8 Perfect Picks for Your Next Murder Mystery Game Night

With summer here and restrictions slowly beginning to lift, you might find yourself considering a small in-person social gathering for the first time since New Years 2020.

We’re huge proponents of a game night full of fun games, and we have an awesome array of them for you to choose from. But, while we all love a good night of classic board games or clever scavenger hunts, there’s no better way to break the ice than to crack a case — that’s why a murder mystery party with a twist is the way to go! The storyline of a murder mystery party game will give you and your friends plenty to talk about and explore as a group. And, because many murder mystery game subscriptions are ongoing over several shipments, you have the perfect excuse to get back together month after month.

So...let’s get you ready for a night of mystery and intrigue! Clear time on the calendar and tell the gang to leave the kids at home. (Make this an adult party; a murder mystery party game with true-crime elements is too much for little ones or even tweens.) Then, you must choose your mystery-themed whodunnit, of course.

On the Cratejoy Marketplace, you'll find numerous murder mystery dinner party and escape room ideas for you to choose from, including virtual murder mystery games, mystery board games, and more party kits to test your sleuth skills. But to simplify things, we’ve picked a handful of our faves for in-person play, plus a few party ideas for a game night done right. Read on for the rundown!

Party Kits Perfect for Your Murder Mystery Game Night


Shaker & Spoon Cocktail Club

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Elevate game night with a Shaker & Spoon cocktail subscription. It gives you almost everything you need to be your own bartender...all you have to add is the alcohol itself. Serving 12 total drinks (three each of four recipes) it’s perfect for a slightly larger group, plus it adds a touch of elegance to your gathering with intriguing drinks to complement dramatic game play.

What Subscribers Are Saying: "Nice gift for my boyfriend's birthday! This was our first real foray into cocktail making, and it was a great introduction! All instructions were easy to follow for us novices. It was always exciting to pick up the box, unpack it, and see what cocktails we would be making for the month! He liked each and every drink!" -Michaela


The Deadbolt Mystery Society Monthly Box

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If you’re not ready to host a large group, Deadbolt Mystery Society is suited for up to four players, making it ideal for a double date! Each month with this subscription, you’ll receive a standalone murder mystery to solve featuring immersive scenarios and intriguing characters. If your crew loves putting on your Sherlock Holmes caps and solving brain-teasing puzzles, this is definitely your game night pick.

What Subscribers Are Saying: "WOW! Simply wow! We LOVED this. What an awesome date night game! Perfectly put together, lasted a couple of hours. We were NEVER bored and guessing until the very end!" -Alexandra


Marshmallow of the Month Club

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Combine a night of mystery with the coolest part of a campfire when you introduce the Marshmallow of the Month Club to your game night gang. This subscription box gives you SMORES every single month. Need we say more? Even better, all the marshmallows are made with all-natural, no-guilt ingredients that infuse flavor and fun into every bite.

What Subscribers Are Saying: "This came in the cutest packaging with a personalized note. The graham crackers and marshmallows were yummy with great textures and the extras were well thought out and added to the fun. I can't wait for my next box!" -Michelle


This Whodunit is KILLER

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If you love watching crime shows, A Killing Affair is going to feel quite familiar. The game unfolds like a TV series, presenting puzzling evidence and potential suspects episode by episode (each episode being an individual game). If your gang wants to put an ongoing game night on the calendar, this will keep everybody engaged...and guessing...until you convict the killer.

What Subscribers Are Saying: "As far as the game itself, it's very immersive both in story and props. Websites, menus, handwritten notes, newspaper clippings. A lot of things to sort through with your friends and family to figure it out. I like that everything is interconnected and it's very hands-on when it comes to poring through the investigator notes and city maps for alibis, etc. Well worth it to get everyone together and get the brains working!" -William


Monthly Popcorn Subscription

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Sure your friends like murder mysteries and solving cold cases. But are they ready for a real adventure? Kernel Crate adds yet another surprising element to mystery-themed game nights with uncommon popcorn flavors. Some options are daring; some merely different. All together, this snack subscription is made for sampling with your nearest and dearest.

What Subscribers Are Saying: "Delicious popcorn. Just the right amount. Packaged to stay fresh!" -Hillary


Monthly Mocktail Box - Raising the Bar

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No party is complete without a little refreshment and Raising the Bar redefines happy hour with curated, non-alcoholic cocktail ingredients. Each box gives you enough to make four servings of the mocktail of the month. It’s a zero-proof pick that’s perfect for non-drinkers or just those who wish to keep their brain in the game while solving a complex case.

What Subscribers Are Saying: "As someone who does not drink alcohol, I always feel a bit left out when others are enjoying fun and tasty drinks. With this monthly box, I get to experiment and try new fancy drinks without the alcohol!" -Vicki


SnackSack Classic

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If you want to offer your friends healthier snack options, SnackSack is here to help. This monthly delivery of high-quality and health-conscious snack alternatives offers something tasty for everyone on the invite list. And to make it even more fun, each box is centered around a seasonal theme or flavors to try.

What Subscribers Are Saying: "Best snack box!!! Lots of different snacks to try! Really like that it was very good brands. Very happy. Worth the money." -Samantha