Happy Hour at Home with American Cocktail Club

Getting tired of the same old quarantini recipe? American Cocktail Club has the solution, with an exclusive cocktail recipe -- and everything you need to make it -- sent straight to your door each month.

It's like a party in a box, basically. Whether you live with your family, roommates, or a beloved fur baby, American Cocktail Club is the perfect accessory for happy hour at home -- and especially for happy hours over Zoom. Learn more about the box below!


Why a cocktail kit? What inspired you to start American Cocktail Club?

CHRIS: We had been making premium cocktail mixes for years and we really felt that the mixology trend was on fire, but realized there is an inherent intimidation when it comes to making a cocktail even when you have a mixer.

People are used to seeing expert bartenders and are afraid to try to make a drink themselves. I don’t blame them; it was hard for me when I first learned too!

Our box was the answer to that problem -- we wanted to make mixology fun and accessible, like it should be. We have amazing mixers and there are creative cocktail enthusiasts out there that make delicious recipes with them so we felt our box could empower people at home to “be the mixologist” without a big learning curve.


What are some ways that people can stay connected while sheltering in place -- like a “date night” at home or a happy hour?

There are so many ways to stay in touch with your loved ones. We’ve tried to find the silver lining during these tough times, and feel like every night we can chat with someone we care about, near or far, and it has actually brought us closer.

Even though a video call isn’t the same as being with someone in person, what better way to bond than over a cocktail that you can make together! You can cook (or order) the same meal, and try a new cocktail together by using our kit! The perfect date night or catch up.

Happy hours are another way to relive those old Friday nights with friends, family or colleagues!


What’s your go-to quarantini recipe? Any tips on improvising a cocktail with staples from the pantry (or, hopefully, an at-home bar cart)?

To me, there is nothing like a Spicy Ginger Mule. Our mixer goes incredibly with all popular spirits such as vodka, gin, whisky, rum and tequila!

What we feel really makes a cocktail special (besides our mixers) are those little hints of fresh ingredients you add. For example, a fresh mint, basil or thyme sprig, a twist of a lemon, lime or orange peel. These are all little changes that I believe really brings that refreshing flavor to your cocktail.