Make New Memories with 3 New Boxes

Whether your extended family lives in the same neighborhood or a 4-hour plane ride away, Cratejoy’s here to help you bridge the distance and stay connected. Wondering how to ensure your kids develop a special relationship with their grandparents in another state? Want to create family traditions, but don’t have time to manage the details? Not sure how to fully express your love when sending a gift to a faraway family member? We’ve rounded up new subscription boxes that provide everything you need to create special memories.

The creative folks behind these boxes are busy working moms, long-distance grandparents and thoughtful gift givers. They launched their subscriptions to help you unbox special moments with your friends and loved ones. Join us to learn more about our favorite family-focused box founders.

Memories in Moments: Unwrapped


As a busy mom of two and owner of her own business, Seattle-area mom Allison Carter understands how much time and energy is needed to host special holidays and events. She launched Memories in Moments: Unwrapped to help moms create family memories without sweating the small stuff. Subscribers receive bimonthly boxes of beautifully curated DIY decor, crafts, activities, tabletop supplies, recipes, and more. The boxes are based on popular holiday themes and personalized with your kids' names.

In her own business, Allison Carter Celebrates, Allison provides digital party guides and hosts a podcast on tangible tips for celebrating. Her guides are very popular, but she noticed a missing element. “I've helped thousands of women around the world plan stress-free parties and holidays with the help of my digital guides,” Allison recalls. "But I kept hearing the same customer request -- they wished the stuff would just show up at their house already done."


Allison admits that for 3 years, the requests fell on deaf ears because Allison feared starting a product-based business. Then she realized that she could offer a lot more than just products. “Memories in Moments: Unwrapped came to life because I want to help take something off a busy mom's plate,” explained Allison. “I want to help moms show up and actually enjoy these little moments made with her family. All the joy, none of the work.” Allison also hopes her boxes involve everyone in the family. “The boxes are meant to give the whole family a way to spend time together crafting, playing, talking, and making memories.”

Allison’s boxes differ from standard craft boxes because they’re focused on a certain holiday, include a digital companion guide for extra fun, and provide a smaller activity pack to keep the fun going between the bimonthly deliveries. Allison selects timeless items for the boxes and says, “I am very intentional about the products selected. I want them to be high-quality so customers can reuse them again the following year.” For example, the box for last Christmas came with supplies to make DIY waterless snow globes -- kid-safe keepsake decor to use for decades.

So who should subscribe to this festive box of fun? Allison thinks working moms -- at the office or working from home -- with kids under 10 would benefit the most. Allison knows how these moms feel: “They want to have special family moments, but feel guilty because they don’t have the time to plan.” With Memories in Moments: Unwrapped, Allison provides a solution. “They need to outsource the prep to someone else so they can enjoy their limited time having fun and making memories with their kids. This subscription gives you the freedom to do just that.”

Start making stress-free holiday memories here.

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