2 Nourishing New Boxes for Kids’ Minds and Bellies

Children need a lot to feel nourished. Luckily, snack boxes and educational subscription boxes are here to help treat kids’ bellies and minds with fun, healthy foods and opportunities for learning!

New subscription boxes WompleMail and eat2explore are perfect for building bonding experiences from the comforts of home, from creative activities to teach children about other cultures and foodways to experiencing new foods and indie, artisan makers around the country. We sat down with the founders behind these new subscription boxes to learn more about how they’re helping families and parents-to-be nourish their minds and bellies.



Families looking to spend more time together and avoid the usual go-tos will love eat2explore’s cooking and learning kit. Think of it as bonding in a box!

eat2explore’s founder, Rowena, was inspired to start this business from her own personal experiences. “The idea of eat2explore came to me during a family vacation when I discovered during a cooking class that although my kids loved to travel and try different cuisine, they couldn’t even chop an onion!” she laughs.

As someone who had grown up cooking with her family, she cherished those memories and realized that her kids -- and herself -- were missing a huge opportunity for learning and bonding. “I had been doing everything for my kids and now, they were missing a basic life skill -- cooking. It was during that trip when I decided to pursue my true passion -- food, travel, education and kids -- and design cooking kits to recreate that experience, and broaden it, using the unique foodways of various cultures as a bridge into fun learning and great eating for curious kids and adults.”


Rowena’s expertise as a culinary-trained home chef set her up perfectly to design a box like this; she understands deeply how food and culture tie together. For that reason, eat2explore’s boxes do just that: explore different cultures through their local specialties. “I want to make it easy for families to experience a new country in their own kitchen… take a little break from technology for the whole family, get your hands dirty while cooking, and then sit together and enjoy the meal as a family,” Rowena says.

Each box for eat2explore includes 3 recipes to serve a family of four (that’s 12 servings a box!), along with unique grains, spice mixes, and sauces, shopping lists for each recipe, necessary cooking equipment, and fun educational bonus items about that country like pins, stickers, and toy passports. What’s more, they offer vegetarian and gluten-free recipes for families with dietary restrictions. It’s no wonder that this creative, educational subscription box has won awards! “[We] work with educators on the educational materials and handpicked fun collectibles to go with the country theme,” Rowena explains. “The items are sourced from all over the world.”

Help the kids explore the world and find their new favorite foods with eat2explore here.