Ivory Clasp: It’s All About the Bags

Posted by Karen Li

Avi Zolty, former founder of Beatdeck and Skurt Inc., and Sean Rimokh, Head of Business Development at Signal Products, launched Ivory Clasp in July of 2016.

The handbag subscription service features in-season, on-trend handbags from department store brands valued at over $100 for only $45 a month. Through partnerships with various fashion brands, Ivory Clasp is able to provide its subscribers with quality handbags at an exclusive price.

But what exactly makes Ivory Clasp such a unique subscription, and why should you subscribe if you’re not already? Keep reading – we chatted with one half of the Ivory Clasp duo to find out!


How did Ivory Clasp get started?

Avi Zolty of Y Combinator and Sean Rimokh of Signal Products, Founders of Ivory Clasp
Avi Zolty of Y Combinator and Sean Rimokh of Signal Products, Founders of Ivory Clasp

“Sean, who I had been friends with for a while, was looking to branch out with an e-commerce division of his family’s handbag business.

The two of us found a wealth of opportunity for growth in traditional licensing and retail businesses, and decided to solve a huge need for handbag designers and manufacturers by allowing them to get into e-commerce without spending millions on advertising and branding.

There are millions of women out there who are price-sensitive, value convenience, and choose to be styled by professionals, and that is where Ivory Clasp comes in. You take a style quiz, receive an in-style brand name bag and you are good to go!”


What makes Ivory Clasp different from other fashion subscription boxes?

“A lot of other fashion boxes don’t have the resources or network to compete in the same way we do. This translates into being one of the only subscription-based fashion companies that deals exclusively with high quality branded merchandise.

At the same time, with our ability to leverage our network, we’re able to maintain healthy margins which allow us to price competitively in the market.”


What are the benefits of getting up-and-coming brands?

“You can get the latest season’s trends and styles for significantly cheaper than some larger brands without having to lose quality. Plus you get to support up and coming designers and be a part of their future success!”


How do you pick your bags?


“We have one of the most amazing designer/merchandisers in the world – Justin Gloston, previously the Head Handbag Designer at JustFab. We also have a huge treasure trove of data from style quizzes people have submitted. We try to be as data-driven as possible while still leaving room for the artistic touch of fashion.”


Give us a little insight into how your personal style quiz works


“We reach out to all subscribers to make sure they fill out a style quiz, [which is] built like a super-advanced Buzzfeed quiz. Our main goal is to get a feel for what our user thinks is cool. Do they want small structured black handbags to go with them to high-powered business meetings? Or perhaps vegan leather fringed crossbodies to wear to a picnic? Or maybe both?”


Do subscribers have a stylist?

“Absolutely, our stylists are perhaps the most important part of our team! Our stylists take into account a lot: style quiz results, feedback you’ve given, notes you’ve suggested, previous bags you’ve gotten, and even your shipping state!”


What are your subscribers most excited about?

“I think our favorite feedback is from people who say they never would have bought this for themselves, but now it’s their favorite bag. It shows we’re doing our job beyond just curation – we’re also helping style discovery!”


Why should somebody subscribe to Ivory Clasp if they’re on the fence?

red ivory clasp bag

“There’s two types of people – those into fashion and those who aren’t.  For those into fashion: We guarantee you high quality, in-season bags delivered to your door for a fraction of what you’d pay elsewhere. For those who aren’t: you can look on-trend without having to invest time into knowing what’s in style and what suits you.

There’s a concept that you’re not supposed to wear the same outfit out twice, but people wear the same handbag. Now you can afford to keep it fresh, without sacrificing quality with low tier brands and while maintaining the prestige of a designer one!”


In love with Ivory Clasp?

If you’re interested in learning more about Ivory Clasp or ready to subscribe, check them out on the Cratejoy Marketplace!