Laurel & Reed February 2020 – Full Spoilers!

Ready for February spoilers? We’ve got FULL spoilers for Laurel & Reed this month!

Laurel & Reed continues to bring the best in premium skincare and beauty, with $136 in amazing luxury brands at an affordable price. And there’s still time to get this box! Subscribe today with code BEMINE25 for 25% off your first box.

Here’s what they plan to include in February’s box:

1. Red Algae Mask by Osea Malibu, 1.7 oz. (retail price $48)


2.Brighten Toning Mist by Native Nectar Botanicals, 2.0 oz. (retail price $27)


3. No. 4 Conditioning Goat Milk Beauty Bar by Indie Goat Soap, 4.75 oz (retail price $9)


4. Pank Plum Elixir by LOLI Beauty, 0.81 oz (retail price $52)