The Pisces Gift Box Guide for Your Intuitive Fish Friends

Master of the "soft" skills, Pisces is the most intuitive, sensitive, and psychic astrological sign in the zodiac. The last sign of the astrological year, those born under the Pisces zodiac sign––between February 18 and March 20––are known for having permeable boundaries and the ability to change and match the energy of the company they keep.

Their daily horoscopes often revolve around romantic ideation, and it's not uncommon for this daydreaming and imaginative water sign to lap it right up. One of Pisces' gifts to their best friends and partners is that they are sensitive and looking for deep emotional connection, so while they might not be the life of the party, with a Pisces, you get the real deal.

So, what are some unique gifts for Pisceans? Both Pisces men and women know that gifting is an effective way of warming someone's heart, and they definitely believe that it's the thought that counts. But you can do better than just the thought! We put together a gift guide keeping Pisces in mind every step of the way. So without further adieu, here are some perfect gift ideas for your favorite Pisces!


LD Accessories Box

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For the true romantics of the zodiac, Pisces will love LD Accessories Box, a personalized gift all about feminine fashion. Whether they're rocking a frilly dress with a delicate amethyst birthstone ring or a T-shirt and jeans combo, they'll have the eye-catching adornments they need to take their look to the next level, unboxing everything from trendy totes to stylish sunnies.



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With a deep well of emotions, Pisces are often artists, musicians, and creatives. If your favorite fishy has some sewing know-how and likes to get hands-on, try IndieStitch! Now they can take those Etsy inspo pics and expand their wardrobe by making DIY garments. This monthly box set features designs from indie pattern-makers, fabric, notions, and easy-to-follow tutorials to guide them through the process.


Wickbox: Monthly Medium Box

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Remember how the stuff of self-care dreams (for a Pisces at least) is creating a dark, inviting, "underwater" ambiance? Candles from Wickbox give that gentle flicker of light, helping them create a relaxing environment with ease. Not only will they enjoy soft scents that have been customized to their personal scent profile, but each hand-poured soy wax candle comes in a luxurious jar or container that's perfect for creative home decor.


Bath Bevy | Bath & Body Goodies

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Represented by the fish, those born under this star sign enjoy being submerged in water, making Bath Bevy an ideal Pisces zodiac gift box. Putting them right in their natural element, help them cozy into a freshly-drawn bath to enjoy blissful silence and care-free fantasies. Like an at-home spa day, they'll unbox a mix of artisanal bath goodies including scented soaps, bath salts, hydrating lotions, body butters and calming teas.


Earrings of the Month Club- Nicki Lynn Jewelry

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When it comes to jewelry, Pisces are drawn to bold pieces in sea foam greens and deep blues, making a subscription to Nicki Lynn Jewelry the perfect splurge. Instead of a run-of-the-mill zodiac necklace, this popular Etsy and Cratejoy jeweler treats eclectic jewelry lovers to beautiful handmade creations featuring natural, colorful designs. It's the best way to send your fave Pisces necklaces, earrings and bracelets, too!


Glamour Jewelry Bag

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Ruled by the planet Neptune, the mere gesture of a gift can be seen by a Pisces as an act of devotion. But when you take the time to find a gift that'll really wow them, it can be a powerful expression of love. Now's your chance to deck her out with goodies from Glamour Jewelry. Send your special Pisces coordinated sets of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings every month, and click the coupon code to enjoy savings off the regular price!


The Ritual Box

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Whether you're searching for a Valentine's gift, a Christmas gift or a gift for your bestie, The Ritual Box is all about treating your fave fish to divine self-care. From essential oil fragranced zodiac candles to decadent face masks, handmade soaps, palo santo sprays and more, each box is curated to deliver an assortment of luxurious, 100% vegan products that will make them look, feel and smell amazing.



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A sign well known for their style, sensitivity, and a characteristic deep look in their eyes, if they were to write a review about Feeling Fab, they might say that each collection of self-care and wellness essentials speaks to their depths, allowing them to connect inside and out. And, they wouldn't be wrong! Snap it up at an incredible sale price, and they'll be treated to gems, affirmations, natural beauty goodies and a whole lotta love in every box.