Introducing Pony Xpress Club: The Perfect Gift for Horse Lovers

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Anyone who tells you that horses aren’t majestic creatures has clearly never seen one up close. Whether your little girl is a new horse rider or a veteran horse owner, the upcoming Pony Xpress Club is the subscription for her.

Each delivery includes all things equine for all the horse-crazy girls out there! We rode long and far for the opportunity to give you a sneak peak into their first box!

Pony Express

Subscription Box: Pony Xpress Club
Price: $59.99/month

Item #1: Water Bottle

I was chomping at the bit when I saw this water bottle because calling it cute would be an understatement. This water bottle features a light pink base with dark pink rainbows and white unicorns decorating it. The insulation on the bottle makes it relatively thick and will definitely keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold. She will be ecstatic to bring this water bottle to school and show it off!

Item #2 + #3: Mints and Horse Treats

Getting dry mouth after riding for a long time can cause your breath to be quite foul. Pony Xpress Club included some tasty mints in their box as a polite way of saying you might want to check your breath before you come back from a good ride.

You obviously can’t get all of the treats to yourself! This subscription also sent Mrs. Pastures’ Cookies for your horse pal. These cookies have all natural ingredients, no preservatives and are made out of all of your horse’s favorite things like fresh oats, wheat bran, molasses, and even apples! Your horses just might run after you in pursuit of those tasty treats.


Item #4 + #5: Color & Decorate Treasure Box and Boot Socks

Now this treasure box just looks like a lot of fun! It includes over 100 decorative tools like markers and jewels so you can spruce up your horse-themed treasure box. Afterwards, you can keep all sorts of trinkets, jewelry, and other small goodies. It’s also the perfect size for decorating your room without taking up too much dresser space.

The included knee-high socks are delightfully colorful and are the perfect length to wear under your tall riding boots. The material is stretchy, thin, and comfortable to wear without your feet sweating profusely. I loved how breathable they felt, and the high-quality material seems like they aren’t going to stretch out too much after a while. These colorful socks are totally my style and I’ll be wearing them whether I’m riding or not!

Item #6: How to Think Like a Horse By Cherry Hill

Cherry Hill is a best-selling author who wrote this book to help all horse riders understand the equine mind. This book is a comprehensive guide of your horse’s personality traits, survival instincts, and innate behavioral patterns. By the time you finishing reading this book, you’ll be the horse expert in your household.

I found this book to be especially informative on horse behavior I’ve seen before. Coupled with the beautiful photos of horses, it was both an educational and fun read. I now feel fully fluent in horse-speak!

Item #7: Nancy Drew: The Missing Horse Mystery By Carolyn Keene

The Nancy Drew books are always a great way for young women to look up to an intelligent female protagonist. In this edition, Nancy finds herself in the middle of a horse-filled drama, and she must help solve the mystery of a missing prize horse!

Mystery books have always had a special place in my heart, and I know this book is good because it’s written by Keene. It’s exactly the kind of book to read during a late at night storm in your room.



What I like most about this box was that it wasn’t just horse jewelry and trinkets – it actually seeks to help educate and entertain all of those lovely horse-loving ladies out there! Everything included was exactly what a girl with a passion for horses needs in her life. If you get this subscription for your favorite little rider, I’m sure she is going to gallop straight to the mailbox every month!

Ready to order? Be first in line!

Exclusive first rights are given to those who sign up during Pony Xpress Club’s pre-launch, so if you want this horse-tastic box, sign up now to receive your first one this summer. Pony Xpress Club’s first shipment will be in late July. Trot into a exciting subscription this summer!