Latine-Owned Subscription Boxes from Celebratory Culture Kits to Snack Boxes

From Cuba to Mexico to Puerto Rico to Los Angeles, these small businesses highlighted in Cratejoy’s Latine-Owned Subscription Collection celebrate Hispanic culture and promoting diversity. This collection will help you discover boxes full of goodies like Mexican candy, artisanal products, bilingual education tools, skincare, full-sized beauty products, wellness goodies and more.

While you’ve probably heard of some of the popular Laxtinx owned subscription services like Abuela Mami, Spiritú, and mycajita, there are so many more Latine subscription services.

What are the best subscription boxes that are Latine-owned or celebrate Latine culture?


SWAG ONLY - No Candy

From $20.00 per box
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Celebrate Mexican Culture with a monthly subscription box that includes an exclusive t-shirt designed by Latino artists and delicious Mexican candy for you to snack on. A percentage of proceeds from Mexicandy & Swag is donated to the “Latino Student Fund" Charity, which helps address disparities in access to education for underrepresented students.



From $7.99 per box
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Bring a taste of Mexico to your home with MexiCrate! With this monthly subscription box, you’ll get a variety of hand-selected Mexican candies and snacks for you to enjoy and share. MexiCrate offers over 150+ different candies and snacks, so you’re sure to get something you’ll absolutely enjoy each month.


Toddler Subscription

From $44.96 per box
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Help your child learn Spanish at home with Hola Amigo! Whether your child is a fluent Spanish speaker or just starting their bilingual journey, Hola Amigo will be a great addition to your household. Each monthly subscription box is filled with fun books and activities that your child will enjoy. You’ll also receive QR codes for help with pronunciation.


The Ultimate BBQ Experience

From $36.99 per box
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Become a certified Grill Master with the Ultimate BBQ Box! Each month you’ll receive the best grilling and BBQ goodies that are hand-selected by a BBQ pitmaster. The Ultimate BBQ team researches, taste tests and vets every supplier they work so you can guarantee you’re getting only the best grilling experience.


Simplicity Teas | Loose Leaf Wellness Teas of The Month Club

From $14.50 per box
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Treat yourself with premium loose leaf teas! With Simplicity Teas you’ll discover new, full flavors of teas that are made with a purpose, such as de-stressing, better sleep, or glowing skin. All teas are 100% vegan and organic and come with brewing and tasting instructions.


A Mommy and Me Box by The Dashing Squad

From $58.33 per box
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A must for every mother & daughter duo, the Dashing Squad is a “Mommy & Me” subscription box for children ages 5 months to 6 years old. Each monthly box is filled with ethical products from small businesses. Products include artisan beauty, heirloom wood toys, books, organic clothing and more.


Enlightened Warrior Book Club 2022

From $43.94 per box
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If you love to read, you need to join the Enlightened Warrior Book Club! Each month, you’ll receive a book of the month, a variety of local, handmade items, a gift for a loved one and a bonus themed item. Enlightened Warrior offers both fiction and non-fiction so there’s something everyone will enjoy!