4 Boxes Perfect for Any Type of Party

Did you know that monthly subscription boxes can be excellent tools for helping you throw different and unique types of parties? Created by small business owners to fill a particular niche or speak to a specific type of person, monthly subscription boxes are designed and curated to bring a wide range of quality products.

So, lead your fellow party people in a fresh direction with one of these new subscription boxes. From interesting ways to gather friends for cocktails and convos, to a fun, family-friendly, and no-prep option that will get you baking in the kitchen, we've rounded up some small businesses that can help you throw a party like no other!


The Intoxicated Intellectual

What better way is there to discuss the intricate themes and characters of classic literature than with a delicious cocktail in hand? That’s the idea the creators of the Intoxicated Intellectual had back when their lives revolved around college coursework. Instead of beer pong and frat parties, they decided to start a “boozy book club,” creating book-themed cocktails to enjoy alongside insightful conversation. It was the perfect way for a group of friends to be social and studious.

After graduation, they realized that it was time to turn this idea to the next page and offer it up to everyone as a great way to create a bonding experience among friends. Perfect for those who prefer smaller, more intimate soirees to larger parties, the Intoxicated Intellectual acts as an easy companion for a tight-knit group of introverts to enjoy a quality classic, mix up some themed cocktails and engage in interesting conversations about the month’s read.

Each monthly delivery brings a featured novel to act as a jumping-off point for a cocktail recipe that’s been developed around the book. Packing in all but the booze, the box is filled with high-quality ingredients from bitters to garnishes, plus any necessary bar tools, making it easy to learn about literature and bartending. Each box is curated to be affordable, convenient and fun, making it easy for everyone to get a copy of the book and get together to mix up plenty of literary libations.

Create a boozy book club of your own with The Intoxicated Intellectual!


Paws & Pour

If you don’t see any good reason to leave your fur babies out of the mix and prefer dog-friendly house parties, it's time to take a look at Paws & Pour. Started by a dogsitter and boarding kennel operator, this subscription aims to send a mix of fun toys and treats for loving owners and their pets, while growing to a point that will allow them to pay it forward to animal rescue organizations they hold near and dear.

For many animal lovers, ensuring that their pets get the best care is just the tip of the iceberg. More and more, pet owners are looking to spoil their furry friends, and Paws & Pour is the result! So, get on your favorite social media app and let your closest friends know that there’s no need to leave the pooches at home, because this happy hour is all about letting the doggos sample top-quality treats and toys.

Each box of Paws & Pour sends a personalized assortment of delicious "wines" for cats & dogs and seasonally-themed toys and treats. Calling over a group of dog-loving friends for a Bachelor watch party? Put a fun spin on it by snuggling up with those spoiled fur babies and seeing who gets top-dog status and who gets relegated to the doghouse.

Throw a party that pampers you and your pets with Paws & Pour!


Fresh Baked Cookie Crate

Throw a family-friendly baking party with a little help from Fresh-Baked Cookie Crate. Started by the mom of an entrepreneurial 7-year-old girl, this monthly cookie box was born from their mutual love of baking. Now, all bakers -- novice and experienced, young and old -- can have a little fun in the kitchen making delectable gourmet cookies!

Each kit packs in local, farm-sourced ingredients, along with baking products made in-house by the company’s professional cookie team. Every month you’ll unbox pre-measured ingredients -- and a foolproof, never-repeated recipe -- perfect to create a mess-free, kid-friendly baking experience that can’t go wrong.

A mix of fun, cookie-themed goodies add to the baking excitement by enhancing the overall experience. Throw on those cookie-themed socks and pins, grab those useful baking tools, and get in the kitchen to whip up batches of Salty Sea Turtles and Brown Butter Snickerdoodles. Now, the kids can help prepare for family festivities.

Whether baking for a party or enjoying them fresh out of the oven, Fresh-Baked Cookie Crate can bring the family together to make sweet memories!