Traveling the World (from Home) with Finders Seekers Mysteries

Antsy to get out of the house and travel? Finders Seekers Mysteries brings the adventure to you, with a brand-new, can't-find-anywhere-else mystery set in a different city around the globe each month. Practice your puzzle skills and explore new places at the same time!

We sat down with Cody, the founder of Finders Seekers, to hear more about the box and get some tips on creating a global adventure while you're stuck at home. Take a look!


Cody in Ireland, doing real-life research for Finders Seekers' Ireland mystery.

What inspired you to start Finders Seekers Mysteries?

I was on an airplane, heading back home after a particularly discouraging business trip, when I realized the high-profile corporate career no longer appealed to me. All the extra hours I put into my job and weeks away from my young family were never fully appreciated. As I stared out the airplane window, my ideas formed for Finders Seekers as a way to combine all of my passions: travel (for pleasure, not business), world cultures, art, design, mystery, and games.

Several weeks earlier I had been to an escape room, and it was a great experience, but not something you can do more than once -- and it was expensive for a family of 5. As I developed the idea for Finders Seekers, I wanted our games to be a positive experience that united players together to achieve a common goal, instead of playing against each other.

Finders Seekers was designed to provide a cultural and educational experience (though not too academic) where players could learn about new places and history/culture. Our games are family-friendly without murders or violence, but they are challenging. It’s a great way to preview places you may want to travel to later and help develop critical thinking skills that lead to you viewing the world differently.


What are some ways that people can stay connected and socialize while sheltering in place -- like a game night or celebration?

Finders Seekers has a great online community (Finders Seekers User Group on Facebook) that helps each other with the puzzles each month, uniting Seekers from all over the world. During the last several weeks in response to COVID-19, many of our Seekers have reached out to say they have really enjoyed playing our game over Zoom or FaceTime with family and friends. For several hours, Finders Seekers provides a diversion from the chaos and uncertainty going on and lets players explore the world from the comfort and safety of their homes.


Do you have any tips for people creating an escape-room experience while sheltering at home?

When creating a stay-at-home escape room, start with a theme (i.e. country, novel, movie or culture) and let the theme influence all of the puzzles.

Remember that everyone has a different perspective and strengths so develop puzzles that are equally diverse. Include puzzles that are visual, logical, ciphers and word-related. But we don’t recommend math puzzles, as these can be tedious and frustrating.

Provide ways that players can receive hints without revealing the answers in case they get stuck. We also recommend having smaller puzzles that all feed into a larger puzzle and pulls everything together.