise. I pretty much always have underwear samples in my bags.

7:00 PM: I head home and my boyfriend and I decide on an impromptu date night out. I then lose the next 45 minutes responding to messages on Slack before we finally get off the couch and head out.


9:00 PM: Back on the couch answering Slack messages. I think about packing tomorrow morning before I leave, but I know that’s a terrible idea.

10:00 PM: I finally pack! Computer is in tow.

11:00 PM: Off to bed and ready for Tulum! Already planning the shots I’ll take for social media (follow along @underclubco)!