Meet Your New Favorite Jerky Box: Konrad Krates

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Local, handcrafted jerky is eons tastier than its mass-produced counterpart, and the box curators of Konrad Krates absolutely agree! If you’re on par with our jerky snobbery, you should be the first in line for this upcoming subscription.

Konrad Krates

The owners of Konrad Krates go searching for the best local jerky state-by-state and deliver it to you every month! We jerked a few strings and got to sample their August box from Jacksonville, Oregon just to get you the exclusive first glance!

Subscription Box: Konrad Krates
Price: $59.99/month


Top Round Jerky from Gary West

Konrad Krates

Top round is the cut from inside of a cow’s rear leg. Gary West knows how lean and flavorful this cut is, and it’s one of my favorite kinds of jerky! Top round jerky is also more tender than the more popular bottom round jerky, and West knows how to capture that tender and tasty cut in his jerky!

Traditional: The deep red color reflects the meaty deliciousness of each piece. When I opened up the first bag, I immediately started salivating from the aroma. Konrad Krates knew how popular this flavor was going to be, so they shipped us both a small and large sized bag. No, they did not last very long for me, and I doubt they will for you as well!

Teriyaki: This flavor can always be a bit of a hit or miss for me. I didn’t intend on eating as much as I did, but West knows how to do teriyaki best. These teriyaki-flavored sweets hit the perfect balance of sweet and salty, and it was obvious that they take their seasoning seriously. I’ll be returning back to these strips for more, um, research…

Cracked Pepper: Sometimes jerky producers finish their jerky with a sprinkling of cracked pepper, but then it’s the absolute worst when you open their bags and are left with pepper falling off of the meat. These strips actually had the cracked pepper inside of them. I mean, that’s cooking (jerky-ing?) done right!

Cajun: Being the spice master that I am, I inspected the ingredients list before I tried these. Gary West uses cayenne pepper, crushed chili pepper, chili powder, and other hot stuff for their Cajun flavor. After I took my first bite, I surprisingly broke a slight sweat! So if you’re reading this Gary, be proud that your Oregon-based jerky made a spice-loving Texas girl’s palate very happy and eyes very watery.

Konrad Krates



Konrad Krates made an excellent selection for their August box! I appreciate the little placard that comes with the box because it give you information about Jacksonville, Oregon and additional background on Gary West’s jerky.

While a jerky expert will definitely appreciate this box the most, anybody who likes jerky in the slightest will love the tasty selection in each month’s shipment. With all the hiking, swimming, and fishing I do during the summer, this box is the perfect source of delicious protein every month!


Ready to order? Be first in line!

Exclusive first rights are given to those who sign up during Konrad Krates’ pre-launch, so if you want this justifiably awesome jerky subscription, sign up now to receive your first one this summer. So, where’s the beef? In your future Konrad Krates box, of course!