Culinarie Kit Review – February 2017

Posted by Shanyn Wright

Cook often, cook creatively! Culinarie Kit is the subscription for home chefs, bringing a monthly adventure to cooks of all skill levels. Subscribers can expect a sampling of artisan or hard-to-find ingredients, recipes, tips from the chefs, and a whole lot of culinary inspiration!

Price: Starting at $29.95/month
Shipping Details: Ships to select countries from United States

love to eat, but more than that, I love to cook! The passion and the anticipation of the meal is what makes it so exciting! The thing is, I feel like I’ve run out of creativity in the kitchen. I need to spice it up, so to speak! So when I received the Culinarie Kit, I was ecstatic (and hungry!) This is what I unboxed:

Culinarie Kit Subscription Box


Item #1: Recipe & Ingredient Guide

The first page inside of this adorable little guide book explained that this month’s kit is all about February, the month of love. Equipped with aphrodisiac recipes, I was impressed by the theme, connected with meals like molé pork & pineapple tacos, chicken satay, and salted mocha doughnuts!


Item #2: Thai Chili Infused Safflower Oil, by Bib’s Passion Oil

I’ve never used this item before, but I’ve seen it in the store. The guide book explained how to use it for a spicy cucumber salad, which I would have never tried to make on my own! Packed full of flavor, this salad was absolutely scrumptious. The best part is that I still have practically a full bottle of this oil left, so I can whip up this salad whenever I want!


Item #3: Exclusive Spice Blend No.14 “Cheap Date,” by Culinarie Kit

I thought it was super cool that Culinarie Kit had their own spice blend! With a handful of suggestions on how to use it for things like vegetable seasoning, salad toppings and soup flavorings, I was psyched to try this out. The recipe used spice no.14 for “Imperfectly Perfect Pasta,” and boy was it delizioso! I can now understand the various uses for this spice which is great, because I never really used spices before.


Item #4: Espresso Salt

I have to admit that when I first saw this item, I was a little confused. Espresso salt? As in, caffeinated salt? How do you use that? With a quick glance in the ingredient guide, it all made sense! Salted mocha doughnuts! Yaaas! In less than an hour, I was indulging in the most delicious home-baked goods that has ever come from my oven. This item was scrumptiously my favorite!

Culinarie Kit Subscription Box


Item #5: Oaxaca Molé, by Two Snooty Chefs

I literally chuckled aloud to myself when I picked up the tin of molé, because I thought about how fast it will take me to go through the entire supply. A tasty dry rub that will make a chocolate chili sauce (seriously, it’s so good), the recipe called for this item to make molé pork and pineapple tacos. I’ve actually had this kind of taco at restaurants before, but I never thought to try and make it myself! Now that I have, I can honestly say that I’m making this recipe at least once a month, now. It was crazy delish.


Item #6: Salt-Free Organic Thai Seasoning Blend, by Ye Olde Spice Guy

Two words: chicken satay. Ugh. I could eat this stuff every single day, and with this seasoning, I probably will. What’s special about this particular blend is that it is totally organic, which for me matters because I know that the spice hasn’t been diluted with with pesticide residues, chemicals, GMOs, or more. I’m also excited to use this spice for a stir fry soon!


Item #7: Chef Rubber Ducky

I was totally caught off guard to see this adorable yellow rubber duck suited up in a chef’s outfit, cookin’ something up. I wasn’t sure where to put it at first, but then it made sense! In the kitchen! I sat him up on a shelf within visibility when I cook, which actually reminded me to have fun with it!



I very much enjoyed this Culinarie Kit, from their recipe and ingredient guide to their unique pick for espresso salt, which I had never heard of! The biggest win for me is that these items aren’t things I would think to buy on my own, so it’s giving me a reason to try something new. I look forward to receiving another shipment, and I would absolutely recommend it to a friend. In fact, both my sister and brother-in-law are chefs, and I’m recommending this box to them right now!