Behind the Box: Nicki Lynn Jewelry

Welcome to Behind the Box, our new series to introduce you to exciting merchants on the Cratejoy Marketplace! Each of these merchants has a unique, important story to tell, and we’re eager to help them grow.

Today, we sat down with Nicki Lynn, the founder of Nicki Lynn Jewelry! Subscribers to this boho jewelry box receive eclectic, artisan-made necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and more. Nicki makes all the jewelry herself!

Learn more about how this entrepreneur grew her jewelry business while raising her son as a single mom -- and how her joy for jewelrymaking became a mission to spread joy to others.


Tell us your story! What inspired you to launch your box?

I have been making jewelry for 10 years. Started off as making gifts for friends and it turned into my side hustle when I was a single mom. Through the years, I've managed to provide all the necessities my son needed with my sales. Now I have remarried and my son is grown. He was the first one that introduced me to the subscription idea. We played around with thoughts for almost 2 years before I moved forward with it.

My son is my inspiration, and I am so thankful for him and my jewelry. The industry is constantly changing and evolving and my love for it keeps growing. I love the beauty of beads and gemstones. To me, they are like a gorgeous sunset -- so many colors and shapes and designs yet to be seen.

What are you hoping to accomplish through this subscription box?

First and foremost, joy... My goal has always been bringing joy to someone though my creations. I love people, so I want them to be so stinkin’ happy and in love with what they receive.

Why is your box unique?

My box is inspiring. On the inside of every box, there are inspirational messages because we all want to feel special and that is my ultimate goal. I create with passion and love, as [do] most artists, but my boxes are full of handmade items. Nothing in my box is manufactured in another country or mass-produced by machines. Each item is made exclusively with my hands. Every box is assembled with my hands. Every handwritten card is with my hands. I pay very close attention to details, because the person on the receiving end should know that they are loved.

Great! Anything else that you want customers to know?

I want them to know that my creations can be altered in anyway to suit their needs. I also want them to know that I have a product guarantee on my jewelry as well. They never have to worry if an item breaks, through no fault of their own… I will fix or replace the item at no cost to them.