Range Junkie Sneak Peek: A New Box for Gun Enthusiasts

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The sun is bright and the gun feels right, but for any avid shooter, equipment tends to wear out pretty fast. Tired of borrowing old gear at the range or staring forlornly at your freshly-cleaned SIG MCX rifle that’s still collecting dust?

Good news! You won’t have to waste your emotional ammo much longer because the Range Junkie gun subscription box is launching on Cratejoy’s marketplace this summer. With Range Junkie, you’ll receive some of the newest, most top-notch professional shooting gear to enhance your shooting experience. What’s more, we’ve got an exclusive sneak peak into this hot box. Read on!


Range Junkie Subscription Box

Subscription Box: Range Junkie
Price: Ranging from $52.00 (12 month prepay) to $59.99/month (month-to-month)

Item #1: Hearing Protection Earmuff

Range Junkie Earmuff

This shooter’s electronic earmuff amplifies low-level sound and protects against harmful noise. In case you wanna jam while you get your aim on, it also connects to media players. These muffs are very lightweight and feature an adjustable leatherette headband with low profile cups that fold easily for storage. My ears were completely covered while I jammed to some Pink Floyd at the range. I’m definitely not going back to putting on those clanky old earmuffs anymore when I go shooting!

Item #2: Empty Chamber Indicator

Range Junkie Empty Chamber

One of the biggest safety rules for guns is checking the chamber and making sure it isn’t loaded when you’re done for the evening. The empty chamber indicator is bright orange and provides instant recognition that a firearm is safe to other shooters. Its unique design fits most semi-auto/pump shotguns with a .410 – 12 gauge. When I plugged up my semi with this, it worked like a charm. People were instantly more relaxed when I walked back into the range to pick up some more ammo.

Item #3 + #4: Bore Solvent and Grease

Bore Solvent Range Junkie

Gun Grease Range Junkie

The gun grease comes in an easily squeezable tube while the solvent comes in a hand-sized bottle. The grease is safe for all metal types, and a little goes a long way. The grease was a nice finish after a thorough clean with the solvent, and it left my pistol feeling and smelling fresh with its micro layer of corrosion protection. You never really know how dirty your gun gets until you clean it!

Item #5 + #6: Magazine and Grip Tape

Magazine Range Junkie

Magazine and Grip Tape

The magazine is black with hexagonal designs and a bright orange follower. It’s extremely lightweight, impact resistant, and even has reinforced polymer for your M4s, M16s, and AR15s. The grip tape was very easy to apply and it matched the hexagons of my magazine. I love it because of how magnificent the magazine looks with the grip tape – it totally made my shooting look sharp!

Item #7 + #8: Range Cooling Towel and Beverage Tool

Range Junkie Cooling Towel

Range Junkie Beverage Entry Tool

The cooling towel was made of bright lime green microfiber, so it’s incredible to the touch and surprisingly larger than I expected. I remember buying one of these for my brother who does triathlons, and I never thought about getting one for myself. It keeps your neck very cool if you’re on an outside range.

The beverage tool is a multi-beer opener in the shape of an armadillo. The armadillo’s little tail can pop open a can of Budweiser, twist open a Blue Moon, or pop off a Lone Star bottlecap. There ain’t nothing like wrapping this towel around my neck and sipping on a cold one after shooting!


Range Junkie has officially made me a shooting addict. I mean, I already was one, but now I’ve come to terms with it. Everything in this subscription was the exact excuse I needed to spend my weekends at the range. The items were all high quality and the variety of gun-related items was a bonus. I’ll certainly be jumping the gun when Range Junkie comes out!

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