Brothers Coffee: A Coffee Club with a Cause

Posted by Karen Li

The impact of coffee on human culture is indisputable, yet many of us fall into the routine of making, drinking, and finishing coffee without giving a second thought to where it comes from or the industry supplying it.

After getting a peek at the dark side of the industry – everything from impoverished farmers to environmental damage– Matthew and Bryan Little knew there had to be a better way to buy coffee.

Coupled with a desire to help others and the world, the Little brothers decided to start Brothers Coffee, a subscription box that features a different sustainable, ethically sourced, and globally responsible coffee each month.

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To further their humanitarian efforts, Brothers Coffee partnered with Grounds for Health, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to reduce cervical cancer among women in developing countries. According to Grounds for Health’s website, “cervical cancer is a nearly 100% treatable disease, and yet in the next 15 years it is expected to kill six million women – 90% of whom will live in developing countries.” One dollar from each Brothers Coffee subscription is donated to Grounds for Health.

We chatted with Matthew Little to find out a latte about Brothers Coffee and the story behind it all – read on for more!


Tell me a little bit about yourself and how you got started.

I’ve always had a passion for telling stories. With Brothers Coffee, I have the joy of telling the stories of our selected roasters each and every month! These stories are what really resonate with our customers.


Why a coffee subscription box?

The subscription model fits with coffee-purchasing perfectly. It is something many of us go through quickly, making Brothers Coffee either a great addition to your current coffee-buying habits or a way to guarantee you’ve always got fresh coffee at the start of the month.

How fresh the coffee is has a huge impact on the flavor – using the subscription model means your coffee isn’t sitting on shelves or in warehouses for weeks or months. We make sure all of our customers receive ridiculously fresh coffee!

In addition, purchasing good coffee – coffee that tastes great and doesn’t harm others – can be confusing for a huge number of consumers. We help our customers out with that decision making with a curated selection of delicious and ethically sourced coffee.


Why did you decide to partner with Grounds for Health?

Thousands of women are dying of a preventable disease – cervical cancer. Women are dying because they don’t have access to very basic health care. We didn’t plan to partner with a non-profit at all, but once we stumbled upon Grounds for Health and heard about their vision, we knew this was an opportunity for us to help others with our platform.

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Where do you source your coffee?

We source our coffee through our selected roasters. When we’re selecting these roasters, we have an honest conversation with them about their coffee sourcing so we can make sure they’re paying fair prices and investing into the communities where they source their coffee!


Can you walk me through your research process in deciding which coffee to feature?

Absolutely. There are 3 key factors we look at to qualify roasters for us to work with:

  1. They must have a passion for making great coffee.
  2. They must invest in their local community.
  3. They must invest in the communities where they source their coffee.

It’s heartbreaking to find a roaster doing really cool things that doesn’t hit all 3 of these factors. But we strongly believe that these are the 3 factors that allow them to enact real change.

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How has started this subscription box changed your approach to coffee?

I’ve discovered a ton of awesome roasters out there! I have a list that keeps growing of all the coffees I want to try. We can wait to introduce our fans to some of them.


What makes you unique from other food/beverage subscriptions?

The story! With each subscription we send out an info sheet on why we selected the roaster. There are so many roasters out there with awesome causes and projects, we can’t wait to help introduce them to the world.


If somebody doesn’t know much about Brothers Coffee, why should they subscribe?

All of our customers can rest easy knowing that their money is going to causes that help others and make the world a better place – that’s something that sets us apart from all other coffee subscriptions.

Not only does it make us feel better, but when you pay a fair price for coffee, rosters can spend more time working on coffee quality rather than quality, bringing our customers a superior product.

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For coffee lovers, Brothers Coffee will help you discover your love for coffee all over again by introducing you to great roasters and they’re delicious coffees. For more casual coffee drinkers, this is a great way to dip your toe into the sometimes confusing world specialty coffee – but be warned, you might never go back!


Itching for your coffee fix and to make a difference? 

If you want to find out more or are ready to subscribe to Brothers Coffee, check them out on the Cratejoy Marketplace!