Gift Guide: Quirky Boxes for the Zaniest People on Your List

At Cratejoy, we care that you find that perfect gift for every loved one on your list, so we're coming at you with unique gift ideas for those fun-loving, die-hard hobbyists in your life. You probably know just who we’re talking about: young (or young at heart), independent, and super into his (or her) latest hobby or interest.

It doesn’t matter what they’ve jumped into. When they jump, they dive into the depths, be it games, geekery, foodie gadgets, a new fitness regimen, or anything else that lights a fire under them. And whether their latest passion is popular or not, they love sharing the fun and bringing you along on their quest for more.

Now you can meet them where they’re at with a monthly subscription box curated to serve up unusual gift items in any number of cool niches. Whether they’re delivering the top picks from the global zine scene or sending them deep into an interactive whodunit, we’ve put together a gift guide of 9 cool gifts for people who love to take the unbeaten path!

What are the quirkiest gift boxes of the year?


the oddball club

From $20.00 per box
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Price: Starts at $13.00/month

With a goal to deliver small gifts and big smiles, the Oddball Club monthly subscription box comes packed with fun and quirky trinkets, oddities, and tchotchkes. Each box includes a kitschy featured item plus 4-10 other small gifts like nostalgic stickers, candy, pens, and jewelry. Plus, boxes are carefully curated to feature female makers and artists, and a portion of each purchase is donated to Planned parenthood.


Sleuth Kings Master Detective: Monster Madness

From $29.95 per box
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What's Included: Sleuth Kings is a great gift that taps into the need to geek out and challenge the mind. Perfect for birthday gifts and holiday gifts, each month's box brings an immersive mystery that packs in hours of fun. Join the police force under the direction of the lead detective and plunge into the most recent evidence-packed case file to work through difficult clues, puzzles and ciphers, and watch the case come to a successful conclusion.

Shipping: Only ships within the U.S. by the 4th of each month


Original Holiday Box

From $45.82 per box
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Price: Starts at $35.96/month

Have you ever celebrated National Penguin Day? How about Appreciating a Dragon Day? Unboxing the Bizarre helps you celebrate the wacky, weird, off-beat holidays you may have never heard of before. Everyone in the family will love unboxing funny and interesting novelty items, t-shirts, magnets, and more, plus get a kick out of discovering the story behind each holiday with a trivia card about its origins and authentication.


Paranormal T-Shirt Puzzle Subscription

From $17.00 per box
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Price: Starts at $16.66/month

ParaBox Monthly is a t-shirt subscription box with a twist. Each box centers around a theme involving mysterious legends, and paranormal superstitions. But hidden in each month's soft t-shirt and info card are clues to finding secret webpages and puzzles. Crack the code, and you'll be entered into a raffle to win free merchandise. If you're interested in the strange and unusual and like a good mystery, check out ParaBox Monthly.


Mondo Size

From $18.33 per box
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Zine-o-Matic is one of the best gifts for those who appreciate unique perspectives, off-key humor and original artwork. Often limited to the city where they're created, zines are a hard-to-come-by commodity. Finally, there's a solution! This subscription is dedicated to showcasing original content and creativity from underground scenes from around the world by sending a handpicked collection of top-quality zines every month.


Vika Twist Beginner Balloon Box

From $31.99 per box
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Have you ever wondered how exactly balloon animal artists twist and form those balloons into dogs, ponies, crowns, and swords? The Vika Twist Beginner Balloon Box will show you just that with step-by-step guides and lesson plans (on paper and video) each month. Boxes include 4 different plans, over 100 balloons to practice with, and other fun surprises to help you make impressive balloon creations.


GeekGear WIZARDRY Special Edition Subscription

From £44.99 per box
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For any real-deal Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts fans, it won't matter that GeekGear is a bestseller, just that it taps into their desire for exclusive designs and uncommon goods. Each monthly gift set delivers an assortment of 6-10 unique licensed products that are guaranteed to notch up their fan status. Open to find wizarding magic in the way of limited-edition T-shirts and collectibles, like wands, keychains, coffee mugs, and original fan art.


Skulls Unlimited's BoneBox

From $24.57 per box
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Got an aspiring archaeologist -- or a passionate goth -- on your gift list? Skulls Unlimited is the perfect gift for those passionate about history, zoology, or biology, with a surprise animal skull sent directly to their door each month. In every box, they'll receive information about that month's featured animal, an art item, collectible trading cards, and more!


Cryptid Crate Monthy Subscription Box - Cratejoy Edition

From $43.00 per box
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Price: Starts at $40.00/month

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, ghosts, UFOs, and the likes take center stage in this cryptozoology and paranormal-themed crate. This box of oddities is filled with t-shirts, figurines, wall art, books, and collectible items made by indie artists. For anyone intrigued by the mythical and mysterious, this box is for them.


Celebrate States!

From $42.00 per box
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Price: Starts at $35.00/month

Another unique box based on travel, the Celebrate States crate lets you experience the flavors and curiosities of each individual state in the U.S. Try Georgia peach jam, Texas chili mix, and Carolina sweet tea without ever leaving home. Each box is customized with a survey at checkout, and loaded with an assortment of goodies from locally-sourced ceramics, hand-poured candles, and gourmet treats, to interactive activities and information about each state. Fun for everyone in the family, and makes a great gift, too!


Tinned Fish Club

From $29.99 per box
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Price: Starts at $23.49/month

Here's something you don't see everyday--a tinned fish subscription box. Great for people who love seafood, international food, trying new things, or are just looking to up their Omega-3s, this unusual box is more than just tuna and sardines. Each monthly delivery comes with a variety of tinned fish as well as items like crackers, condiments, seasonings, and tasty recipes to try. Pair with wine, take them on the go!


Neoprene Koozie - U.S. Shipping Included

From $8.00 per box
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Price: Starts at $7.00/month

Perfect for your drinking buddy or college roommate, Cooler Can Monthly delivers high-quality koozies featuring pop culture references, parodies, and limited-edition koozies from quirky mom-and-pop shops and shady bars across North America. You'll have the coolest can around, and spark conversations at every party and backyard BBQ!


Bats & Bones Box

From $32.00 per box
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Price: Starts at $30.00/month

If you know someone who wishes Halloween was celebrated year-round, or has a penchant for darkness, the Bats and Bones Box is for them. Receive goth, occult, and horror products every month, from witchy candles, to ouija-themed art, to real animal bone jewelry. There's no shortage of oddities to add to your curio cabinet with this box.