Mother's Day Gift Guide: The Best Gift Ideas to Spoil Mom

Mother’s Day 2021 is feeling different than it has in the years past. Sure, Mom always holds it together, but with the time spent in lockdowns during the pandemic or stressing about when she can see her favorite people again, she deserves extra special treatment this year. Spoil Mom with a truly unique gift that she’ll treasure and will last long after Mother’s Day ends. We’re not talking about another picture frame with an outdated photo of the family or even a mug with your face on it. We’re talking about the best subscription boxes for Mother’s Day.

Sometimes Mom is running from one meeting to the next, sometimes Mom might be sipping a cup of loose leaf tea on her patio after a long day of gardening. Or, sometimes, Mom is video calling you to show you her latest Pinterest success. Every Mom deserves to be celebrated every day, right?

Because Mother’s Day only comes once a year, it can bring some gifting anxiety along with it. What can you gift the Mom who raised you, the Mom of your friend group, and the New Mom in your life? They each deserve their own thoughtful gifts and you deserve to find them all in once place. With each mom in mind, we’ve created this handy gift guide filled with Mother's Day gift ideas so you can find the perfect gift for her that will last beyond one day of celebration.

Find the perfect gift for every Mom in the Mother's Day Shop.

Subscriptions Make Great Gifts For Mom

Subscription boxes for Mom are a thoughtful and unique idea to show her that you care. These aren’t just run-of-the-mill wine subscriptions that she can find herself, these gifts are carefully curated by experts in their crafts. So whether Mom loves her houseplants and succulents, vegan snacks, or even chickens, there’s something for everyone.

Seriously, Cratejoy has something for nearly every interest which means that your gift for Mom can be as unique as she is. It’s sort of like sending Mom a gift basket — but better. These gifts are put together for you and sent straight to her door on an auto-ship schedule. You don’t need to worry or check the tracking every day to make sure it’s on time.

These boxes are made by professionals, and they’ll also give Mom a fun unboxing experience. Consider helping her make a TikTok for all her new unboxing videos. Just consider it and then let her know you’re always thinking of her.


Our Favorite Subscription Box For Any Mom: Bloomsy Box

Mom will enjoy unique hand-tied bouquets delivered weekly, biweekly, or monthly to brighten up her home.

Price: Starting at $41

Shipping Details: Order by May 5th and get it by Mother’s Day. Subsequent boxes will ship between the 16th-23rd of every month.

Unique Gifts for Your Mom

Mom does it all. But that doesn’t mean that any two Moms are alike. You can skip the cheesy grocery store greeting cards this year for a present that will actually mean something to her. Mom helped you become the person you are today (bonus: you can write that in the card that accompanies her subscription box). Take the time to find a gift that expresses her unique love for you.

She’ll be surprised by your thoughtful gift when she receives her first shipment. Whether she’s a mom who puts her workouts in her planner or a mom who always reminds you to send Thank You cards in the mail, you’ll find a subscription worthy of her in our gift shop.


Our Favorite Subscription Box For Your Mom: SinglesSwag

Not just for singles! This box will make Mom look and feel beautiful, while empowering and inspiring her.

Price: $37.50/month

Shipping Details: Ships worldwide from the United States on or before the 1st day of every month.

Gifts Great for Grandma

Of course, buying gifts for Mom doesn’t always mean a Mom that raised you. Grandma also deserves a special Mother’s Day gift that will knock her little socks off. For Grandmas everywhere, we especially love plant subscriptions that will give her an opportunity to show off her green thumb or a coffee subscription that lets her explore new roasts from all over the country — or even the world!

It doesn’t matter if she goes by Gigi, Grams, or Bubbee, she’ll be tickled pink that you remembered her for Mother’s Day this year. Our expert advice? Surprise her! Don’t let her know you’re sending her a gift she’s bound to love for months to come. Include a special note to upgrade her unboxing experience and let her show you all her new goodies over FaceTime — Grandma’s love to see your face any chance they get. Of course, if you can safely make it to her house that’s even better.


Our Favorite Subscriptions Box For Grandma: Laurel & Reed

Send Grandma luxurious beauty and skincare featuring only full-size, non-toxic, all-natural and cruelty-free items.

Price: Starting at $43.95/month

Shipping Details: Ships worldwide from the U.S. immediately if the current box is available, or on the 15th of the following month and Canada

Gifts to Impress Your Mother-in-Law

If you’re shopping for a gift to impress your Mother-in-Law, you’re in luck. Since your relationship likely isn’t the typical mother/child relationship, a mug with your face on it would seem especially strange in this case, wouldn’t it? (Don’t tell anyone if that was your big gift idea). Instead, focus on a subscription box she’s bound to love like fresh garden goodies delivered to her door or fun jewelry she can wear out on the town.

Here’s your chance to earn brownie points and become the in-law that she brags to all her friends about! Mother’s Day only comes once a year, so don’t mess this up for yourself by sending her a gift card tucked inside a simple greeting card you picked up on your way to her house. She can tell, and she’ll remember for years to come.


Our Favorite Subscription For Your Mother-In-Law: Habitation Box

A monthly box curated by a professional interior designer, filled with 4-9 high-quality home decor items.

Price: Starting at $65.83/month

Shipping Details: Order by April 30th and get it by Mother’s Day

Surprise Your Wife

Your wife loves you so much that she wants to spend the rest of her life with you. Show her that same love in return with a gift she’ll know you put some thought into. Of course, she’d love a massage or plans to whisk her away on a romantic getaway. Avoid being predictable by giving her a unique Mother’s Day gift she can brag about to her friends.


Our Favorite Subscription For Your Wife: He Wines, She Dines

Unique, high-end wines from around the world tailored to match Mom’s palate and your budget.

Price: Starting at $49/month

Shipping Details: Your first box ships within five business days of purchase, subsequent boxes ship on the 21st of the month.

Why We Love Subscriptions For New Moms

New moms need more time to think and sleep. Since you can’t exactly wrap those gifts up with a bow, give her a unique gift that is tailored specifically to new moms. She’ll love the thoughtful ideas and self-care activities provided in these monthly subscription boxes and you’ll love seeing her shine in her newest role: Mother.

Aside from the obvious choice — coffee subscriptions — the new mothers in your life need extra support through this transition. Give her the gift of specialized self-care and a stiff drink she can make herself to unwind.


Our Favorite Subscription For New Moms: Cater to Mom

The ultimate postpartum self-care box for new moms.

Price: Starting at $37.39/month

Shipping Details: Order by May 4th and receive by Mother’s Day. Ships worldwide from the United States.

For Any Woman You Respect

Maybe none of these earlier sections spoke to the relationship you’re shopping for. That’s okay, we’ve got you covered here. If there’s a woman in your life that you’re shopping for and a traditional Mother’s Day card or gift won’t do the trick — we get it. That’s why we carry such a large assortment of subscription boxes that cover nearly every interest under the sun. Seriously.

Any woman you respect will love a Mother’s Day gift. You don’t even need to write a sappy Mother’s Day card for her this season. Instead, focus on her favorite activities and use those as a guide to find her the best gift. Whether that’s gardening, the latest in self-care and wellness, or making a fresh batch of cocktails, she’ll know you took time to find something perfect for her. There’s no better way to express your appreciation and respect than the personalization offered with subscription boxes.


Our Favorite Subscriptions For Any Woman You Respect: Sudzly

All-natural, organic, luxury soap bars, bath bombs, and spa items from across the US.

Price: Starting at $25.00/month

Shipping Details: Ships by the 4th of each month and only within the United States.

Mother’s Day Subscriptions For You!

Mother’s Day isn’t only a day to reflect on the mothers in your life. It’s also a great opportunity to reflect on the impact you’ve made in the lives of those around you. With that in mind, treat yourself to a subscription box you’ll love! There’s no right or wrong way to celebrate Mother’s Day and we love Moms who buy their own damn gifts.

Whether you’ve got your own children, you’re the Mom of your friend group, or you’re the Office Mom — you deserve a chance to pamper yourself with goodies.


Our Favorite Subscriptions For You: Self-Care

This section looks a little different because only you can pick your favorite self-care routine that you’ll love. Explore this category to find the perfect self-care subscription for yourself and order it. You’ll never look back.

Mother’s Day only happens once a year. Whether you’re shopping for the hip mom on your list, a colleague you look up to, or yourself, make sure that this year is one they’ll never forget.

Give them a gift that will help them forget everything about 2020 — unless they’re a new mom, then they can remember that thing — and focus on the thoughtful people they’ve surrounded themselves with. If you’re still not sure where to find the perfect gift for the Mother on your list, start here.