Paper Bag Turkey Crafts Perfect for Kids This Thanksgiving

It's November, which means it's time to swap out witches and black cats for turkeys and feathers (feel free to leave the pumpkins, though)! These paper bag turkey crafts are as simple as they get, and perfect to keep little hands busy. If you've got construction paper and a paper bag, everything in this round-up is within reach!

What are the best paper bag turkey crafts for kids?

Paper Bag Turkey Puppet Craft


What is childhood without a few good paper bag puppets? This one is a fun activity to get kids thinking about what they're thankful for. Simply glue some colorful feathers to a paper bag, then flip over and add a beak and wattle out of construction paper. Make eyes with a black marker, construction paper, or adhesive googly eyes. Adults or kids can write what they're thankful for on the bag, and share on Thanksgiving day--or just play with it! An easy and effective fall craft!

Find the full tutorial at Crafty Morning.

Sitting Paper Bag Turkey Craft


This creative turkey craft uses both a paper lunch bag and a couple plastic grocery bags to create a cute turkey that sits on its own. Start by stuffing the brown paper bag with the grocery bags. Staple the top closed, and scrunch the bag down. Cut a turkey head out of brown construction paper, and add a face. Make tail feathers out of red, yellow, and orange construction paper, and attach to the paper bag turkey body with glue. Your stuffed turkey can sit on its own, and makes a sweet Thanksgiving decoration kids can be proud of.

Primary Theme Park has the full tutorial.

Stuffed Paper Bag Turkey Craft


Here's another turkey craft for kids that requires simple materials, but creates a unique Thanksgiving decoration or centerpiece. Start by prepping all the components. Paint a plastic spoon brown and let dry. Cut feathers, a beak, waddle, and feet out of construction paper, and set aside. Stuff the brown paper bag halfway with scrap paper, plastic bags, or any other stuffing materials you have lying around. Next, cut strips about halfway down the paper bag. Twist bag closed below the strips, and glue the colored paper feathers onto the strips to create the turkey's tail feathers. Glue feet to the turkey body, and attach googly eyes, turkey beak and wattle to the painted spoon. Cut a small slit in the front for the spoon to slip into, and done!

Step-by-step tutorial can be found at Family Focus Blog.

DIY Brown Paper Bag Turkey Costume


Kids can BE the turkey with this wearable Thanksgiving craft. Make a tail feather headband using different colored construction paper. Cut holes into the sides and bottom of a large brown paper grocery bag for arms and head to fit through. Next, cut out all the components of the turkey; eyes, beak, and gobble, and use a glue stick to attach them to the bag. Your toddler or preschooler will love the dress-up aspect of this fun thanksgiving turkey craft.

Materials list and how-to available at Capturing Parenthood.

Cute Paper Bag and Tissue Paper Turkey Craft


Here's a great Thanksgiving activity for preschoolers that also helps them hone their fine motor skills and practice shapes. Make turkey beaks out of diamond and triangle shaped construction paper or cardstock, and cut out black and white circles to make the eyes. Stuff paper lunch bags with shredded paper, or scrap paper, and tie closed with gift wrapping ribbon that doubles as a bow-tie. Add tissue paper for feathers, and a red balloon for a wattle, and it's finished! Tip: place a plastic cup underneath the turkey to help it stand up.

Instructions can be found at Teach Them To Fly.

Paper Bag Popcorn Turkey


This Thanksgiving craft is unexpected, and better yet, edible! It would make a great centerpiece for the kids' table on Thanksgiving day. Fill a large paper grocery bag 2/3 full of popped popcorn. Fold the bag opening under and staple in place. Do the same with two small brown paper lunch bags, but twist the openings closed, rather than stapling, forming a drumstick shape. Cut white paper into strips, and make small cuts to make fringe. Wrap the strips around the bottom of the drumstick leg. Place on the table, and "carve" the turkey using scissors so everyone can dig in!

Full tutorial is on the Dollar Tree Blog.

Easy Paper Bag Turkey Craft


This easy craft requires only three things: a paper bag, construction paper, and glue. Fold the top part of a paper lunch sack down, and cut to make a curved shape. Download the free printable template, or have kids draw or make their own turkey beaks, eyes, and wattle. Cut out turkey feathers using construction paper and use a glue stick to attach to the back side of the bag. Bonus: fill bags with snacks or treats to give to friends, neighbors, or Thanksgiving day guests!

Real Life at Home has the full tutorial.

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