Tips for Virtual Book Clubs with Enlightened Warrior Book Club

Enlightened Warrior Book Club knows a little something about self-care. This be-your-best-self book club is all about personal growth, with each month's fiction or nonfiction book carefully selected to encourage self-care and self-improvement.

Many people are looking to create community from home -- and create new habits -- while at home. So we turned to Emily, the founder of Enlightened Warrior, for her thoughts on how to make space for self-care and community during this uncertain time. Read more below!


What inspired you to start the Enlightened Warrior Book Club?

My husband and I joined a company over 14 years ago that focused on personal development to ensure we would grow a successful legal insurance business by growing more of ourselves. Personal development, to us, meant attending motivational seminars, reading great books that included concepts and ideas that, when applied to our life, would inspire positive change, and most importantly, surrounding ourselves with positive, motivated [and] driven mentors who emulated who we wanted to become.

Through my journey, I was able to successfully build a business with hundreds of associates across the United States, build a strong foundation in my marriage and create a lifestyle that included time, freedom, and residual income. I attributed all of this to my commitment to becoming a student and advocate of personal development.

My life became so incredibly full of blessings and self-creation that I wanted to find a platform where I could share this with the world. I came up with the idea that spun off of a book club I was a part of in the past. However, that business closed its doors.

So I decided to create a curated subscription box book club that would create community and growth throughout the world with each new subscriber. The vision was to create a space with all walks of life to commit to their own personal growth journey. The idea was to “evolve out loud.”

The philosophy behind the Enlightened Warrior Book Club is that the more you can grow yourself in good and not-so-good situations, the better person you can become, which then, in turn, can create a massive ripple effect throughout the world. I believe that the Enlightened Warrior Book Club can inspire each subscriber to become the best expression of themselves… one book at a time.


What are some ways people can make room for self-care and self-improvement under the current circumstances?

CRATEJOY: The added responsibilities (and stress) that sheltering in place, working from home, or trying to homeschool bring may make it feel more challenging for some to invest in themselves or their growth.

I believe one of the hardest aspects of life is that we live in a world where being comfortable is our "safety" net. We are taught very early on in adolescence to think within a specific parameter, and if we go outside of the norm, we could potentially put ourselves in harm's way.

Currently, we live in a very different world than most are accustomed to. And in a very short period of time, most of us have been forced to become very uncomfortable and adhere to change. A change that we may never have had to deal with in our lives. This can be scary and bring out negative responses.

Self-care is simply an activity that we take part in so that we can care for ourselves, mentally, emotionally, and physically, in order to maintain a healthy life. If I am unable to maintain my well being, it could be another layer of challenge to help someone else. With shelter-in-place being our "current" normal, it is vital for me to maintain my grace so that I may be the beacon to help others who are not mentally doing well during this time.

For example, I have created boundaries in my home so that I may be the best expression of myself to ensure the production of my household. I wake up early in the morning to light a candle of intention and vocalize three things I am grateful to have. I then drink a warm cup of lime water to start the hydration of my body. I spend around 20 minutes reading a personal development book while in the comfort of a warm bubble bath. I then spend 30-45 minutes doing yoga stretches and cardio. After around an hour and a half of taking care of myself, I then rejoin my family and begin our day together.

I understand that this routine doesn't work for everyone. It took me 14 years to master what worked for me. I challenge you to find what works best for you.


Do you have any advice for readers looking to start a virtual book club?

My best advice for someone wanting to start a book club would be to jump right in. I believe during these most interesting times individuals need a sense of community. Now might be the perfect time to pursue your passion and bring happiness and love to others.