How to be Dapper: Our Top 9 Men’s Fashion Tips

Posted by Devonya Batiste

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines dapper as neat and trim in appearance. To be a dapper man, you must be stylishly put together from head to toe. And though getting into fashion can be overwhelming, with a few tips, you can easily become a trendsetter.

Without further adieu, here are our top 10 fashion tips for men:

1. Don’t skimp on socks!


Although they aren’t always visible, wearing fashionable socks can make or break your style game. For one, when you sit down in your fitted jeans, your pant leg rises up. You want to have on high-quality, chic socks that go with your outfit for this exact reason.

Pro Tip: You’ll want to buy socks from a trusted source and the Southern Scholar subscription box is just that – a monthly delivery of stylish socks straight to your doorstep.


2. Invest in a good wallet


You don’t want to have the allure of fashionability only to have your image shattered when you pay for your drinks at the bar. Keeping a small, yet well-made wallet in your pocket can complete your dapper outfit. Leather wallets are great and yours shouldn’t be too bulky since slim-fitting clothing is in.

Pro Tip:  You can find cool accessories like leather wallets in The Loaded Vault subscription.


3. Rock a wrist watch


A nice wrist watch will totally complete any outfit! Whether you go digital or analog, this fashion staple provides both style and substance. A good watch lasts a lifetime and never goes out of style!

Pro Tip: Owning a nice watch is an ageless fashion statement and Monthly Watch Club ensures that your wrist is always trendy.



4. Accessorize with cufflinks


Wearing cufflinks automatically spruces up your outfit. You want to own many shirts that require cufflinks and wear them at appropriate events like weddings and other nice parties.

Pro Tip: It’s best to have a variety of metal cufflinks and Cufflinks Monthly will send you a new pair every month.


5. Add a pop of color with pocket squares

pocket square

With pocket squares, you can add the finishing touches of color to your outfit. Be aware of how your pocket square looks in comparison to your tie. You’ll want to fold the pocket square in half twice and then place it in your pocket with one-fourth of an inch showing.

Pro Tip: Like any colorful accessory, you’ll want a multitude of options and The Styled Man Box delivers pocket squares directly to you.


6. Get a close shave


If you choose to have a clean shaven face, it’s best to use quality products in order to reduce cuts or razor bumps. Take your time shaving and don’t press down if you aren’t getting the hair.

Pro Tip: Instead, re-lather and go over the area again. With products like razorun, a shaving subscription box, your face will be stylishly smooth.


7. …Or keep your beard perfectly groomed

If you enjoy having a beard (or some other sort of facial hair), using a natural beard wash will keep your face smelling clean and looking fresh. Beard washes, like Wild Man Beard Wash, gently cleanses the pores, removes flaky skin, and promotes beard health.

Pro Tip: You can find Wild Man Beard Wash in Natural Groom Box, a beard care monthly subscription.


8. Grow your collection of neck ties


If you haven’t mastered the necktie yet, now is your chance to do so. A carefully knotted necktie can make the additional colors of your outfit pop.

Pro Tip: Like pocket squares, you’ll want a full arsenal of neckties and with a subscription like Spiffster, you can receive high-quality ties from professional Dapper Dans.


Looking for more men’s fashion tips?

In addition to these tips, try looking at a GQ magazine for reference to the latest trends. While those outfits can be a little pricey, at least you have a frame of reference for what is in style. Going out of your way to shop can be time-consuming and that’s why subscription boxes for men’s clothing are the perfect solution for style-conscious men.


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