Music Crate: Peek Inside January’s Box

Posted by Emma

musiccrateMusic Crate has made it their mission to spread the love of great musical albums. Every month Music Crate picks two popular bands to celebrate and send you a selection of their official band merchandise and two music CD’s.

For those of you still humming and haring whether to subscribe to Music Crate, check out what you’ve already missed out on this month! The January Music Crate included; The Rolling Stones album Let It Bleed (CD), Oasis album Morning Glory (CD), The Rolling Stones T-Shirt, The Rolling Stones collectable bottle opener, Oasis Lanyard, 2 Oasis postcards, 3 guitar plectrums, and a music crate postcard.

Wanting to order yourself a Music Crate now? There is still time to order February’s Crate! Experience a whole new collection next month! Subscribe TODAY!