4 Brand-New Boxes Led by Mompreneurs

When it comes to important people in our lives, Cratejoy knows that moms hold one of the top spots. Not only do they give the best hugs and make us feel better when we’re sick, but they also inspire us. Cratejoy is lucky to have a handful of mompreneurs in our Marketplace! So let’s take a look at some new unique subscription boxes that were founded with the selfless love, endless energy and creative spirit that only a mom could provide.

We are thrilled to introduce you to the moms behind The Pixie Box and Nine of Earth. These women took a leap of faith to create truly one-of-a-kind boxes. Keep reading to meet these motivated moms and learn why you’ll find their boxes surprising and fun.

The Pixie Box


In a previous career, Nicole Marsh, the founder of Nine of Earth, was a grocery store buyer. Nicole said she had a talent for finding desirable items: “I had an eye for what customers wanted.” Motivated to nurture her buying skills, she started a website selling unique jewelry and crystals. As the website grew, she struggled to find a balance between her full-time job at the grocery store, her budding ecommerce business, and mom life. After a particularly stressful day at the grocery store, she decided it was time to pursue a different path - so she quit her grocery store job and set forth on a journey of finding happiness and her true calling.

It didn’t take long for Nicole’s calling to reveal itself. She’s always been drawn to witchcraft and Tarot and these topics spoke to her one special night. “The idea for my box literally came to me in a dream. I am determined to make it a reality,” she shared.

Nicole explained that Nine of Earth is “not your average Witch box and is geared at modern, young-spirited women.” She describes the items as “a little on the edgy side, sometimes a little bit Kawaii, but always badass.” Subscribers receive a box every two months, which always includes a tarot- or oracle-related item, a unique piece of jewelry and more. The 6+ items in these unique subscription boxes might include a T-shirt, keychain, crystals, home decor (such as candles), or books. The items are picked based on a fun theme, which adds an element of surprise and thoughtfulness.

With Nine of Earth, Nicole is also supporting small businesses. Their debut box included handcrafted products like an illustrated tarot deck, candle, and cinnamon cedar smudge stick to celebrate Yule, as well as protective crystals, a flour-sack towel featuring a death moth design, incense, and a raven-skull necklace. All products come from independent businesses and artisans. By starting this box, Nicole’s goal is to not only help small businesses, but to also sell enough to eventually be able to give back to the community in the form of donations.

“I would like to spoil people, and bring them a little bit of inspiration and fun in each box. I want people to realize their own power, and manifest their own destiny. That to me is really what Witchcraft is about,” said Nicole.

We’re sure you’ll be spellbound by Nine of Earth’s monthly treats! Find them here.