Lip Monthly Review | March 2019

Lip Monthly info card

Are you a girl who loves a minimal look with a pop of color on your lips? Lip Monthly is the perfect subscription box for you! Each month’s subscription bag includes 4-5 full-size lip products including lipstick and liners, lip gloss, lip balm, crayons and more.

It’s a way to discover good quality brands with full-size items. And the price is totally doable. The one subscription level is just $9.95, which promises up to four products all full-size items. There’s no way you could get that many items for that price at a retailer so it’s a win-win.

There’s one subscription level that guarantees at least four products and no samples. The cost is just $9.95, which is uber reasonable considering I’ve spent $35 one ONE lip stain at Ulta.

Shipping: Lip Monthly ships to select countries from the U.S. and as long as you get your order in by the end of the month, your subscription will ship the following month between the 10-15th.

Overall Ratings:

Shipping: 5/5 Stars
Packaging: 4/5 Stars
Quality of Products: 5/5 Stars
Retail Value: 5/5 Stars
Curation: 4/5 Stars

Packaging and Unboxing

Each month Lip Monthly comes in a little nylon bag that can house other beauty kits or must-haves. The color and design of the bag coincides with the monthly theme, which was all about spring. The pop of blue color and daisy design made me think of the transition of seasons.

The curation also came with an information card that included a coupon code for further purchases and a way to follow Lip Monthly on social. One suggestion I have is for them to include information about the individual items and lipstick brands on the informational card. Otherwise, the curation is top-notch and the quality of the items is well worth the price of the subscription.

Appeal Lip Gloss

1. Appeal Holographic Lip Gloss

First impression: will this turn me into a superhero? Because if the answer is yes, I’m ALL IN. The reality, of course, is that it just makes my lips look like a superhero and I’m not bad about that. The iridescent shine makes your lips pop even when the color itself is clear.

One of my main complaints about lip glosses in general is that they are too goopy. But this one goes on your lips and for the most part stays put. I don’t see myself wearing this as an everyday color, but the shine is so pretty and sparkly that I’m excited to break it out when I’m really feeling myself.

Perse Lip Liner

2. Perse Profesional Smearproof Lip Liner

I’m not sure if lip liners are supposed to glide better on your lips or if I’m expecting them to be more like a lipstick. Either way, this one didn’t glide on my lips like I would have preferred but it did match the other lipstick in my bag and I appreciated the matching complete look.

My first Lip Monthly box included colors that did not work for my skin tone, and this month’s curation was exponentially better! The nude lip liner is something that I could rock, and for that I was pretty excited. The brand feels luxe and pairs well with the other items in the bag. #worthit

Bang Beauty Lip Crayon

3. Bang Beauty Kiss Me Lip Crayon

This lip crayon glides on my lips like butta. It’s so soft and high quality that I’d pay the price of the bag just for this item alone. The color is still a little too light for me but when I throw a dash of the lip gloss on top it brightens up my lips in such a unique way.

Dirty Little Secret Cream Lipstick

4. Dirty Little Secret Barely There Cream Lipstick

This item feels more like a loss than a cream lipstick because it has more of a gloss finish, but I definitely wouldn’t call myself a lip expert (yet). It dries like a stain, and stays put which is a quality a lot of women love in a lipstick. It’s more of a peach color and although it’s not my absolute favorite, I do like the quality and would consider this brand in another color.

Final Verdict

The overall quality of products you get for the value is a no brainer with Lip Monthly Unfortunately the curation hasn’t yet nailed the perfect color for me, I’ve been introduced to quality brands I wouldn’t otherwise know about. Having customization would be a great value add-on. Overall, I think this subscription is a winning combination.

Want to give it a try? Check out Lip Monthly listing page for more information! And be sure to check out our other Lip Monthly review for February's beauty bag!