Get Cooking With Out Of The Box Pantry: Exclusive First Look

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You know and I know that your kitchen’s oven has been off for too long. Your stove top is cold and you could knit a hat out of the spiderwebs in your spice cabinet. It’s ok, being the true chef that you are, you just need some inspiration.

If it’s inspiration you need, we’ve got the perfect subscription for you: Out of the Box Pantry! This upcoming monthly box will deliver 5 full-size organic, biodynamic, wild-crafted, or heirloom pantry items to your home.

Out of the Box Pantry was packed with too many goodies for us to not give you an exclusive first look!

Out of the Pantry

Subscription Box: Out of the Box Pantry
Price: $61.00/month


Item #1: Trail Mix

Out of the Pantry

If there’s any advice that I can give you about cooking, it’s this: don’t cook when you’re starving. You’ll just end up rushing things and messing up the recipe. The box included Malibu trail mix which is an excellent way to curb hunger and avoid dashing through dinner prep. Plus, each serving is only 150 calories and completely vegan!

The gojiberries and mulberries were a perfect addition to the almonds, pumpkin seeds, brazil nuts, and cashews in the mix. It wasn’t overly sweet but it did satisfy my hunger before I started my cooking adventure.


Item #2: Sea Salt

Out of the Pantry

This dark sea salt is so flavor-infused that at first glance, it can be mistaken for pepper. It’s been finely smoked with Northwest Alder and is completely all-natural. Because of the relatively coarse nature of the salt, I advise you get a nice salt grinder for it. This salt has a very pleasant, enriching taste and would be the perfect addition to heavy salads, salmon, or white pasta.


Item #3: Sea Shell Pasta

Out of the Pantry

This artisanal pasta is slow dried, certified organic, and has a traditional Italian touch. When boiled, it provides an authentic taste and texture akin to pastas found at an expensive Italian restaurant. After adding my sauce, I found that the grooves in my sea shells did an excellent job of holding the sauce and flavor very well!


Item #4: Wine Vinegar

Out of the Box

With only 5.5% acidity, this organic champagne vinegar is made with the same Pinot Noir grapes used for the best California sparkling wines. The delicate taste would pair perfectly with olive oil to dress tender greens or deglazing the pan after sautéing juicy chicken.

What I loved most about my champagne wine vinegar was how perfectly it went with my lemon pepper chicken dish. Deglazing the pan with the vinegar created a delicious chicken gravy I drizzled over my dish. I’m getting hungry just remembering that dinner!


Item #5: Whole Leaf Tea

Out of the Box

If you didn’t know this already, mint aids in digestion, so having this organic mint melange tea was the perfect finishing touch to my pantry box. Hailing all the way from the lush Middle Atlas Mountain range in Morocco, this herbal tea really refreshes and renews at the end of a meal.

Luckily, the tea has no caffeine so I was able to enjoy it immediately after dinner without fear of insomnia. This tea was so rejuvenating, I felt like I could taste the cool mountain air in my kitchen!



So I know what box I’m going to hint at for my birthday! Out of the Pantry box is such a fun way to rethink my kitchen space and add new items to one of my favorite rooms in the house. I loved everything that came with it and I’ll be spending more time creating delicious pasta and trying out new recipes with my wine vinegar. I believe I deserve a chef’s hat after all of this…


Ready to order? Be first in line!

Exclusive first rights are given to those who sign up during Out of the Pantry’s pre-launch, so if you want this deliciously delightful box, sign up now to receive your first one this summer. Make your kitchen as hot as the summer air with Out of the Pantry!