TuTu-Royal: More Than Just a Pretty Princess Box

Posted by Karen Li

Some little girls want to be a princess. Fwancy dresses, a beautiful castle, and a handsome knight in shining armor – what’s not to like? But other little girls want to build robots and grow their own rock candy. Well, who says princesses can’t love science experiments? Certainly not princess STEM subscription box TuTu Royal.

TuTu Royal aims to break down gender toy stereotypes and instill a passion for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) in little girls with a subscription box that combines the best of both worlds. We chatted with TuTu Royal to find out the inspiration behind and goal of the princess STEM box. Keep reading, we’re sure you’ll also be TuTu excited for this one!

TuTu Royal Princess Box STEM Science Technology Engineering Math Subscription Little Girls

Tell me a little bit about how you got the idea to start a subscription box.

Tutu Royal works to foster STEM literacy in young girls. The idea for our subscription box was sparked by the desire to establish a platform for continuous learning and engagement for our young audience in STEM. Each time a young girl receives her box she’s more than imagining her life as a princess, she’s exploring how her magic kingdom operates using STEM.

Why did you choose the princess STEM theme for your subscription box?

Research has well documented that there is a pronounced gender gap in innovative science career paths and has revealed that women are underrepresented both in STEM jobs and STEM undergraduate degrees, despite making up nearly half of the college-educated workforce.

It was our belief that steps to address the representation gap could involve interest in STEM for young girls early. We wanted a fun way to ignite both the interest and exploration in STEM for young girls.  Thus, a princess STEM themed box was born.

TuTu Royal Princess Subscription Box STEM Dresses

What was your inspiration behind the box?

The inspiration for our box was derived through massive brainstorming efforts to imagine, “What could introduce little girls to STEM in ways that yield “playgrounds” for sustained interest?

We sought to develop a pipeline through play and pretend that would intrigue young girls to incorporate STEM concepts organically into their worlds. We were inspired by the hope that the representation gap in STEM for girls could be addressed through fun vibrant play introducing STEM early, continuously, and in ways that brought STEM concepts to life more fluidly for mastery.  

What did you hope to accomplish by starting this box?

We hope to create a sustained interest early on for young girls in STEM fields. We believe reoccurring engagement through our subscription box helps us to achieve this goal.

What kind of positive feedback have you gotten from this box?

The response from subscribers has been incredible! Our subscribers are detailing ways young girls are engaging in STEM-play and finding links both academically and in the real world. In addition, moms love that every time they purchase a box for their princess, we gift a free box to a girl in a foster home.

What makes you unique from other subscriptions?

Our premise and passion. Our boxes are more than monthly sparkly trinkets to accessorize pretend. Our boxes are rooted in a solid commitment to enhance imaginations in STEM to impact the lives of young girls and ultimately our world.

TuTu Royal princesses STEM Subscription Box Two Girls

Which is your favorite item that you’ve included in a box and why?

The binary code bracelet! We loved this item because it created space to creatively practice the fundamentals of coding, while empowering young girls with an opportunity to share how they used coding to create their bracelet!

If somebody doesn’t know much about TuTu Royal, why should they subscribe?

Education is an investment in the tomorrows of our children. Teaching our young girls about STEM through play early on brightens that tomorrow and bridges representation and achievement gaps in STEM fields. Subscribing could change tomorrow for the better, one box at a time.


Know a little girl who would love their own princess STEM box?

If you’re loving the idea of TuTu Royal or are ready to subscribe, check them out on the Cratejoy Marketplace!


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