Impress Your New Hires With Personalized Welcome Gifts


How can you make your company shine and stand out from the rest? While you certainly have many options for how to get the job done, have you considered how onboarding gifts could have a positive impact on your new team members? One of many creative employee perks, gifts are a great way to set them on a path to success.

Just like gifting clients can help you establish long-lasting relationships, or holiday gifts can help you show your trusted employees appreciation for a job well done, employee welcome kits can start you off on the right foot with your new hires.

Our specialized gift curators can help you create an employee welcome gift that's filled with hand-selected goodies and meets your unique needs! The amazing small subscription box businesses on the Cratejoy marketplace are ready and waiting to help you design a meaningful welcome package. Here's why a welcome gift matters to new employees, and how it can help you make a great first impression!

Why A Welcome Gift?

Take a moment to think back to your first day on a new job. If you were anything like the rest of us, you were a ball of excitement and nerves. Not only did you want to hit the ground running and do the job to the best of your abilities, but you also wanted to get along with your new coworkers and start building lasting relationships. As an employer, a new hire gift offers an opportunity to calm their nerves and welcome your new employees into the fold of the existing company culture.

So, what is your company culture all about? Well, that's something that looks different for every company. Whether you work in a small or large company, in tight-knit teams or more individualized positions, new hire kits given during the onboarding process can help you set the cultural scene and highlight the core values of your company.

Right now, many companies are facing extra hiring trials because of the COVID-19 pandemic. If employee onboarding has become a mostly virtual undertaking, welcome gifts can become a handshake extension, so to speak, helping you to welcome your new hires even when working from home. Just because it's likely they're dressed in their coziest loungewear, it doesn't mean that they don't have those first day jitters!

Show Them They're Part of the Team

How can you make your new employees feel like part of the team? A typical welcome kit might be a tote filled with company swag like T-shirts, hoodies, branded water bottles, coffee mugs and ballpoint pens. And while there's nothing wrong with the standard onboarding kit, subscription box gift ideas go beyond generic branded swg to deliver a personalized and mindfully curated mix of goodies that can help them feel included right from the beginning.

When you start to expand the horizons of what a welcome gift box can look like, you can become more intentional about what you want to convey to your new hires. Subscription boxes can bring a personal touch to the first day on the job, in the office or home. It can be as simple as starting their day off right with a coffee or tea subscription, or sending a gift basket that's packed with snacks or treats to keep them focused and on their A-game.

Gifts That Align With Core Values

Personalized gifts make it easy to send something that aligns with your core values. Show your new hires just how much you value a mix of fun and productivity by gifting them organizational goodies like planner stickers and stationery, or add a fun personal touch to their workspace or home office by sending a gift set filled with trendy office supplies.

Value skill-building, leadership, and developing a growth mindset? Monthly subscription boxes dedicated to personal and professional development, which offer everything from successful business strategies to positive affirmations, can be a great way to communicate your priorities right from day one!

When you choose a one-off box or monthly subscription service as a way to induct your newest team members, nothing says you have to put the emphasis on productivity. Depending on what's right for your business and your team, you can get creative: sending escape room or mystery games to promote team-building, supporting working parents with fun boxes for kids, or showing them that self-care is a crucial part of showing up and performing at the top of their game. You can even help them create a warm, inviting home office or bring their workspace a little cheer with succulent and houseplant gift boxes.

On the first day, there's no way to know if one day they'll rise to become your top performer or if they'll bring innovation and energy to the team that takes you all to new heights, but you can start the process of cultivating their growth with a surprise gift that makes them feel welcome and supported.