OwlCrate Review | March 2017

OwlCrate is a monthly book club for fans of fantastical, young adult lit, sending you a book and letter from the author (!) in every box.

Each month also comes with fun products for your bod, your spirit, and your home themed to match the book. This month’s theme, you ask? PIRATES!

Price: Starts at $29.99/month
Shipping: Ships worldwide from United States (excepting Mexico and Peru)

Item #1: Notepad by BoyGirl Party

This adorable octopus notepad is going straight to my desk at work. It’s far too cute not to share — this is an accessory to show off!

The artwork looks handpainted in its design, and its bright colors (along with the cartoon octopus’s small, pleased smile) cheer me up every time I write.

Item #2: Washi Tape by Simply Gilded

Purple washi tape with a bronze scale design, like a mermaid’s? Sign me UP.

Item #3: Compass Necklace by the Geeky Cauldron

TBH I had high hopes for this as soon as I saw the cool, miniature burlap pouch the necklace comes in, based solely on the name of the maker (how could you be disappointed by someone who calls themselves the “Geeky Cauldron”?!).

They didn’t disappoint: this gold compass pendant and necklace chain, which comes with a smaller anchor pendant attached, is freaking RAD. I would wear this anywhere from the library to a fancy dinner date.

Item #4: Dish Towel by Kitch

This towel, printed with a gorgeously hand-drawn antique ship and the expression “A ship is always safe at shore but that is not what it’s built for,” is nearly perfect for me.

The design is at once so stunning and so inspiring that I almost don’t want to use the towel for its intended purpose, as I’d hate to stain it. I might just hang it on the wall for inspiration every morning.

Item #5: Jolly Roger Pin

So cute! Pinned this to my computer bag and I’ve been getting compliments all day.

Item #6: Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller

Alosa is a headstrong tomboy, a captain in her own right, and — yes — daughter of a pirate king who’s kidnapped and taken hostage onto a rival pirate ship. Little do they know that she’s working as a double agent, purposely spying on the crew to rob their ship!

I found this novel to be full of adventure as well as romance, always a good mix — and gosh darn it, it felt really good to read about an ass-kicking lady hero. I hope OwlCrate includes the sequel when it’s published next winter!