Jerky Snob Review | May 2019

Jerky Snob subscription

Looking for a high quality beef jerky subscription without any preservatives, MSG or high fructose corn syrup? Jerky Snob is the perfect monthly delivery! Choose between three subscription levels: 2 individual bags, 4 bags (½ lb.) or 8 bags (1 lb.). You can’t go wrong no matter which one you choose. The Jerky Snob team goes out of their way to find the best jerky around, all at a reasonable and affordable price point.

How Much Does Jerky Snob Cost?

The lowest level cost is a reasonable $15 and the next level sends 4 bags of premium jerky for $26.66, averaging $6.50 per bag. If you’re buying a bag of beef jerky on a whim, you’ll spend much more than that for one, I know I’ve paid $10.99 before for a similarly-sized premium jerky. The nice thing about the Jerky Snob subscription is that you can adjust the number of bags, depending on how much you like to indulge in beef jerky.

Jerky Snob hits all the right notes: jerky of the month? Check. Perfect for snacking? Check. Makes for a fabulous gift? Check! Become an actual jerky connoisseur with this must-have meat!

Shipping: Jerky Snob ships to select countries from the U.S. and new orders are sent Tuesdays and Thursdays. Recurring orders are sent by the 22nd of the month.

Overall Ratings:

Shipping: 5/5 Stars
Packaging: 4/5 Stars
Quality of Products: 5/5 Stars
Retail Value: 5/5 Stars
Curation: 4/5 Stars

Packaging and Unboxing

There’s nothing too fancy about the packaging, but with the logo prominantly displayed on the back, you’ll know it’s your jerky the moment it arrives. While some boxes pay special attention to the curation and the overall experience, I think the Jerky Snob team lets the tasting drive the overall experience factor. The curation did come with a nice informational card which detailed each of the packages of jerky so I could learn more about each brand featured in the overall pack.

I enlisted my brother (who is a huge beef jerky fan) to help me assess the flavors of each of the artisan jerky brands included in this month’s shipment. Thoughts on each of them are below:

biltong jerky

1. Kalahari Biltong Spicy Peri Peri

The Kalahari brand promises you’ll never go back to other jerky after you’ve tried their flavor. The packaging displays the 6 (only 6!) ingredients they use to make their jerky and right away you know that Jerky Snob has made good on their promise to only feature brands without any preservatives. The spicy flavor was a bit overpowering for my sensitive stomach but my brother loved it. And I think anyone who enjoys a little bit of kick to their food would appreciate it as well. The bites of beef were tender but thinly sliced so you didn’t have overwork your jaw to nibble on it. I appreciated the thinly-sliced pieces but felt overall it was lacking any pronounced flavor once you got past the spice.

GOAT beef jerky

2. G.O.A.T. Original Beef Jerky

The expectations were high with this brand given the G.O.A.T. stands for “greatest of all time.” I would give them a B+ for their beef jerky! It was a good, high-quality, no bells and whistles type of jerky. If you want jerky that tastes like straight jerky with no sweetness, smokiness or spice, this one is your pick.

Their product is like the gold standard of jerky that focuses just on the meat and cuts out the frivolous flavoring. The beef cuts were tender but a tad bit chewy; overall I would definitely eat this jerky again.

meliora jerky

3. Meliora Chipotle Garlic Organic Beef Jerky

I was really excited to try this one as the packaging promises nothing artificial and only using beef raised without hormones or antibiotics. Plus, the chipotle garlic flavor sounded really tasty. They didn’t disappoint! The cuts of meat were thick and premium and your mouth definitely gets a workout eating this beef jerky. It’s obvious that they use only the best cuts of meat for their jerky. The chipotle garlic flavoring was not too overpowering and to be honest, I think they could have dialed it up just a little bit but I really liked it. This one was my brother’s favorite out of the bunch.

righteous felon jerky

4. Righteous Felon O.G. Hickory Beef Jerky

The last bag had me chuckling even before I opened it. The Righteous Felon “Jerky Cartel” branding makes you think you’re enjoying something “illegal” you shouldn’t be. The characters are funny and memorable, which made me intrigued about the flavor of the jerky. Feeling the bag before I opened it, the jerky felt by far the most tender and soft of the bunch.

OMG. You guys this jerky is DELISH. It’s a straight hickory smoked but the meat is so tender it melts in your mouth but still has the distinct chew of jerky. I couldn’t stop eating it. It was so packed with flavor that I had to really consider whether I was eating beef jerky. Hands down my favorite and a brand I would buy over and over again. SO. GOOD. I’d ask my brother for his opinion but he hasn’t stopped eating this one either.

Final Verdict

For a way to try artisan beef jerky brands that you’ve never heard of (and that may be hard to find) at a fraction of the price you’d pay in a store, Jerky Snob's is the way to go. Each delivery promises healthy artisan jerky delivered right to your front door at a price you can’t beat. Add in the top-notch quality and you have a win-win subscription that’s completely worth it! A+ rating!

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